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What’s Working In Tech Recruiting


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This may come off as a bit too truthful for some people, but let’s go ahead and say it: it’s hard to build a company, sure, but spinning out a software suite isn’t that complicated if you have the right people working on it. (And you don’t even need that many people to do it.)

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What’s Working In Tech Recruiting

  1. 1. Smart Sourcing and Recruiting professionals read RecruitingDaily (and watch our webinars) What’s Working In Tech Recruiting Right Now
  2. 2. HERE’S THE PLAN ➔ Housekeeping for today Listen only mode, #Rdaily, We are recording ➔ We’re recording! 24 hour turnaround with presentation. ➔ Ask questions Use your control panel or follow along on Twitter and use #rdaily.
  3. 3. Agenda ● Trends impacting recruiting ● Recruiting tech buying trends ● Bring it all together: Examples of what’s working
  5. 5. Trends ● Half of employers will increase headcount this year ● Record low global unemployment ● Skills gap to skills shortage
  6. 6. Trends ● Jobs filled at slowest rate in last 3 years ● Pressure on making better informed and more fair hiring decisions
  7. 7. Industry Trends ● Automation of jobs ● Diversity & Inclusion ● New Interviewing Tools ● Consumerization/CX ● Access and usability
  8. 8. What Are We Buying? ● Recruitment Marketing ● Diversity & Inclusion (bias reduction) ● Talent Pool Development ● Job ad tech
  9. 9. What’s working What works for one person may not work for another. Don’t be afraid to try new things and do what works best for YOU. Prioritize strategy and tactics over technology
  10. 10. Who? CDW ● Hardware, software and services
  11. 11. What? ● Sourcing and recruiting to be supported with more modern approaches to drive more conversions. ○ Career site ○ Apply workflow ○ Sourcing/CRM ○ Job distribution
  12. 12. How? ● Career site: rebranded with targeted messaging tailored to audiences ● Apply workflow: mobile, fast, leverage existing data ● Sourcing/CRM: Flexible approach to talent pools; nurturing campaigns; data-driven ● Job distribution: Intelligent, data- driven.
  13. 13. Results ● Time on career site nearly doubled to 6 minutes ● 72% open rates on some email campaigns ● Application conversion rate: 83%
  14. 14. Who? ● Schneider Electric ● Energy Management and automation ● Hardware, software, and services
  15. 15. What? Global infrastructure blocked by “The Great Firewall of China” Need to streamline local solutions to fuel hiring
  16. 16. How? Focused on 6 key positions Deep dive into personas Automated screening and assessment “AI flavored” technology
  17. 17. What? ● Minimize opportunity for unconscious bias. ● Make hiring decisions more objective ● Measurement and improvement
  18. 18. How? ● Focus the candidate data that is shared with the team on critical attributes and highlights ● Remind team to make efforts that promote inclusion ● Anonymous assessments ● Consistent standards ● Explanations of evalutions ● Analytics
  19. 19. Who? ● Hair Cuttery ● 900+ Salons, 12,000 associates
  20. 20. What? Converting the self- employed to employed
  21. 21. How? ● PERSONALIZATION ○ Site ○ Message ○ Campaigns ● AUTOMATION ● CRM ● Marketing ● Integrated to events
  22. 22. Results ● 50% increase in leads ● Lead to hire: 3% ● Recruiters have MORE TIME
  23. 23. Q&A