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Tomorrow's Recruiting Solutions Today: How NBCUniversal Innovates


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NBCUniversal has been on quite the journey in our digital age - evolving from a traditional media company to a multi-platform digital content hub. So how do they attract top talent and maintain company culture in an ever-evolving landscape? What does it mean for their candidate experience?

Don’t miss this special webinar as Bill Boorman speaks with Michelle Hord-White, Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Campus Programs at NBCUniversal, and Ty Abernethy, Cofounder of Take the Interview, to discuss the recruiting challenges and solutions as the company evolves.

Attendees will learn:

What NBCUniversal is doing to attract technology talent
What are the best tools available for identifying and assessing top talent
How NBCUniversal approaches campus recruiting

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Tomorrow's Recruiting Solutions Today: How NBCUniversal Innovates

  1. 1. Tomorrow’s Recruiting Solutions Today: How NBCUniversal Innovates Presented by: Michelle Hord-White, Bill Boorman & Ty Abernethy Join the conversation: #ttirocks #askNBCU
  2. 2. BILL BOORMAN ● Founder of #Tru Events ● Over 30 years of experience in recruiting ● Lead Advisor at Take the Interview TY ABERNETHY ● Co-Founder & COO at Take the Interview ● Over 10 years of recruiting experience ● Oversees Customer Success at TTI MICHELLE HORD-WHITE ● VP, Talent Acquisition & Campus Programs, NBCUniversal Presenters:
  3. 3. NBCUniversal, a technology company.
  4. 4. How does NBCUniversal showcase opportunities and attract top tech talent in a competitive marketplace?
  5. 5. NBCUniversal launched the Technology Lab, a open space to incubate ideas and innovate. Can you tell us more about this initiative?
  6. 6. Candidate Experience @ NBCUniversal
  7. 7. NBCUniversal won their first CandE Award last year. What were the most impactful steps you took to enhance your overall candidate experience?
  8. 8. What are your big initiatives for candidate experience and/or employment branding over the next 12 months?
  9. 9. Company Culture @ NBCUniversal
  10. 10. NBCUniversal is an organization steeped in history and tradition. How do you maintain an identity with the past while cultivating a culture of innovation?
  11. 11. How do you identify candidates that are a strong culture fit for the organization?
  12. 12. Talent Lab @ 30 Rock
  13. 13. Campus Recruiting @ NBCUniversal
  14. 14. Campus recruiting is an area where NBCUniversal continues to innovate and stand out. Can you describe your key initiatives and overall approach to campus recruiting?
  15. 15. Thanks for joining us today. Continue the conversation: #ttirocks #askNBCU