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Applicant Tracking software


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simple and hassle free applicant tracking software. helping small business to manage there hiring more effeciently

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Applicant Tracking software

  1. 1. ATS Software
  2. 2. Hello! myname is Bob
  3. 3. I am manager at Stark Inc Stark Inc
  4. 4. ..and I am looking for5 new employees to my team! Stark Inc
  5. 5. Within weeks, my inbox became aresume junkyard
  6. 6. I was getting tons of emailsfrom job boards
  7. 7. ..and many more from recruiting agencies!
  8. 8. I was going crazy findingmyself buried under the pile of resumes
  9. 9. I needed something to help me manage the madness!
  10. 10. recruiterbox There it was! Recruiterbox - asimple, hassle freerecruiting software
  11. 11. Recruiterbox allowedme to manage hiring in 3 easy steps 1 2 3
  12. 12. 1 I could easily gather all applications from various sources to one place in recruiterbox Stark / Careers
  13. 13. 2 I could easily track progress on different applicants through the stages in recruiterbox Applicant Screening Phone Screening Candidate 4 Candidate 5 Candidate 1 Candidate 6 Candidate 2 Candidate 7 Candidate 3 Candidate 8
  14. 14. 3 Recruiterbox allows me to assign interviews to specific team members, collect feedback from them and write to candidates! Candidate
  15. 15. I have now stopped using spreadsheetsand emails and recommend my friendsin small businesses to manage theirmadness with Recruiterbox
  16. 16. With Recruiterbox, hiring became a simpler and more organized process for me and my team!website: phone: +1 415 758 2012 email: info@recruiterbox.comblog: | facebook |linkedin |youtube