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PBIO Investor Presentation


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PBIO Investor Presentation

Published in: Investor Relations
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PBIO Investor Presentation

  1. 1. Pressure BioSciences, Inc. (OTCQB: PBIO) Discovery Starts with Sample Preparation™ Investor Presentation December, 2017 Richard T. Schumacher President, CEO, and Founder
  2. 2. This presentation may contain forward looking statements that reflect management’s current views and opinions as to the status of the Company’s products, technology and other future events and operations. These statements are neither a promise nor guarantee, but involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated or indicated. Investors are cautioned that any forward looking statements should be considered in light of such risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, those detailed in the Company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTS 02
  3. 3. COMPANY OVERVIEW (OTCQB: PBIO) 3 • Develop, Manufacture, & Sell Pressure Cycling Technology (PCT)-Based Instruments & Consumables Repeated cycles of low to high pressures to control molecular interactions e.g., inactivate enzymes, lyse cells, etc. • Multiple Potential Markets, e.g., Life Sciences, Food Safety & Science, Material Science, etc. • Primary Market Focus: Biopharma (PCT Systems for Biomarker Discovery to Validation to QC to Clinic) ~ 270 PCT Systems Installed, 160+ Customers, 100+ Publications…15 Issued Patents • Exclusive, 2-Year, Worldwide, Co-Marketing Agreement with WW Analytical Instrument Leader SCIEX • Recently Released, Next-generation, Computer-driven, PCT Instrument (Barocycler 2320EXTREME) • Revenue: $2.0M in FY16 (One FT Sales Person Through Q2 2017) • Q1-Q3 2017: Record Total ($1.7M) & Product ($1.6M) Revenue • Five Additional Field Sales Managers Hired (vs. One FTE Prior); New Contract with Lead Generator • CE Marking Achieved on Recently Released Barocycler 2320EXTREME (the “2320EXT”) • Secondary Market Focus: Nano-emulsions (Made with PBI’s Ultra-Shear Technology, or “UST”) Two Issued UST Patents (China) for Novel Manufacture of Nano-emulsions…Patent Pending in Rest of the World Potential Applications Include: Food Safety (no preservatives), Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Lubricants Potential Advantages Include: Improved Absorption, Rapid Uptake, Better Bioavailability, Aesthetically Pleasing • Company Poised for Rapid Growth & to Reach Profitability
  4. 4. Management • Mr. Richard T. Schumacher, President & CEO Boston Biomedica (CEO, Founder); Panacos Pharma (President, Co-founder); Trinity Biotech (Founding Group); CBR Labs (Gen’l Mgr) - Harvard Medical School • Mr. Joseph L. Damasio, Jr., CPA, VP of Finance and CFO CP Bourg, IQE KC, Kopin, PBI, KPMG Consulting, PWC; Boston College (MBA, MFS) • Dr. Edmund Y. Ting, Senior VP of Engineering Avure Technologies (CTO); Flow Int’l (VP R&D); Grumman Aerospace; MIT (Ph.D.) • Dr. Alexander V. Lazarev, VP of R&D Proteome Systems; Genomic Solutions; ESA; University of Kazan (Ph.D.) • Dr. Nathan P. Lawrence, VP of Sales & Marketing, Heads of Manufacturing Boston Biomedica; BD; Gene-Trak Systems; Yale University (Ph.D.) Board • Jeffrey Peterson, MS Board Chairman • Kevin Pollack, Esq., MBA Audit Committee Chairman • Vito Mangiardi, MBA Compensation Committee Chairman • Mickey Urdea, Ph.D. SAB Chairman • Richard T. Schumacher CEO, Treasurer, Clerk 4 COMPANY OVERVIEW (OTCQB: PBIO)
  6. 6. Sample Input Quality = Sample Result Quality Three Critical Functions in Scientific Research Studies Quality of Analytical Equipment & Data Reduction has Increased Over Recent Years Quality of Methods for Sample Preparation have not Increased Proportionally (weak link) Quality of Results is Significantly Affected by the Quality of the Sample Preparation Scientific Discoveries Start with Sample Preparation 6
