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eMARINE Global (OTCQB: EMRN) company presentation 2020


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eMARINE Global (OTCQB: EMRN) is a leading provider of information and communications technology (ICT) solutions for the global maritime industry. Founded in 2001 and based in South Korea, e-MARINE is working with a growing base of marquee customers to achieve maritime ICT convergence through fully integrated products and services, offering state-of-the-art e-navigation, marine Internet of Things (IoT), and marine big-data solutions. Learn more at

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eMARINE Global (OTCQB: EMRN) company presentation 2020

  1. 1. eMarine Global Inc. (EMRN) e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  2. 2. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution  OTCQB Upgrade (Symbol EMRN)  Maritime ICT & Smart Ship technology leader in Korea (19 years)  2 years consecutive double-digit revenue growth % (2017 – 2019)  Two large contracts confirmed in 2020, baseline revenue : 14M USD (more than 100% revenue growth)  Autonomous Ship market-ready  Vessel Traffic System(VTS) Market Penetration  Strong relationship with Korean governments & big 4 shipbuilding companies
  3. 3. About EMRN
  4. 4. Dr. J.J. Ung Gyu Kim 2017 - 2019 • OTCQB Market Public(US) • Total Smart Ship Technology with Hyundai • ECD DNV_GL International Certification • ThingworX Partnership with PTC Korea 2016 • Investment Consultation Engagement with Redchip U.S. 2011 ~ 2015 • ECDIS Kernel GS Certification • Information Communication Contractor • Weather Information Management Certification • KHOA ENC Distribution Right Acquired • BWTS Filter KR Certification • Patent : Efficient Navigation System • Patent : Dynamic ENC Display System 2005 ~ 2010 • Name Change : e-Marine Co. Ltd. • IHO S-64 ECDIS Manufacturer • ECDIS DNV Certification • Patent : Audio Recognition Ship Control & Steering Gear Control System • Investment Agreement with Singapore Jason • Registered as R&D Service Contractor • ECDIS KRH Certification 2003 • Dr. J.J. Kim as C.E.O. • ECDIS KR & ISO 9001 Certification • Became an official ENC Provider 2001 • Birth : DIMARS Co. • ENC Manufacturer & Software Developer Birth Growth Stability Leap e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  5. 5. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution 19 YEARS (Since 2001) 2Offices (Busan HQ, Seoul) 40 Employees 5.5 M USD Revenue (2019) 2.3 M USD : Capital
  6. 6. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Maritime&ShipBuilding ICT Convergence Smart Ship Solutions Marine IoT Marine Surveillance
  7. 7. Major Overseas Solutions Distributor No.1 Public Market Share Partnership with Major Shipbuilders HHI SMART SHIP Partner ENC Expert Most AtoN Modules in Korea e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  8. 8. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution  5 Government Grants for Smart Ship R&D Projects in 2018, receiving more than $1 Million support  MOU with Coast Guard on implementing Remote Maintenance System  Shall implement Smart Station for R.O.K. Navy and Coast Guard No.1 Smart Ship Leader in Korea  Entering VTS market in 2018, Over $10 Million revenue in 2019  Hired a new director responsible for 90% of current VTS systems in Korea  Over 10 VTS implementation projects planned for 2019 and 2020 Vessel Traffic System  Supplying GENSS(Green & Economical Navigation Support System)  Core technology(patented) of GENSS will be licensed to HHI for its Integrated Smart Ship solution and Engine Monitoring solution  Entering 3rd phase of Smart Ship solutions development with HHI Strong Partnership with HHI  Continuous e-Navigation solutions leader in Korea market (ENC, ECDIS, AtoN S/W)  8 consecutive years of winning ECDIS maintenance contracts  Sole provider of Maritime GIS (Teledyne CARIS)  Steady revenue stream (3 ~ 5 Million USD) from navigation solutions for next 5 years e-Navigation Leader in Korea
  9. 9. KoreaNAVY& CoastGuard  90% for the Retrofits  90% for the NewbuildingShip; 250 new ships by 2020 ($9.5B investment by Korea Navy)  Maintenance Contract for 200 Ships  Destroyer, landing ship, mine layer and mine hunter,Submarine  Combat ManagementSystem  Training & EducationSimulators  Korea National Security Budget 2017: $40.4B; up 4% over 2016) e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution HyundaiHeavyIndustries  SMARTSHIP Solution Provider  Value Added Before & After Service Solution  ISIG (Intra-Ship Integrated Gateway) for RMS (Remote Maintenance System)  ECDIS and TCS(Track Control System) for INS (Integrated Navigation System)  Hi-CASS, Collision Avoidance System  Hi-VASS, Vessel Data Platform  Connected SMARTSHIP-BigData PlatformSupply MinistryofOceans&Fisheries  e-Navigation Solution Provider  IMO Initiative  VesselIoT  Intelligent Disaster Information System  SMART-Navigation  TrainingShips  Integrated Aids-To-Navigation MonitoringSystem  Next Generation Integrated NavigationSystem  Autonomous ShipDevelopment
