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Hiring Managers: Friend or Foe?


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During this session, we will look at the relationship between recruiters and hiring managers and its impact on the hiring process. Bill Boorman will share research from global hiring organizations that have mastered the process (or not).

We'll be focusing on:
The role of the new recruiter
How to get hiring managers' feedback and put accountability where it belongs
How to turn blockage into a gateway
The best recruiter metrics
Hiring manager training

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Hiring Managers: Friend or Foe?

  1. 1. #TTIRocks Hiring Manager: Friend Or Foe? Presented by: @billboorman Join the conversation: #ttirocks
  2. 2. #TTIRocks Hiring Manager: Friend or Foe? Presented by @BillBoorman
  3. 3. #TTIRocks Tips for using your Control Panel  Grab Tab  Audio Mode  How to ask a Question This program is being recorded. You can download the recording at
  4. 4. #TTIRocks Matt Charney Managing Editor @mattcharney @RecruitingBlogs Moderated by:
  5. 5. #TTIRocks BOORMAN - @billboorman ● Founder of #Tru Events ● 30+ years of recruiting experience in recruiting ● Trusted advisor for brands like Hard Rock Café, Oracle & the BBC ● Lead Advisor: Take The Interview
  6. 6. #TTIRocks We spoke with a multitude of stakeholders: • CHROs at Fortune 50 employers • Agency recruiters • Transitioning workers
  7. 7. #TTIRocks Feedback is slow or nonexistent
  8. 8. #TTIRocks Search requirements are poorly defined
  9. 9. #TTIRocks The only thing you can control as a recruiter is time to source and presenting candidates
  10. 10. #TTIRocks Organizing everyone is like herding cats
  11. 11. #TTIRocks The Recruiter’s View
  12. 12. #TTIRocks 1. SLA 2. Sourcing/Presenting 3. Long list to short list 4. Tasks/People/Times/Reporting 5. The project What Recruiters Own
  13. 13. #TTIRocks Project Based Hiring
  14. 14. #TTIRocks The Hiring Manager’s View
  15. 15. #TTIRocks What Hiring Managers Own 1. Outcomes 2. Experience 3. KPIs 4. Job specs 5. Budget 6. Feedback
  16. 16. #TTIRocks The Candidate’s View
  17. 17. #TTIRocks 1. Submission 2. Timetable 3. Tasks 4. Feedback 5. Relationships What Candidates Own
  18. 18. #TTIRocks The KPIs
  19. 19. #TTIRocks ● Brief time and project plan ● Time to source ● Time to present ● Feedback deadlines ● Task deadlines ● Review/Analytics The Commitments
  20. 20. #TTIRocks Next Steps: ● Talk with Bill Boorman on a topic from the webinar ● Download the white paper ● Learn more about how TTI’s solutions align with the content from the webinar This is where the conversation begins... Contact us to get set up!
  21. 21. #TTIRocks 2 1 QUESTIONS? You can ask questions by typing them into the Questions Pane
  22. 22. #TTIRocks Thanks For Joining Us! A copy of this presentation’s slide deck and session recording will be available on within 2 working days. You can visit our previously recorded event library at any time: Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: