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Typography Presentation

For a media project

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Typography Presentation

  1. 1. By Elliot Wheeler
  2. 2. Inter titles from ‘Halloween’ (2003) film trailer Broken text, ghostly sheen to Seconds after we are show this letters –builds on the horror shot using star acclaim to build theme. Twists on to black faded and excite an audience. out shot. While the diegetic Alongside the text, for dramatic rattling noise of chains can be effect they add a creepy heard –added for creepy effect. voiceover to the text displayed. ‘This summer’ -this is basically informing us of when to expect the film. They put added emphasis of striking, climatic words like –’Evil’ then combine it with shots of a serial killer hunting down hapless teenagers –for dramatic effect and to further reinforce the horror theme.
  3. 3. Inter titles from ‘We need to talk about Kevin’ (2011) film trailer The text in this trailer is always displayed on a blacked out screen for good contrast and visibility. The font is simplistic and white. Try's to pull the audience in with good reviews for the film from various voices of authority. They then display a plethora of good reviews from numerous magazines and newspapers at once. Effectively blinding their audience with the praise the film has accumulated –makes the film appear more interesting and exciting. They then begin using star acclaim with bigger and bolder font to grab peoples attention. Famous and charismatic actors in films always act as a good hook for any audience, which is why star acclaim is an almost overused technique in film trailers. The main title takes up the vast majority of the screen –to grab the viewers attention as much as possible. And the name ‘Kevin’ has been enlarged considerably –referring to how central the lead character is to the film.

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For a media project


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