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The Irony of Scheduling: There's Not Enough Time [and other woes]


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Recruiters never seem to have enough time in the day. There’s a good chance that if you work in TA, you’re reading this in a browser tab that’s open among at least 15 other tabs.  Between LinkedIn, Facebook and email – data scraping and boolean searching – you have to find time to DO everything else. Part of that everything is scheduling.

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The Irony of Scheduling: There's Not Enough Time [and other woes]

  1. 1. THE SCARY PARTS OF SCHEDULING: There’s not enough time (and other scheduling woes) #savescheduling
  2. 2. HOUSEKEEPI NG #savescheduling ● Listen only mode ● Ask questions ● Presentation & recording in 24 hours ● Social media ○ #rdaily ○ #savescheduling ■ Save (me) from scheduling ■ Save scheduling (from being awful)
  3. 3. WHAT WE’LL COVER ● Survey & results ● A countdown of the five most common scheduling challenges ○ Problems & solutions - scheduling doesn’t have to be scary ● Q&A #savescheduling
  5. 5. SURVEY & RESULTS #savescheduling
  6. 6. SURVEY & RESULTS #savescheduling 13.5% of respondents said scheduling makes them anxious & they HATE IT.
  7. 7. THE TOP FIVE: #5 #savescheduling THE BACK AND FORTH “The biggest challenge is in scheduling multiple candidates for the same role - think 10 people. Trying to coordinate that many people and time slots over email or phone is frustrating.”
  8. 8. THE TOP FIVE: #4 #savescheduling TOO MANY CALENDARS “I have to manage 5 calendars…” “I hate having to schedule 2 different calendar invites for the same interview (one for the hiring manager, one for the interviewee).”
  9. 9. THE TOP FIVE: #3 #savescheduling SCHEDULING WITH MULTIPLE PARTIES “Not finding common availability across multiple parties and having to schedule meetings further out.” “The back and forth is horrible. When you have a combined interview (panel, video, onsite, phone, etc) and there is a change request made on the same day of the's difficult to keep things straight when you don't have the right systems.”
  10. 10. THE TOP FIVE: #2 #savescheduling HIRING MANAGER INTERFERENCE “Hiring managers not keeping their calendars up to date or not prioritizing their time accordingly. They provide availability and then inconvenience others with changes because they do not value the time of the candidate, their interview team members, or administrative efforts to choreograph the whole program.” “...constantly shifting schedules of hiring managers make multiple reschedules common.”
  11. 11. THE TOP FIVE: #1 #savescheduling CALENDAR ACCESS & CONFLICTS “Imagine...scheduling client interviews when you don't have access to their calendar.” “...when there are multiple executives that all have conflicting schedules but you have to schedule an in-person interview and the person needs to come in ASAP.” “More like a pet peeve, but when managers think you can just psychically tell what their calendars are...without them even sharing it.” “As if I even need to say it, cancellations.”
  12. 12. #savescheduling QUESTIO NS
  13. 13. m @claralabs #savescheduling