  10. 10. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  11. 11. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Tier 2 Level Optimal Voyage Solution Patent Excellent Technology Evaluation (T2) Technology & Business Capable Development / Patent Acquisition of Solution for Reducing Fuel for Ship Operation Officially evaluated by national maritime institution
  12. 12. Current Business
  13. 13. The Company’s current focus is Smart Ship, developing maritime I.o.T. and big data technology for conventional use. The company created innovative solutions including ISIG, Optimal Navigation System, Remote Maintenance System. With Smart Ship solutions, the company is preparing for a new generation of maritime technology; autonomous and unmanned ship. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  14. 14. The Optimal Voyage System, developed jointly with Hyundai Heavy Industries since 2012, is included in the basic design to be mounted on Hyundai Heavy Industries' construction ships as a basic design. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution  Weather Info. based  Route planning to minimize fuel consumption ※Resistor / additional resistance minimization path extraction PLAN MONITORING ANALYSIS  Monitor if the actual route is as planned  Provides hull trim and engine RPM optimization information to minimize fuel consumption  Analysis of actual sailing results against plans  Fuel Consumption Analysis
  15. 15. Engine condition monitoring (HIEMSEN) is a system that transmits ship engine information to the land via satellite, and enables shipyards and ship-owners to identify and analyze ship engine status in real time on the web. Purpose of Fuel Consumption Control for [Natural Gas / Bunker C Oil] of Hyundai Heavy Industries' Dual Fuel Engine e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Engine Monitoring Main Operation Server (Onshore) Client_Shipowner Client_engineer Client_Shipbuilder
  16. 16. Transferred from Korean ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunication Research Institute), ISIG has become one of the most important technologies eMARINE has obtained. Consisting of both hardware and software, its main function is to send data collected from a fleet via Smart-Sensing Technology to ground control. ISIG is the device that mostly embodies the key idea of Vessel I.o.T. Platform. eMARINE supplies average 50 ISIGs to Hyundai Heavy Industries per year and the numbers are growing. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution SAN based Remote Monitoring System Interface
  17. 17. RMS serves two main functions (i) it automatically predicts and detects failures in a ship’s equipment, system and machinery and reports it to operators, and (ii) it continuously monitors status of all parts of a ship and provides relevant information to the operators on shore. RMS utilizes marine Big Data technology and also provides 3D modeling of ship and its parts, and software patch for remote maintenance. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Monitoring Analysis Exchange
  18. 18. System replacement for total 33 domestic VTS sites starting this year. e-Marine enters the market as SAAB VTS exclusive provider in Korea. We are actively preparing to enter national VTS new & replacement business (2019 VTS budget up to 50M USD). Following acquiring Incheon VTS additional installation project Jindo/Wando(9M USD), Gunsan/Mokpo(13M) Large size VTS projects won by EMRN
  19. 19. System replacement for total 33 domestic VTS sites starting this year. e-Marine enters the market as SAAB VTS exclusive provider in Korea. We are actively preparing to enter national VTS new & replacement business (2019 VTS budget up to 50M USD). Following acquiring Incheon VTS additional installation project, Jindo/Wando(9M USD), Gunsan/Mokpo(13M) Large size VTS projects won by EMRN 2019 Success Cases  Incheon VTS Installaion (2M USD)  Jindo / Wando VTS (9M USD)  Gunsan / Mokpo VTS (13M USD)  VTS Maintenance Projects to come for bids  Ulsan, Pohang, Jeju and more VTS Projects in 2020
  20. 20. ECDIS Digital Chart Collision Avoidance Optimal Route Hatteland Training Simulator Marine GIS e-Navigation eMARINE provides solutions for collection, integration and display of maritime information aboard and ashore by electronic means to enhance berth to berth navigation and related services. These solutions are the most efficient ways to secure the safety of life at sea and protect marine environment. All solutions are provided through subscription, installation, updates and/or maintenance contracts
