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Ansible playbook awesomeness | DevNation Tech Talk

Ansible is not only a near-instantaneous, superluminal, interstellar communication device, it’s also Earth's most popular solution for multi-cloud automation. In this session, we will create live code playbooks that let you deploy your application workloads across multiple Infrastructure-as-a-Service (aka cloud) players. This session is mostly focused on getting you started, but there will also be numerous tips and best practices that Ansible veterans will enjoy.

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Ansible playbook awesomeness | DevNation Tech Talk

  1. 1. A QUICK INTRO TO ANSIBLE Adam Miller Senior Principal Software Engineer Ansible Engineering
  2. 2. QUICK INTRODUCTION WAIT, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ANSIBLE IS? Ansible is an automation tool ● Ansible is a simple agentless idempotent task automation tool ○ By default, tasks are executed in-order but we can change that if we want. ● Tasks are performed via modules ● Tasks are grouped together via plays ○ Also via roles, which are reusable sets of plays we can pass variables to ■ Many of these are shared publicly on Ansible Galaxy ( ○ A play operates on a set of hosts ● Playbooks can contain one or many plays ● Plays nicely with "traditional" configuration management systems ○ There's even a puppet module!
  3. 3. QUICK INTRODUCTION WAIT, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ANSIBLE IS? Module: yum Arguments: name=bash state=installed $ ansible localhost -m yum -a "name=bash state=installed" localhost | SUCCESS => { "changed": false, "msg": "Nothing to do" }
  4. 4. QUICK INTRODUCTION WAIT, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT ANSIBLE IS? Module: yum Arguments: name=bash state=installed playbook.yml --- - hosts: localhost tasks: - yum: name: bash state: installed
  5. 5. USING ANSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT? Ansible is a simple automation tool that can: ● Execute tasks on one or many hosts ● Orchestrate an otherwise complex order of operations, even conditionally based on system facts or variables provided at runtime. ● Custom modules can be written in any programming language with JSON support Question of the day: What are you trying to accomplish that could be automated?
  6. 6. USING ANSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING ANSIBLE ALL THE THINGS!!!! Things you might be trying to automate: ● Configuration Management? ● Provision Virtual Machines or IaaS instances? ● Test software? ● Automate workflows? ● Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment? ● Configure hardware switches, routers, and load balancers? ● Replace terrible shell scripts that have survived too long already? ● Other? ANSIBLE CAN DO ALL OF THAT! (AND MUCH MORE)
  8. 8. USEFUL LINKS WHERE DO I GO FROM HERE? ● ● ● ● Get in touch with me! - ● Twitter: @TheMaxamillion ● GitHub: maxamillion ● Fedora Project: maxamillion ● maxamillion ● Matrix: