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12 Days of Sourcing and Best Tricks for Q2


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Ryan Leary is joined by industry experts as they review the best sourcing tools for Q2 and review the heavy hitters of 2017!

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12 Days of Sourcing and Best Tricks for Q2

  1. 1. Smart Sourcing and Recruiting professionals read RecruitingDaily (and watch our webinars) 12 DAYS OF SOURCING: THE WEBINAR Tip Look here throughout the webinar for quick tips and reference points for after the session today.
  2. 2. Supported by our friends at Dice. We want to thank Dice, who was our supporter for the 12 Days of Sourcing, as well as today’s webinar. @Dicedotcom
  3. 3. HERE’S THE PLAN A full review of each day so that we can answer any questions that you have and walk you through each tip that was provided. ➔ Housekeeping for today Listen only mode, #Rdaily, We are recording ➔ Take notes and ask questions You’ll get the slides but make some notes to help yourself later. Don’t be shy. ➔ Try them Too many times people sit on webinars and never take action.
  4. 4. GMAIL CANNED RESPONSES Tip Don’t fall into the trap of using canned responses to spam. Have a purpose. Ie. specific signature for specific jobs. Share a video 1. Template based responses 2. Use for repetitive tasks 3. Use to share specific job roles 4. Use to market events, career fairs, etc.
  6. 6. COLLEGE RECRUITING REFRESH Tip Your data is as fresh as the latest software update on your phone. Enhance, refresh, whatever you want to call it. It’s important to consider. 1. Your data is old. 2. You’ve rejected 1,000’s of potentially great candidates. 3. Silver medalist are 1/1000th of a second behind most gold medalists.
  8. 8. VISUALIZE YOUR SEARCH Tip This is a bit off the path that you may be used to, but not much different than techniques recommended for sales people. Try it out. It may make your cube a bit nicer. 1. Resumes, people, companies. 2. Meditation for recruitment? 3. The recruiter’s zen...
  10. 10. SOURCING FOR EXCELLENCE Tip Boolean is not dead. Maybe not as popular but manual searching when done properly can be super effective. Skip the skills and search the accomplishments. 1. Boolean is not dead. 2. Search for those that stand out. 3. Find those that have accomplished what your hiring manager is looking for.
  11. 11. SOURCING FOR EXCELLENCE intitle:resume ("software engineer") (award OR excellence OR dean OR prize OR patent OR laude) -sample -eoe-"resume writer" intitle:resume ("software engineer") (award OR excellence OR dean OR prize OR patent OR laude) -sample -eoe- "resume writer"
  12. 12. POWER SEARCH: INTERESTS Tip You don’t have to search keywords to find resumes online. Search the language you speak. Candidates sound like you, so why get fancy with your search? 1. Understand your intake call with the hiring manager. 2. Translate their thoughts into the “spoken word”. 3. Avoid skill set and keywords in your search.
  16. 16. Timing is everything
  17. 17. WANNA MEETUP? Tip Meetups is no longer the meetups of 2002. They now business approved / encouraged. WeWork is making meetups hip to aggressive talent. 1. Meetup’s are not a thing of the past. 2. WeWork acquired Meetup 3. Smart, active, and aggressive. That is the structure around the “to be” model.
  18. 18. WANNA MEETUP?
  19. 19. WANNA MEETUP?
  20. 20. WANNA MEETUP?
  21. 21. WANNA MEETUP?
  22. 22. #hastags are annoying but... Tip #hastags are not just an instagram thing. It’s a meaningful way to search information across many channels. Don’t make this your “strategy” but you should understand it. 1. They work (as of 2018). 2. Will be around in 2019. 3. Let’s you genuinely contribute to a conversation without being a slimy salesperson.
  25. 25. GET Sortd (spelled that way) Tip Inbox overload can be detrimental to your health. Sortd is one of those life lines that help you to manage your inbox and projects at the same time. 1. If you like Trello, you’ll ike sorted. 2. They have just released an HR focused product (2017). 3. Lightweight extension, fast and does has a low conflict rate.
  26. 26. GET Sortd Watch the video
  27. 27. WHOIS BEHIND THE CURTAIN Tip The whois search is great to keep in your back pocket. Note: that not all website have public information. The owner has the option to make this private for a fee. 1. Registered sites and domains 2. Great for technical sourcing 3. Great way to identify contact info
  29. 29. ARE YOU REDDIT TO SOURCE? Tip Sourcing reddit can be yield high returns but it can also suck you into the black hole of black holes. Don’t get lost. 1. It can be hilarious to read. 2. High level searches reveal a lot. 3. People are candid, and responsive.
  32. 32. ARE YOU REDDIT TO SOURCE?Because we are creatures of habit, I simply take the person's username, google it and add the job title in “” I cross search him to for a full bio and contact details
  33. 33. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMS Tip List out the licenses your role requires so that you can quickly filter through and narrow your leads as you are searching. 1. NAIC is a great source to use when your openings require specific licenses. 2. Strong source to identify insurance, financial planners, sales leaders. 3. Requires a little thinking but the return is fast.
  34. 34. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMS Sourcing for licensed talent just got easy (ier). Source the NAIC database here When sourcing for jobs that require a specific license, you can often look for people who are licensed using public records. Some common examples are insurance, financial planners, sales leaders etc. Sales roles are great suspects for this type of search because these candidates tend to be experienced in 2 things: 1. Intangible sales requiring a consultative sales approach 2. Have a minimal variation between vendors when it comes to products/services and pricing making the sales differentiation hard
  35. 35. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 1: Use Google (or any search engine) to locate the licensing commission’s website. You can see if they provide a verification of license status.
  36. 36. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 2: Locate a potential candidate and note the location for the likely area s/he is licensed in. (Example provided is in Portland, Oregon so you would use the Oregon insurance verification system, which is administered by NAIC.
  37. 37. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 3: Go to the NAIC State Based Systems search page. (States may have their own systems or be covered by the NAIC system so you will need to check.)
  38. 38. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 4: Select the proper state from the Jurisdiction drop down menu.
  39. 39. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 5: Select Licensee since you’re searching for an individual person.
  40. 40. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 6: Select “producer” from the License Type drop down menu. Note: Producer this is the common name for an agent’s role in the insurance industry. This can also be important when doing your LinkedIn search to help maximize the return of potential candidates.
  41. 41. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 7: Enter the person’s first and last name. Note: Some people may have a slightly different name (Example: Jim vs James). You may need to adjust the search criteria to address nicknames or variations. Agree and click search.
  42. 42. NAIC STATE BASED SYSTEMSStep 9: Locate the correct hit return and click on the name to view the individual’s data.
  43. 43. Questions? 12 DAYS OF SOURCING: THE WEBINAR
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