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Metrics, KPIs & Measurements (Oh, My!)


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Martin Burns shared his insights on today's metrics in the world of TA.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Metrics, KPIs & Measurements (Oh, My!)

  1. 1. Metrics, KPIs & Measurements (Oh, My!) #RDaily
  2. 2. TODAY’S WEBINAR IS SUPPORTED BY #RDaily ClearCompany's HR Software uses best practices to deliver better hiring experiences, seamless onboarding, easy performance management & goal alignment. Search millions of jobs and get the inside scoop on companies with employee reviews, personalized salary tools, and more. Through our assessments, clients gain a unique third party perspective on their employer brand, recruitment marketing efforts and how their organization compares to select competitors.
  4. 4. ● VP, Strategy Consulting: HireClix ● Grew up in recruiting ● Global recruitment leader ● “Tool-head” kinda nerd ● Not skilled at running with scissors ● ● 617.851.7277 ● @recruitermoe ● TODAY’S EXPERT #RDaily Hi. I’m Troy Mcclure. ahem, Martin Burns.
  5. 5. Metrics, Schmetrics, Amiright? Just Give Me the Req - I Can Figure the Rest Out…. Stop Measuring Me!! #RDaily
  6. 6. ● Metrics are the language of business ● Metrics can tell a story with data - and data is hard to argue with ● Metrics not only tell you where you’ve been - they also tell you if you’re headed in the right direction. Don’t get too excited... Metrics Can Quickly Become a Tower of Babel. WHY MEASURE #RDaily
  7. 7. ...or, a Heart of Babel (happy early-Valentine’s) #RDaily
  8. 8. 1. A Metric That Defines Your Businesses Success 2. A Metric That Defines How Your Work Impacts that Success A TALE OF TWO METRICS #RDaily
  9. 9. NESTED METRICS #RDaily
  10. 10. Sourcing: 1. Submittal to interview ratio 2. Applicants per opening 3. Candidates added to pipeline Recruiting: 1. Interviewed to hire 2. Offer acceptance rate 3. Quality of hire Brand/ Marketing: 1. Engagement 2. Open rates 3. Source of hire & quality applicants Leadership/ Ops: 1. Candidate throughput 2. Candidate experience 3. Hiring manager satisfaction 4. Diversity mix A DUKE OF MANY PARTS #RDaily
  11. 11. Time-to-Fill: Want your recruiters to focus on the wrong metric? Here’s a great one. Also, evergreen jobs will murder you. Cost-per-Hire: Cool. Now when your company has a growth surge, their going to use past behavior to anticipate future performance. There are rules against that… FEAR THESE DRAGONS #RDaily
  12. 12. Q&A #RDaily