Sem 3 reflection community (autosaved)


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Sem 3 reflection community (autosaved)

  1. 1. ECEP-232Savita JosephIndividual Reflection Jenny Quianzon 11/20/2012
  2. 2. Reflection My agency that we visited was the CCAC which that for community care access center.CCAC is a place where you can find anything that related to medical needs, it could be fromfinding a density, doctor or an case worker it’s just one phone call away. I didn’t know that theycould find a predation. I was looking for a good predation for my son for a very long time anddidn’t know where to find one. Now I have one all the way in Markham. If I knew thisinformation before it would have been a great help. With becoming an ECE I beliefs that thisinformation is importance, you can be able to assists parents, just be giving them the phonenumber for this place. The first time I used this agency I thought that all the services came fromCCAC but at the visit I learned that they are just a link to all the others services they have outthere. They are like the main contact that will help to get you other information needed to helpyou. I think that this agency can be great for people in the ECE professional and personal level.The early childhood educator can provide parents with this information for example they arelook for long term care for their parents CCAC provide housing for them including bring themhome form the hospital and give around the clock care if needed. I was also surprise thattheseservice wasn’t base on income but on the need of the patients. They group presentations that have I seeming been interesting and they give lots ofinformation that will help us assess children and their families better. By giving them the agencyname and phone number, this may relief some of the family stress and they can spend more timewith their children. The first agency that stood out for me was “Hallow Bloorview kidsRehabilitation Centre”. I think in some way it had to do with my son. I got never get too muchinformation’s how to help people in need. This is a great resource to help support families within childcare and in the communities. The first thing I learn was about “TheRonald McDonaldplayroom is a supervised "fun zone" for children to play and relax”. This room is like a daycarecenter where you can leave your children while talking to the doctors privately or going to thefamily resource Centre. You could use it before or after the appointment. Which is nice for theparents, it’s give them a little break. You can book this room for maxims of 2 hours per daywhen it busy. They parents will be giving a pager if they are needed at any time. If the familieshave other children’s the can also go to this play place as long they are above 2 ½ years old.Thesecond was the Social Worker can help you find a place where the rent is not that expansive.
  3. 3. They can help with subsides housing for low income families which can be great help because ofthe long waiting lists. They also help with finding funding for therapy such as applying forchatty. Third was having “counselors/therapists go to each childcare center and schools tomodify their environment and programs. The froth is the have workshops and training sessionsfor the teachers to help better understand the children’s and their needs, to support the parentsand their families through this time of transitions which can be difficult. The second service that was gives new information’s was “Scarborough Women’sCenter”. I find it interesting because it easy to access and it right next to my home and would begreat for anyone who lives in the areas or outside. They have a numbers of services that will helpsuch as workshops to build self-esteem for single moms, teen moms, homeless and many more.People with immigrants matter, custody battles or going through divorce/ separation they have alawyer that will help you. I find this information’s can support children and their families. My thoughts regarding some key issues that family is facing in the community such ashealth and dental care for new immigrants. It can be very expenses. Being a new immigrant canbe over welling and having the worries about health care for your children and families. Peopleneeding unemployment insurance can be difficult to get some times. Housing can be a barriersfor new immigrants or people living on the streets, having no food or shelter. By know peoplewho can help with these matters can cause less stress. Childcare can be big problems for peoplewho cannot afford childcare because it can be expanses. If you don’t have some where safe toleave your child you cannot go to work. You need to have peace of mind and that can cost lotsof money. Some families can get subsidies childcare due to low income which can help out yourfamily’s situations. But it can be a long waiting list because too many people are waiting for thesame thing. These are just some of the problems people face in our sound rounding. We all do have responsibility to support families during transitions and as EarlyChildhood Educators and Global Citizen make a difference just by knowing the communities welived in and their recourses. People in the communities are always looking for newinformation’s to support self and families. We can make a difference by listen, showingempathy, build trust and working together as one.