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Memo to Recruiting Leaders: Your Recruiting Process is Broken

Recruiting Enablement
The average number of applications for roles has doubled in the last two years alone.

Additionally, the steps required to source, nurture, and hire candidates has increased to 91. And almost all candidates (92 percent!) are considering at least one other offer when they consider yours. 

And the economic uncertainty created by Covid-19 means your team and processes need to be more adaptable than ever before.

The Truth Factor
This is a harsh reality facing recruiting teams today - and only the winners will overcome. 

At the same time, while recruiting leaders expect Diversity & Inclusion to be the #1 topic that the CHRO will pay more attention to this year, over 60% of recruiters believe their function lacks a D&I strategy.

The Horizon
In this webinar, Talent Acquisition veteran and industry expert Jeanette Leeds Maister will join William Tincup to discuss Recruiting Enablement and the relationship between recruiting workflows, automation, and outcomes.  

What you're going to learn:
Why recruiting processes today are broken (but not lost)
How to enable more efficient recruiting while increasing quality of hire
Why recruiting in a time of economic uncertainty is more data-driven
How to make automation and data your friend, if not best ally
How to hardwire D&I into recruiting

What You'll Take Home
A positive outlook and the means to make that outcome a reality.  All you have to do is show up, bring your questions, and we'll do the rest.

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Memo to Recruiting Leaders: Your Recruiting Process is Broken

  1. 1. Memo to Recruiting Leaders: Your Recruiting Process is Broken
  2. 2. Hello! William Tincup President & Editor at Large RecruitingDaily Jeanette Leeds Maister Managing Director - Americas Oleeo
  3. 3. You are in listen-only mode. You can hear us, but we can’t hear you. Don’t be shy! Use the questions panel in your sidebar to talk to Jeanette & William. We’re LIVE. Use the #rdaily hashtag to share on social media. You will receive a copy of this slide deck & recording after the webinar. Keep an eye on your inbox. The Plan You will receive a Short Survey after the presentation ends. We will share the relevant results with you. Thank you!
  4. 4. Changing Workforce Needs Recruiting is more challenging than ever before Overburdened Recruiters Business D&I Expectations
  5. 5. Never before has it been worse to have a one-size-fits-all approach to recruiting.
  6. 6. Driving better outcomes through process Tailor multiple recruiting workflows for the best results: • Top talent • Returning seasonal workers • “Lights out” roles • Unqualified vs. qualified candidates
  7. 7. ● Identify unqualified applicants ● Design workflows that let them down easy & protect your brand ● Identify top candidates ● Fast track them to the next step in your process Leverage automation (data-driven and/or templated)
  8. 8. Recruiting is often stuck in tactics, fighting fires.
  9. 9. Leverage automation to reduce workload Entering candidate data Administering & evaluating assessments Posting to job boards Designing interview agendas & super days Managing interview scheduling Onboarding new hires Selecting candidates for interview Nurturing & updating candidates
  10. 10. “Employers are missing the forest for the trees. They largely ignore the ultimate goal: making the best possible hires.” Harvard Business Review May 2019
  11. 11. Putting your data to work Data-driven insights can inform & automate decision making: • Companies that use data to automate decision making are 2x as likely to improve quality of hire and candidate experience ● Hardwiring insights throughout your process increases understanding and adoption
  12. 12. The business case for D&I is well established
  13. 13. #1 Recruiting teams expect D&I to be the #1 topic CHROs pay more attention to in the next year 63% of business leaders face more pressure to make hiring more diverse and inclusive compared to five years ago Source: Gartner D&I is key to your success
  14. 14. Use data & automation to find the intersection between quality and diversity ● De-gender job postings ● Enable blind screening ● Select candidates more fairly ● Identify areas of unconscious bias ● Know your D&I baseline and how to improve it
  15. 15. Tell stories with data
  16. 16. A new way forward: Recruiting Enablement ● Design and automate multiple tailored recruiting workflows ● Leverage data to automate steps and inform decision making ● Hardwire insights into your recruiting processes Make the best possible hires, every day
  17. 17. Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform: Make the best, most diverse hires everyday
  18. 18. Thank you! Resources for you: Recruiting Enablement Factsheet Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Blog