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Every Recruiter Should Be a Diversity Recruiter


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Being a diversity recruiter is not about putting a strategy in place or a cultural day - it's about the long term plan. This presentation by Janine Truitt of Talent Think Innovations shows you how to make diversity part of your company's identity, not a check box.

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Every Recruiter Should Be a Diversity Recruiter

  1. 1. Janine N. Truitt Talent Think Innovations, LLC Chief Innovations Officer *Every Recruiter Should Be a Diversity Recruiter
  2. 2. *The State of Recruitment and Diversity Recruitment Diversity Managing Requisitions Sourcing/Screeni ng Candidates Interview s Offer s
  3. 3. *“Who’s Responsible For Your Diversity Efforts?”
  4. 4. *Hiring a Diversity Recruiter is not a strategy.
  5. 5. Reactive Proactive  Quota Hiring  Posting to Diversity Websites.  Recruiting from referral sources that have underrepresentation for diverse professionals.  Building “real” relationships/partnersh ips with associations and groups that serve diverse populations.  Regular evaluation of referral sources . How Does Your Diversity Strategy Stack-up?
  6. 6. When Diversity presents as a business concern, the reaction is often to treat the process as if there are implied quotas. *Quality +Quantity matter in Diversity Recruitment
  7. 7. *The Many Flavors of Diversity LGBT Veterans Women Millennials Gen Z African Americans Hispanics Differently Abled Asians
  8. 8. A Word on OFCCP • You will never get ahead of underrepresentation if you stop your efforts once you reach that “magical” number. • Tie diversity goals to performance for both your recruiters and leadership. • Your good faith efforts start with genuine intentions.
  9. 9. What Does Success Look Like? • Make sure you have quality lead funnels from qualified diversity organizations. • Train every recruiter on performing a fair and proper interviews. • Develop training to ensure they can conduct demographic specific interviews. • Have a portion of your career website visible and available to give a glimpse of what diversity looks like at your company. • Ensure that each member of your recruitment team is assigned at least one diversity initiative or organization to build a relationship with.
  10. 10. What Does Success Look Like? • Follow diverse hires to ensure there are no barriers to entry for promotions, transfers, or learning and development opportunities. • Do regular compensation checks to ensure that you are staying abreast of any equity issues. • If you have employee resource groups, be sure to have your Recruiters regularly attend meetings to get ideas on where to focus their recruitment efforts.
  11. 11. CEO Director of Talent Acquisition Director of Diversity Director of Total Rewards Chief Human Resources Officer A direct reporting structure for Diversity Groups allows for diversity initiatives to be top of mind for the CEO Diversity Going Straight to the Top
  12. 12. *The truth shall set you free…
  13. 13. Diversity Transparency: A Step in the Right Direction
  14. 14. *The More You Know… *Diversity will live or die depending on the level of commitment leadership has to it. * Everyone in the organization must be held accountable for contributing to diversity efforts. *It could take some time to see an ROI. *Partnering with diverse organizations and associations to build programs and initiatives that support your diversity goals.
  15. 15. Diversity is not a one man show. It requires partnership.
  16. 16. Thank you for joining me. Website: Blog: Twitter: @CzarinaofHR