Best Practice Series: Sourcing Diamonds


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Social media has changed so quickly – and so many times – that it can often leave you second guessing your choices. It is almost as if your current strategies are in black and white, while everyone else has a bigger, better, faster, brighter way of doing business. In the race to find the best people, it’s easy to lose sight of simple yet highly effective plans that lead to success.

Spend the hour with Julia Stone, a sourcer extraordinaire, as she explains how to create a plan to find your diamonds, those glittering, brighter solutions – a plan that maybe also helps you find a few new candidate diamond mines!

Watch this webinar and learn how the four Ds of sourcing can make you shine:

- Direction: Get organized, define the candidate, and set the stage
- Discovery: Adopt the “sourcing mindset” and become more effective
- Distraction: Stay social, while eliminating the noise
- Distinction: Create messages that stand out and attract

This webinar will encourage you to think strategically so you can shine and meet your talent acquisition objectives.

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