Embracing Your Inner Diva: Cool Confidence Created!


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  • Some say confidence can’t be taught. Perhaps that is true, but it can most definitely be learned. Following are a few exercises I like to try to help bring out my inner DIVA at any time!
  • Take a moment to think about who you are. Think about your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, your weaknesses. We all know the person who knows us best is ourselves, so we need to tune into what makes us tick. When are we most happy? What really grinds our gears? Look deep within yourself to honestly and truly identify what makes you the awesome person you are and capitalize on those traits that make you feel your best!
  • Whenever we have a difficult situation to get through, we often look to our trustworthy friends and family to help us through. Talk to those close individuals and ask the question, “What would you say is my greatest asset?” and “What makes me unique?”. Of course, depending on the friend the answer will be varied, but you might learn some things about yourself that you didn’t realize set you apart from the pack. On the flip side, so many of us obsess over those people we don’t like, the ones that constantly make us mad or irritated at their actions. You won’t likely ask them these questions, but you can think about what traits they have that you don’t like. Then be sure to eliminate those traits from your own personality if you are known to have them.
  • Why do we surround ourselves with people that anger and frustrate us? Sometimes it’s something that cannot be avoided like a job or a certain family member. It doesn’t mean we have to stay subject to their constant abuse. If you find yourself in a situation where a toxic person is affecting your fabulous diva self, just rise above it and remember to treat them the way you’d like to be treated!
  • Think back to when you were just a little kid without a care in the world. Nothing bothered you, you felt free to be yourself, and your confidence was likely quite high. Young kids don’t fear much – they are ready to face the world and be the superhero, princess, rock star, or diva that they think they are. So spend today thinking you are 4 again and have a blast!
  • Idols. We all have them. A movie star, a teacher, a friend, an athlete. They all have something we wish we had ourselves. We want to be just like them. Well, try it! Close your eyes and “get into character”. Find the traits you love about that person and put yourself into their shoes. This works great when you need to psych yourself up for something but are searching for the confidence to get to the place you need to be at. Some call it acting, I call it “playing pretend”.
  • Why do we constantly neglect a little pampering? Just the smallest treat can leave us feeling refreshed and ready to face the world. More often than not, we allow other obligations to get in our way. It’s wonderful to put others first and to care for your loved ones, but there is no rule broken when you take even just 5 minutes to do something that helps you relax and feel your best!
  • Never keep the fact that you are a Diva a secret. While your fabulousness is truly important, it’s also important to share your qualities with others. Teach people why you feel confidence about yourself. What makes you tick? What makes you find that courage? Helping others understand the importance of feeling good about themselves is a key trait and responsibility of a true Diva.
  • Embracing Your Inner Diva: Cool Confidence Created!

    1. 1. EmbracingEmbracing Your InnerYour Inner Diva!Diva! presented by Kelly Galanis The Red-Headed Diva Cool Confidence...CreatedCool Confidence...Created!!
    2. 2. Pride. Assertiveness. Awareness. Intelligence. Comfortableness. Acceptance. Fabulousness. And, most of all… Confidence.
    3. 3. Arrogant. Demanding. Cruel. Foolish. Evil. Haughty. Disrespectful. Discriminating. Unsure. And, she is most certainly not a… BITCH.
    4. 4. You’re only as good as you FEEL! Think of the last time you did something you were proud of. What was it? How did it make you feel? Far too often we sacrifice feeling amazing because we allow negativity to get in our way.
    5. 5. Channel your inner DIVA! A Diva is known to be many things, but the one key ingredient for success is confidence. With that, the rest will fall into place. “Confidence is about losing the fear of telling the world who you are.” – The Red-Headed Diva
    6. 6. DIVAcise Trick #1: A Jill of all trades is a Mistress of none!
    7. 7. DIVAcise Trick #2: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
    8. 8. DIVAcise Trick #3: You have the right to quit Toxic People… …or just kill ‘em with kindness.
    9. 9. DIVAcise Trick #4: Listen to your 4-year old self.
    10. 10. DIVAcise Trick #5: Don’t be afraid to pretend! Acting is a nice childish profession – pretending you're someone else and, at the same time, selling yourself. – Katharine Hepburn
    11. 11. DIVAcise Trick #6: Make yourself feel oh-so-good!
    12. 12. DIVAcise Trick #7: Become a DIVAngelist – spread the Word of the Diva.
    13. 13. Diva Discussion Has anyone ever had an experience where they felt so down that their DIVA totally disappeared? How did you overcome that obstacle and get back on your DIVA heels?
    14. 14. Diva Discussion When was the last time you felt your best DIVA self? What triggered those feelings? Were there any obstacles?
    15. 15. Ask the Red-Headed Diva herself! Questions and Answers?
    16. 16. Thank You! ]