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Sourcing hacks to keep you ahead of the competition

  1. Wow! I have no idea what I’m going to say. Jim Stroud Senior Director Randstad Sourceright presented at: by:
  2. This is what I want to do… Let’s share strategies! Let’s share cool tools! Tell me how you think!.
  3. Tell me your strategy.
  4. 1 Search for people who can be connected via social media "dm me" cloud.computing "find me on * " cloud.computing "network with me on * " cloud.computing "let's connect on * " cloud.computing "skype me at * " cloud.computing "tweet me at * " cloud.computing "join me on on * " cloud.computing "follow me on * " cloud.computing More searches to try: Oh! Searching on cloud.computing and “cloud computing” will return the same results.
  5. Tell me your strategy.
  6. 2 Find people who have multiple versions of their resume online When I did the search in French, I found resumes written in *French. Great for international sourcing!" Yeah! "my CV" | "my resume" cloud.computing "download my resume" cloud.computing "download my cv" cloud.computing "my vitae" cloud.computing "download my resume" intitle:for | of | my cloud.computing " télécharger mon cv " l'informatique intitle:de More searches to try:
  7. Tell me your strategy. I have 2 strategies in mind.
  8. 3 Find people who want to be contacted by email or phone "email me at * " cloud.computing "call me at * " cloud.computing "phone me at " cloud.computing "call my mobile" cloud.computing "call my cell phone" cloud.computing More searches to try: Mmm… Gotta love that low hanging-fruit.
  9. 4 Find people based on personal branding pages More searches to try: site:* “cloud computing” “cloud computing” intitle:bio “cloud computing” “cloud computing” “cloud computing” “cloud computing” “cloud computing” You may want to try a search on “Let’s Lunch” as well.* *
  10. Tell me your strategy.
  11. 5 Find company employees on Twitter Keep in mind that not all companies have public twitter lists of their employees. Its still a decent hack.
  12. I honestly don’t know. What do you think?
  13. 6 Track people by URL shorteners ("software * engineer" | "software developer") (he | she) -jobs -apply ("software * engineer" | "software developer") (he | she) -jobs -apply ("software * engineer" | "software developer") (he | she) -jobs -apply Not sure if this is cool or not but, it seems to work well. So, what’s going on with this search? People share shortened links on social media. By focusing my search on short URLs, I am sourcing leads from info that people have been sharing online. More short URLs to try:
  14. I honestly don’t know. What do you think?
  15. Look up the hottest articles about cybersecurity. 7 Attract talent to you by sharing interesting content a. Find a hot article based on the jobs you want to fill. Go to
  16. 7 Attract talent to you by sharing interesting content b. Shorten the URL with a personalized Sniply. Go to This has a free version and a premium service.
  17. 7 Attract talent to you by sharing interesting content c. Share the Sniply URL anywhere and everywhere on social media. Now you have recruitment advertising on all the articles you share with a Sniply URL. Too cool! Hat tip to @mobidextrous
  18. I have a few tips, but I would love to hear yours. I’ll go first.
  19. 8 Find competing technology in order to loosen up job requirements Having trouble finding “ruby” developers? Ask your client if they are open to competing products like Java, C# or Perl. This works on Google too. Just sayin’…
  20. 9 Get involved with communities that are exploding with growth An Incomplete List of Communities on Slack — Medium Start a group on Slack! Why? • More attention, low competition • Higher engagement since its real –time • Its free Read: How and Why to Create a Community With Slack “Slack” is a real-time messaging app. Mostly co-workers use it to stay in touch with one another. (Reminds me of Yammer.)
  21. 10 A cool tool you can use ;-)
  22. Okay, your turn! What cool tools are you using these days? Feel free to tweet me some more tips later! :-)
  23. Contact me: Jim Stroud Senior Director RPO Recruitment Strategies & Support LinkedIn: Twitter: @jimstroud
  24. At least, for now.