650 storytelling


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Intro to Storytelling

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650 storytelling

  1. 1. Introduction to Storytelling
  2. 2. ObjectiveAt the end of this lesson, you will be able to create an outline for a story with an introduction, middle and conclusion.
  3. 3. Find a Story
  4. 4. Plot Structure Climax Falling Action Rising Action Resolution Exposition Beginning Middle End
  5. 5. Characteristics of a Good Story
  6. 6. Learn the Story
  7. 7. Rehearse
  8. 8. Tell the Story
  9. 9. Watch an Example
  10. 10. Feedback Was the story well-rounded? What was best part of the story? What part of the story could have used improvement? What messages did you receive? Did the storyteller seem authentic? Were all of their remarks understandable? Were you focused on the story all the time?
  11. 11. Let’s Practice! Outline a story about a specific place you know well Beginning – Middle - End Present story to the class