  21. 21. Digital charts offer everything that standard navigational chart can offer, and more. User can interact with digital chart on ECDIS, where real time information such as ship position, and target location are available. UKHO Digital Chart • Admiralty Vector Chart Service • Admiralty Raster Chart Service Publication • Admiralty Digital List of Lights • Admiralty Digital Radio Signals • Admiralty TotalTide C-MAP Digital Chart • Professional+ • ENC (PAYS, FlatFee) • PRIMAR ECDIS Service Additional Service • OceanView • Weather Service • Piracy Service • Chart Catalog KHRA Korea Digital Chart • S-57, S-63 (ENC) Korea Raster Chart • SHP
  22. 22. Our ECDIS, e-Navigator, is an interactive chart display system that offer various navigational functions such as Route Planning, Route Monitoring, Voyage Data Recording, Alert Management, and others. It is compatible with multiple navigational equipment such as RADAR, GPS, and others. 연동 장비 Features • Route Planning • Route Monitoring • Voyage Data Recording • Voyage Monitoring • ARPA/AIS Target Display • Auto Pilot Interface • Radar image Overlay • Multi-Chart Overlay Interface Gyro CompassRadar Image Echo SounderARPA Radar Wind LogAIS Speed LogGPS <e-Navigator>
  23. 23. e-Navigator Navy is a new-generation WECDIS specialized for use of the military and the police. The advanced WECDIS supports command & control and increases situational awareness of a vessel to execute rapid and accurate decision-making during operation and battle-training 연동 장비 Feature • Target Management • Tactical Data Link • Object Management • Radar image Overlay • Submarine Function • War Game Simulation • Mine Laying Interface <e-Navigator Navy> < e-Navigator Navy Main Screen>
  24. 24. Marine GIS Solutions such as CARIS, SevenCs, and dKart, are used for creating and editing navigational charts and other GIS databases. They come in different types in order to match the workflow environment. 연동 장비 Chart Production Workflow Chart Production S/W • ENC Designer Enterprise • ENC Optimizer • ENC Analyzer • ENC Contour Generator • ENC Encryptor Package • ENC Cartographer • FME Professional SevenCs Survey Processing • HIPS/SIPS • Notebook • Bathy DataBASE Server Chart Production • GIS • S-57 Composer • Paper Chart Composer • HPD Chart Distribution • Easy View • LOTS Article 76 • BEAMS • PORTIS • Spatial Fusion Enterprise CARIS Chart Inspection S/W • dKart Office • dKart Inspector dKart
  25. 25. Future - Autonomous Ship
  26. 26. IoT & Big DataTechnology SMARTSHIP & Eco-Ship Energy Saving Emission Monitoring Autonomous/UnmannedShip OptimizedVoyage Aligned with Dynamic Industry Trends e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  27. 27. eMARINE Experiences & References  INS integrated Navigation System components : ECDIS, RADAR, Conning Console  Collision Avoidance System  Vessel Motion Monitoring System  ISIG Intra-Ship Integrated Gateway  SMART RMS Remote Maintenance System  Remote AMS Alarm Monitoring System  Optimal Voyage System  Engine Status Monitoring System  Passenger-ship Safety Monitoring System Autonomous ship is capable of operating by itself on its own remote diagnosis and use I.o.T.(Internet of Things), big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in order to provide information connected to onshore-bridge operator, shipowners, shippers and ports. The ship could be guided out of a busy port area by an on- shore operator in a control room using a joystick. On-board sensors would inform the controller of any potential risks or obstacles. In open sea conditions the ship could run on fully autonomous settings, guided only by satellite connection and on-board sensors. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  28. 28. eMARINE Target Market (2020~) AMSS Autonomous Maneuvering Support Systems  Automated Navigation & Communication System  On-shore Bridge  Remote Maintenance System Market Projection:Procedural Steps to Autonomous Ship 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 Auto-Ship Market Size (Million USD) World Korea 4,689 2,514 4,873 5,142 5,343 5,553 2,765 3,017 3,252 3,546  The international Autonomous Ship market growth rate will be est. 4.5%, starting 2020.  The Korean market growth rate will be est. 9.0%, starting 2020.  Investment and research for domestication of Autonomous Ship technology will increase drastically. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  29. 29. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Autonomous ship is a ship that can operate the ship's control and steering system at the land control center without direct operation and steering of the ship operator. The technology necessary for autonomous ship development consists of six key elements Core Tech 1 Core Tech 2 Core Tech 3 Core Tech 4 Core Tech 5 Core Tech 6 Route Creation & Ship Control Ship & Device Status Analysis Equipment Interface Maritime High Speed Communication Ship Area Network Maritime Environment Analysis Based on navigation technology, ship operating equipment condition analysis and interlocking technology accumulated over many years, we are concentrating on the development of ships and ship control technology and products among key elements of autonomous ship development.
