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How To Properly Connect Diversity Sourcing and Recruiting


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Torin Ellis dives into D&I and what it really takes to be successful in developing your strategy.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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How To Properly Connect Diversity Sourcing and Recruiting

  1. 1. Smart Sourcing and Recruiting professionals read RecruitingDaily (and watch our webinars) NO FAIRY DUST: CHASING DIVERSITY
  2. 2. HERE’S THE PLAN ➔ Housekeeping for today Listen only mode, #Rdaily, We are recording ➔ Take notes and ask questions You’ll get the slides but make some notes to help yourself later. Don’t be shy. ➔ Try them Too many times people sit on webinars and never take action.
  3. 3. SPECIAL THANKS @CodeFights
  4. 4. Let’s Talk... ➔ Efforts > Initiatives ➔ Ignite Leaders to Lead ➔ Transparency and Value
  5. 5. ➔ Active ➔ Kinetic ➔ Goal ➔ Measured ➔ Relationship Efforts
  6. 6. ➔ Ambition ➔ Steam ➔ Floating ➔ Relaxed ➔ Audience Initiatives
  7. 7. ➔ Define(d) direction / geography ➔ Build existential partnerships ➔ Develop(ed) list of resources
  8. 8. ➔ Public Knowledge ➔ Peer Knowledge ➔ Your Knowledge
  9. 9. Ignition > Lagging Empowered Present Strategic Exploratio n Tactical Excellence Calibration
  10. 10. Resources ❏People ❏Money Capacity for Doing ➢Capability ➢Competence Time ❏Prioritization ❏Reporting
  11. 11. Transparency & Value
  12. 12. Value Raise Create Reduce Erase
  13. 13. Name drop...
  14. 14. At the end of the day... ❏ Nothing special just build inclusion IN process ❏ Measure results just as you would others ❏ Be authentic committed present
  15. 15. THANKS AGAIN @CodeFights CodeFights is the most fun way to practice your programming skills. Master new languages, prepare for interviews, and much more!