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How to: Create an Effective Content Calendar | RBM


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An effective social media content strategy involves ample planning. Creating a structured content calendar allows marketers to be more agile with client asks while remaining organized with their outbound copy. This presentation will cover how and why marketers should craft a social media content calendar.

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How to: Create an Effective Content Calendar | RBM

  1. 1. How to: Create an Effective Content Calendar October 2013 Caitlin Pangares | Social Media & Content Coordinator
  2. 2. What is a content calendar?
  3. 3. A content calendar is a way for brands, businesses or individuals to document and organize their outbound social copy.
  4. 4. Who does your content target?
  5. 5. As you are creating your copy, it is crucial to keep your target audience in mind.
  6. 6. When are you posting?
  7. 7. Certain times of day perform better than others on each social channel, so schedule accordingly.
  8. 8. This could be in the morning (8-10 am), when your target audience is commuting
  9. 9. Mid-day, to catch the lunch crowd (12-1pm)
  10. 10. Or, in the evenings, when your audience is no longer at work and is checking in on social media for fun. (7-9 pm)
  11. 11. Be sure to leave time between posts when you’re posting multiple times/day on a particular channel.
  12. 12. Where does your target audience “live” online?
  13. 13. Perform some basic social listening around where your target audience is most active on social media. You can then adjust your post frequency to match the data and favor those channels.
  14. 14. Why should you create a content calendar?
  15. 15. “He who fails to plan is planning to fail.” - Winston Churchill
  16. 16. Crafting content in advance gives you flexibility to handle time-sensitive requests or respond to unexpected events
  17. 17. Here’s one way you could structure your simple content calendar: Day Channel Message Target URL Status 10/31/2013 Facebook Happy Halloween! Scheduled for 10am Twitter #Boo! #HappyHalloween Tumblr <Instagram pic of pumpkins> LinkedIn Wearing a costume to work? See these office-appropriate options Visit if you’d like to receive your own content calendar template.
  18. 18. Want more help? Here are some additional resources and templates: ● ● ● ● From Google Docs From HubSpot From Sprout Content From Content Marketing Institute
  19. 19. Thank You | Questions? Caitlin Pangares | Social Media & Content Coordinator