  7. 7. VALUE PROPOSITION: BIOPHARMA INDUSTRY • Biological Samples are key starting materials of Biomedical Research…these are the Cells, Tissues, Organs, and Organisms from which are Obtained Novel Biomarkers and other Critical Translational Information • Analysis of Proteins, Lipids, DNA, RNA, and Small Molecules (“biomolecules”) from Biological Samples is the Backbone of the Biopharma Industry (Discovery to Clinic) • Quality of Results Depends Significantly on Quality of Sample Preparation • Biological Sample Preparation is a Multi-Billion Dollar Market Comprised of an Estimated 500,000 Scientists in 80,000 Research Labs Worldwide • Current Sample Preparation Methods are Highly Inadequate: Bottleneck • PCT is a Proven Sample Prep Platform with ~ 270 PCT Systems Installed (~150 Sites) • 100+ Publications Highlight the Advantages of the PCT Platform in Biopharma Sample Preparation (from Discovery to Characterization to QC to - Potentially - the Clinic) 7
  8. 8. GENOMICS (DNA/RNA) $7.1B in 2015b NEXT GEN SEQUENCING (DNA) $2.7B in 2017c MASS SPECTROMETRY (PROTEINS) $2.7B in 2011a,d SAMPLE PREP FOR ALL OMICS $8.4B in 2016e ALL PROTEOMICS $21.87B in 2021f ALL BIOPHARMA $160.44B in 2014f 500,000 SCIENTISTS IN 80,000 BIOLOGICAL RESEARCH LABS WORLDWIDE a VALUE PROPOSITION: BIOPHARMA INDUSTRY a EMMES Group | b Decisive Bio-Insights |c Markets & Markets |d TechNavio |e bcc Research | f Research and Markets 8
  9. 9. PBI INSTRUMENT PORTFOLIO 9 Up to 45,000 psi. Award- winning, next-generation, multi-functional sample preparation instrument BAROCYCLER™ 2320EXT Up to 58,000 & 100,000 psi. All-purpose pressure generators HUB440 - HUB880 Up to 20,000 psi. High throughput analyses BAROZYME HT48 Up to 58,000 psi. On-line sample processors XSTREAMPCT™ Up to 25,000 psi. Novel Pressure Pump RF 1700 EXPLORER DISCOVERY PLATFORM Lab-Scale UST Homogenizers ULTRA-SHEAR TECHNOLOGY (UST) 1 5432 6 7
  10. 10. SPECIFICATIONS - cGxP-compliant data logging and audit trails - 16 samples per batch - Full support for MicroPestle platform - Pressure: up to 45,000 psi (3.1 kilobar) - Temperature: 4°C to 95°C (external chiller) or Ambient to 95°C (built-in electrical heater) - Unlimited pressure programming - Real-time graphs of pressure and temperature - Enhanced security and user management - Safe low voltage (24V DC) operation BAROCYCLER 2320EXT: EXTREME INSTRUMENT FOR BIOLOGICAL SAMPLE PREPARATION (DISCOVERY TO CLINIC) 10
  12. 12. Cedars Sinai Biomarker Discovery Heart Disease Professor J. Van Eyk Prof. Patricia Okubara Professor Cathy Royer Professor Wayne Hubbell USDA – WSU Biomarker Discovery Microbe Diversity in Soil Rensselaer Poly. Inst. Protein Folding Kinetics Rational Drug Design UCLA Protein Structure Drug Discovery & Design Harvard Medical School Metabolomics/Lipidomics Fecal Lipidomic Profiling Professor Bruce Kristal Professor Bruce McCord Prof. Ruedi Aebersold Prof. Phil Robinson Florida Int’l Univ. Forensics – DNA Testing Improved Rape Kit Testing ETH, Zurich, Switzerland WW Proteomic Leader Tissue Biopsy Analysis by PCT-SWATH ProCan (CMRI), Sydney, AU Proteomic Mass Spec for Precision Medicine & Therapy PCT PLATFORM IN THE LABS OF KOLS WORLDWIDE 13
  13. 13. PROGRAM AIMS TO ACCELERATE RESEARCH & SUPPORT OTHER CHANGES THAT WILL IMPROVE THE ABILITY TO PREVENT, DETECT, TREAT, & CURE CANCER • Announced by President Obama in Jan 2016 • VP Biden Continues to Play Major Role • Approximately $1 Billion will be used to Support the Program • The US National Cancer Institute (“NCI”) will Coordinate the Effort • Academia, Industry, Government Laboratories WW will Collaborate PBI’s Barocycler 2320EXTREME to Play Important Role in the Cancer Moonshot Initiative CANCER MOONSHOT INITIATIVE 16
