Liz Murphy's "Digital Marketing Ideas You Can Use Monday Morning"


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Digital Marketing that gets results: Ideas you Can Use Monday morning

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  • Webmaster tools for paid and organicGoogle tag manager – built in integrationHeat maps
  • Data sources, limitations
  • Testing groups
  • Special Olympics EOY Cultivation Campaign – engage, cultivate, retarget DNC – email campaign – cultivate to convert. Also on Facebook – interesting twist – direct to convert
  • 47% more likely to donate and had an average gift that was $69 higher than those visitors sent directly to the donation form.
  • for marketing testing, customer service, technology
  • Liz Murphy's "Digital Marketing Ideas You Can Use Monday Morning"

    1. 1. Digital Marketing That Gets Results: Ideas You Can Use Monday Morning
    2. 2. #1: Free Data, Thanks to Google • Organic and Paid Keyword Report (Adwords) • How do they interact? What is the value? • What learnings from one can you test in another? • • Google Tag Manager (Analytics) • No more IT middleman for placing campaign tracking code • In-page analytics/page heatmaps (Analytics) - Look under “Content” • New GA Upgrade to Universal Analytics: Cross-Device Tracking (Analytics) • Cross-device tracking for the multi-channel consumer • Device-based conversion paths @redengine @lizred
    3. 3. • Audience Demographics (Analytics) for broad overview • Cross-reference with ecommerce data to get insights for advertising, acquisition, more • Compare to customer data #1: Free Data, Thanks to Google @redengine @lizred
    4. 4. #2: Connecting Offline & Online Audiences • The power of database marketing combined with real-time marketing • Target online ads to offline or online constituents, using known customer data to target and personalize • Use for retention, reactivation, brand marketing, even acquisition. • Can raise average gift, overall revenue and increase active donor base • Facebook Custom Audiences, Twitter Tailored Audiences, Web Retargeting (multiple vendors), BB360 @redengine @lizred
    5. 5. • Special Olympics EOY Facebook Custom Audience Test • Donors • DM lapsed and non-donors who saw FB ads (test) and who did not see ads (control) • 153% ROI with online gifts only for donor group, plus small gift increase in mail • FB ads lifted avg gift in mail for lapsed/non-donors by nearly 20% and generated 21% more revenue than DM group who did not see ads. • CARE BB360 • Lifted avg gift by 24% • Increased revenue by 30% Slide 5 #2: Connecting Offline & Online Audiences @redengine @lizred
    6. 6. #3 Google Grants: R&D and More • Think of it as your R&D budget for testing (free $10-$40K a month!) • Use your full budget! • It’s “free money” that’s not coming back tomorrow—spend it! Or you may lose it. • Use non-competitive terms for fundraising • “Audition” campaigns before trying them in paid accounts. • Bid on keywords with high volume—or low competition. • Bid on low-value (ROAS-wise) but important (e.g. for branding) keywords. • Supplement with a paid account for year-end and special campaigns for extra bang @redengine @lizred
    7. 7. #3 Google Grants: R&D and More • Use Grants to get in front of people who might not otherwise see your content. • Use engagement/lead generation asks to get them onto your mailing list, etc.—into “top of funnel” -- cultivation and email acquisition via petitions, engagement asks @redengine @lizred
    8. 8. #4: The Payoff: Conversion Testing • Test, test, test • It’s cheaper and more profitable to increase your conversion rate than it is to acquire new donors/members • Consider volume of traffic, time, isolated variables (just like DM) • TIP: Unless there’s a BIG payoff, do iterative testing • Conversion Calculator: impact-calculator @redengine @lizred
    9. 9. #4: The Payoff: Conversion Testing • Remember one size does not fit all • Test ad copy and imagery, always. You are not the prospective donor (nor is your boss.)
    10. 10. #4: The Payoff: Conversion Testing • Test conversion path customized for channels and audiences • Tools: Google Content Experiment, Optimizely, Unbounce, Visual Website Optimizer @redengine @lizred
    11. 11. #5: Keep Your Eye on Your Numbers • Do a monthly stat check and a quarterly data dive • Compare to previous month and previous year • Document, analyze, and adjust • Beyond visitor stats, look at • Value per visitor • Value per source/channel • Revenue/action per content page and conversion path • Act on the data, even if in a small way • Download this handy monthly marketing template from Hubspot: @redengine @lizred
    12. 12. #6: One Liners to Live By • Think Omni-Channel, not just digital. Consistency, 360 degree marketing. • Look to retailers (and car companies) for inspiration, regularly. • Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Give/buy like a consumer would. Or better yet, ask your mother to do it. • If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t count. • Before you launch a campaign, create a reporting template with annotated data sources. Can you get the data to prove success? @redengine @lizred
    13. 13.  Questions:, 703-556-6951, @lizred @redengine @lizred