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Konmar Sourcing - Tidying Up Your Recruitment For 2019


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We know… Konmari Organization.

WTW? But check it out. Konmari is hyper relevant to organization your desk (We’ll show you how).

Our last webinar in 2018 was off the chains crazy with Dean Da Costa and now our first webinar in 2019 is going to bring you back into the mind of an addict sourcing pro.

We actually know a guy in recruiting who had a relationship end because his girlfriend rocked about 50+ tabs on her browser all the time, and it became one of those nagging pet peeve deals that escalated dramatically when paired with other factors.

A digression, though, because that recruiter regularly rocked a lot of tabs at work, when sourcing and hiring. And why wouldn’t you? The great promise of technology in recruiting now is top-of-funnel logistical tasks, and knowing what tools to keep open to make you more effective is crucial.

Our presenter for this webinar is NOT that person but she is an addict when it comes to new tools, tricks, and techniques in sourcing.

Here’s what we are going to cover:
The tabs and tools you should constantly access to find the best people and close the most requisitions.
Konmari Organization and how to implement into your recruiting desk.
Quirky (free) things that you should consider using every day.

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Konmar Sourcing - Tidying Up Your Recruitment For 2019

  1. 1. Using KonMari In Sourcing IBM | Sourcing Science Debra Yarnall – Sr. Recruitment Sourcing Manager
  2. 2. What To Expect We are not really sure. Deb is a bit off her rocker. She asked to present about a TV show that can revolutionize recruiting. We said, sure. 1. You will be on mute 2. We will share the recording 3. Answer the polls 4. Ask questions 5. Share using #rdaily Keep only those things that spark joy
  3. 3. Debra Yarnall IBM Sr. Recruitment Sourcing Manager Headhunter Recruiter Sourcer Director Mom Wife Coach Herdsman Hiking Leader
  4. 4. KonMari Method The KonMari Method encourages tidying by category not by location. (Marie Kondo) 1. Clothing 2. Books 3. Papers 4. Komono (Miscellaneous items) 5. Sentimental items Keep only those things that spark joy Site:
  5. 5. KonMari Method Six Basic Rules of Tidying Site: 1. Commit yourself to tidying up 2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle 3. Finish discarding first 4. Tidy by category, not by location 5. Follow the right order 6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy
  6. 6. KonMari Connection to Sourcing & Recruiting Your sourcing plan should be set up for success 1. Commit yourself to cleaning up tabs/links. 2. Imagine your ideal strategy 3. Remove non-working or unproductive links 4. Tidy by category 5. Follow the right order 6. Ask yourself – Am I happy with my results?
  7. 7. High Level Tactical Sourcing Plan Tiered Approach Three major buckets: 1. Market Intelligence 2. Search 3. Attraction
  8. 8. Setting Up Your Desktop For Success Using KonMari Method 1. Market Intelligence 2. Search Tools 3. Social Networks 4. Online Communities 5. Contact Finding Tools 6. Communication 7. Social Listening 8. Recruiting Blogs/Learning