  14. 14. Key Achievements To Date: 2017 SECONDARY MARKET FOCUS: NANOEMULSIONS • Emulsion: Mixture of Two or More Liquids that are Usually not Mixable/Blendable (Immiscible) Homogenized Milk (fat + water + other components), Mayonnaise, Vinaigrettes, Vaccines, Graphene • Emulsifiers: Required for Solubilizing & Stabilizing Emulsions (Surfactants/Detergents/Chemicals) • Emulsion Applications: Food, Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Hairstyling, Photography, Industrial Lubricants, Particle Physics, Chemical Synthesis, Cannabis Oil Extracts (CBD, THC, etc.) • Emulsion Types: Macroemulsions, Microemulsions, Nanoemulsions • Challenge: Increase/Improve the Utilization, Stability, Bioavailability, Adsorption, Appearance, etc. Decrease or Eliminate the Need for Chemical Additives (e.g., Surfactants)… Clean Label Science Points to Higher Bioavailability, Improved Absorption, Greater Stability, Reduced Need for Surfactants (10% of Macro/Micro), More Rapid Uptake, Reduction In Food-Borne Pathogens (greater safety), 2117
  15. 15. Other Markets: High Pressure Instruments and Consumables NANOEMULSIONS (thru Ultra Shear Technology – “UST”) • Two patents recently issued in China. Patents also filed in US, Canada, Europe, and Asia. • Positive effects of UST processing are seen in pathogen (spores) inactivation, improved bioavailability, enzyme inactivation, reduction in stabilizer use, and improved stability • Nanotechnology applications for food products (stability and safety), as well as for pharmaceuticals (i.e. drug delivery), cosmetics, industrial lubricants, cannabis oil extracts (CBD) • Emerging food technology for “clean label products” with extended shelf life, improved quality and nutrition…clean label food market (lead by High Pressure Processing or HPP) estimated at $62 billion (U.S.) & $165 billion globally (Nunes, 2016) • Market for the HPP equipment estimated at $ 600M in 2015 (PBI - based on Civil Eats Article) Nutritional drink Emulsion, nano-emulsion UST: Novel Technique for the Manufacture of Nanoemulsions Using Intense Shear Stresses Generated from Ultra-High Pressure Valve Discharge (greater than 20,000 psi) Current 2320EXT next to UST pilot plant concept 18
  16. 16. • November 1: PBI Initiates Aggressive Marketing & Sales Strategy Expected to Drive Significant China Expansion • October 18: PBI and Phasex Announce Strategic Collaboration Addressing Broad Markets for Nanoemulsions • October 10: Expansion of European Biopharma & High Pressure Markets via Multiple Scientific Presentations • October 2: PBI issued first two patents in Ultra Shear Technology (“UST”) • September 18: the Barocycler 2320EXTREME Named a 2017 Finalist in the Prestigious R&D 100 Awards • August 16: PBI reported record Q2 and YTD total revenue, products/services revenue, and instrument sales • June 6: Barocycler 2320EXTREME featured in multiple presentations at the annual ASMS conference • June 5: Prof. Ruedi Aebersold, a world renown protein chemist & winner of the prestigious Karger Medal from the Barnett Institute, discussed his laboratory’s use of PBI’s PCT Platform in the two Medal Lectures • June 2: PBI enacted a 1:30 reverse split as part of the NASDAQ up-list process • April 17: Joseph L. Damasio, Jr was hired as VP of Finance and CFO • March 1: Barocycler 2320EXT rec’d the 2017 North American Excellence Award from Corporate Key Achievements To Date: 2017 KEY ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE: 2017 20
  17. 17. Key Achievements To Date: 2017 SHORT-TERM GROWTH DRIVERS • Exclusive, 2-Year, WW, Co-Marketing Agreement with Global Leader SCIEX • 2017 M$S Expansion: 5 Additions in U.S. Field Sales Force; Int’l Distributors Added • Company Focused on Up-list to NASDAQ in 2017 • Next Generation Barocycler 2320EXT Currently Used in Multiple “Cancer Moonshot” Sites • Company Expects Collaborations with Key Opinion Leaders to Continue…& Grow • Company’s Products Currently Being Adopted by Multiple Segments of the $160B Biopharma Market • Company Expects Revenue Growth to be Driven by: o Additions to Sales & Marketing Team (e.g., from one to five field sales managers in 2017) o SCIEX Co-Marketing Agreement o Continued Expansion into Mass Spectrometry Labs Worldwide (est: 16,000) o New Users & Additional Applications of PCT Platform in Biopharma Market o Novel Micro-Pestle Consumable o Recently Released Next Generation Barocycler 2320EXTREME o Four Additional PCT-based Instruments to be Released over Next 18 Months o New Ultra-Shear Processing Patent (low cost, scalable production of nanoemulsions) 2121