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Red Banyan Social Media Services


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This is a quick outline of some of the social media management services Red Banyan provides for its clients. For more information, please visit, or call us at 954-379-2115.

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Red Banyan Social Media Services

  1. 1. Smart + Strategic Communications Social Media Capabilities
  2. 2. Red Banyan is a strategic communications and crisis management firm with national and international reach. Our clients rely on us to help them capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges. We are smart and strategic. We deliver results.
  3. 3. ‣ Social Media Audit ‣ Strategy Development ‣ Content Calendar ‣ Content Development ‣ Design ‣ Community Management ‣ Social Listening ‣ Crisis Management ‣ Measurement and Reporting What We Offer
  4. 4. Social Media Audit • Identify key platforms • Understand current content mix • Review community sentiment • Analyze post engagement • Develop customized audit From audience demographics to content mix, we take a holistic and detailed approach to assessing your organization’s current social media presence.
  5. 5. Strategy Development Whether your focus is on lead generation, real-time customer service, or brand ambassador development - our social media experts will develop a roadmap to get you there. • Establish channel objectives • Identify brand voice and tone • Develop KPI benchmarks • Conduct social campaign ideation
  6. 6. Content Development We create content that resonates with your customers while supporting your marketing objectives. Because content is only successful if it engages your audience. • Identify key audiences • Create monthly content brief • Develop and maintain editorial calendar • Conduct ongoing content planning sessions • Provide additional copywriting and editing services
  7. 7. Design Creative and eye-catching visuals are critical to break through the noisy news feed and standout among competitors. We focus on designing customized content that brings your brand to life and drives channel engagement.
 • Establish brand and style guides • Brainstorm and develop design concepts • Create original branded content • Maintain brand consistency
  8. 8. Community Management A thriving social presence includes an active voice in your social community’s conversation. Our human- centric approach to managing your social communities sparks positive engagement while keeping pages current and active. • Provide real-time page moderation • Monitor pages during peak and off-peak hours • Create approved and vetted response library • Respond in brand tone and voice
  9. 9. Social Listening Analyzing the conversation within and outside your industry creates opportunities to attract new audiences while improving the experience for existing customers. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s trending to help you anticipate your customer’s needs. • Analyze brand sentiment and reputation • Identify marketing opportunities • Adjust content mix to meet demand • Brainstorm future social campaigns
  10. 10. Crisis Management Today’s social media platforms can serve as important tools for communicating with the public, but they can also serve as highways where negative information can spread worldwide within seconds. With deep expertise in crisis management, we can help you navigate challenges as they arise. • Develop issue escalation process • Monitor conversations and brand mentions • Respond to questions and inquiries • Monitor brand and industry sentiment • Advise and develop social communications plan • Increase crisis response transparency
  11. 11. Measurement and Reporting • Analyze platform metrics • Identity growth opportunities • Optimize content in real-time • Develop customized reporting Social media is constantly evolving, and we’re focused on staying ahead of the algorithm change. We utilize platform data to shape our multi-channel approach and maximize results to help meet your business goals.
  12. 12. 954-379-2115