  30. 30. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Performing government R&D projects in order to develop Smart Ship and Autonomous Ship solutions under government grant contracts with Maritime Ministry, Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Industry. We receive up to 1.5M USD(including 0.5M manpower costs) as R&D grants. National Institution Project Period Total Project Amounts 2019 Project Cost EMRN Portion (Project) EMRN Manpower Korean e-Navigation Core Technology Research & Development Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries 2016.07~ 2020.12 35,702,000 12,676,294 572,000 163,560 SMART RMS SW Development Ministry of Science and ICT 2016.10~ 2020.06 3,263,040 904,100 402,770 132,720 SW Total Development Infra(SDK) & Shared Library Development Ministry of Science and ICT 2018.03~ 2020.12 2,744,000 897,400 88,700 55,968 Collision Avoidance Technology applied Autopilot Development Ministry of Trade and Industry 2018.04~ 2020.12 2,700,600 905,200 292,000 98,880 Development of Ship Smart Station for Smart Ship Operation Ministry of Trade and Industry 2018.09~ 2019.08 1,025,000 1,025,000 400,000 157,560 Unit:1000 KRW 45,434,640 16,407,994 1,755,470 608,688
  31. 31. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Autopilot Marine VTS Overseas MarketCommercial MarketDomestic Public Sectors Final TargetIn DevelopmentDevelopment Complete SMART RMS SMART STATION Marine ICS INS (RADAR+ECDIS+CONNING) Optimal Voyage System ISIG Autonomous Ship Maritime GIS Hatteland ENC ECDIS
  32. 32. Overseas MarketCommercial MarketDomestic Public Sectors e-Navigation IoT Big Data Maritime GIS Hatteland ENC SMART SHIP SMART SHIP Optimal Navigation Engine Status Monitoring Maritime Plant RADAR Fleet Management System SMART Remote Maintenance ECDIS INS (Integrated Navigation System) TCS (Track Control System) e-Navigation ISIG (Intra-Ship Integrated Gateway) Overseas ShipbuildersDomestic ShipbuildersHyundai Heavy Industries eMARINE Global e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution
  33. 33. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 2017 2018 2019 2020 2015 – 2018 REVENUE (in Million USD) Revenue • US GAAP compliant numbers • 9M USD Revenue confirmed in 2020 from new VTS Contracts won in 2019 • 2019YE => 5.5M USD, 35% Growth from 2020 • 2020 : 9M Confirmed from new contracts + Existing Business 5M = 14M (200%+ Revenue Increase) 3.5 4.0 5.5 14
  34. 34. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution AtoN Patent TRS PatentVoice Control Patent Green & Economical Navigation Support System(Whole) Green & Economical Navigation Support System(Part) KR Cert KRH Cert Dynamic ECDIS Patent
  35. 35. e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution Type Approval Cert Good S/W Cert Green-Tech Cert Radio-Comm Cert ISO9001:2008 Enterprise institute IT Construction INNO-BIZ Venture Company Cert R&D Service
  36. 36. - President and Chief ExecutiveOfficer  CEO since2003  Internationally renowned maritime expert 34 years of career experience in the maritime industry  Project leader of Korean Air & LG CNS  Ph.D Degree in Marine Information Science from Korea Maritime and Ocean University  Maritime Minister Award (2011), Knowledge & Economic Minister Award (2011),  Industrial Minister Award (2014), and Maritime Safety Expert (2014). - Chief OperatingOfficer  Joined in2001  Team member of digital chart development in Geo-Data  As a founding member, devoted to eMARINE e-Navigation & Smart Ship Solution - Chief TechnologyOfficer  Joined in2002  Granted with Minister’s award from Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy for Maritime IT field (2014)  B.A Degree in Marine System Engineering from Korea Maritime University
  37. 37. Secretary & IR Manager Lukas Kim +82-70-7204-9332