Hiring difficulty


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Hiring difficulty

  1. 1. What makes hiring difficult? Powered by Recruiterbox
  2. 2. Recruitment ConstraintsFor most of us, hiring is not organized ◦ Ad-hoc sourcing ◦ No defined recruiting stepsProcess is slow ◦ No optimized way to move applications along ◦ Collaboration is manual and prone to repetition
  3. 3. Problem analysis Tons of resumes for a single opening Candidates applying multiple times No centralized place to receive and manage applications Overheads and IT battles to manage and update company careers page
  4. 4.  What can be done? Employing a simple, easy to use recruiting tool to manage your madness. Why it should be done? The objective is to use your hiring time productively and designing a hassle-free process. How it should be done? Before jumping to an ATS subscription, you need to research the required features that will boost your recruitment productivity
  5. 5. Features to optimize hiring steps Resume Management Applicant Tracking Careers Site Management Collaborative Recruitment Improved Recruitment Productivity
  6. 6. Resume Management Collect Resumes from Email Attachments Upload Resumes in Bulk Parse Contact Information from Resumes Powerful Search within Candidate Profile Detect Duplicate Candidates Automatically Accept Resumes in All Formats Gather Applications from All Sources in One Place
  7. 7. Applicant Tracking Customizable Recruitment Workflow Assign People for Different Stages Track Applicant Status Auto-Archive Applicants
  8. 8. Careers Site Management Auto-manage the Careers Page on Your Company Website Hosted Careers Site Publish Openings to Search Engines and Social Media Customizable Application Questionnaire
  9. 9. Collaborative Recruitment Share Notes & Evaluations Internally Email Candidates Directly from Recruiterbox Create & Delegate Tasks Attach Documents to Candidates Canned Email Templates Share Applicants with Team Members Manage User Permissions
  10. 10. Improved RecruitmentProductivity Easily Replicate your Recruitment Workflow Get Important Notifications and Email Alerts Filters to Auto-handle Emailed Applications Intuitive Interface to know which applicants need your attention Export your Recruitment Data to Microsoft Excel
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