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Ibotta New Consultant Introduction


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Akraya is providing Payroll services to select consultants at Ibotta. Here's everything you need to know about being an Akraya employee.

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Ibotta New Consultant Introduction

  1. 1. New Consultant Introduction Ibotta + Akraya
  2. 2. Agenda • Akraya’s Role at Ibotta • Hourly Wages • Time Sheets • Reminders • About Akraya • About Ibotta • New Consultant Survey & Glassdoor Reviews • Contacts
  3. 3. Akraya’s Role at Ibotta Akraya is providing Payroll Services to Ibotta’s contract (hourly) employees What that means: • Your paychecks will come from Akraya • You will be an Akraya employee working on-site at Ibotta for the length of your contract • Your contract with Ibotta is at-will employment
  4. 4. Hourly Wages • Payment of wages are outlined in your original contract with Akraya • Questions about your wages? Contact or Mo Zandkarimi, Sr. Manager of Business Development
  5. 5. Time Sheets • Email time sheets on Sunday before 5pm Pacific/ 7pm Mountain to Ian Castillo ( • If you work late on Sundays, you may send your time sheet in early. Please include worktime for that scheduled shift, even if your workday is scheduled to end after 7pm on Sunday • Please send time sheets on time to ensure that you get paid on time* *If you submit your time sheet late, the wages from that time period will be added to your next pay check
  6. 6. Reminders • You are expected to be at your on-site work location during regular working hours. Check with your Ibotta Manager on preferred office hours for your team • Plan your vacation ahead and discuss with your Ibotta Manager. Contract employees are not eligible for paid time off • All questions related to your employment should be directed to your Ibotta Manager • Contract employees do not receive paid holidays, unless worked. If you work a holiday, hours need to be approved and will be paid at time and a half.
  7. 7. Akraya at a Glance • Established: 2001 • Clients: Fortune 500 • Services: Staffing, Project Management, Payroll • Certified: Woman-owned  Minority-owned  Green Business • Multinational Footprint: US  UK  Australia  Brazil  Canada  Singapore  Mexico
  8. 8. Award-winning Service
  9. 9. Ibotta App • Ibotta was founded in 2011 • The app was an innovative approach to connecting brands, retailers and consumers through mobile technology • Ibotta partners with brands and gives you real money instead of credits • The app doesn’t just save money, it’s fun and offers bonuses and challenges to make it feel like a game • Ibotta offers rebates redeemable in all major retailers and real cash rewards instead of credit or points
  10. 10. New Consultant Survey • Watch out for the Consultant Survey email • Rate our onboarding process • Only 5 minutes of your time • Enter to WIN a $25 Starbucks Gift Card
  11. 11. OpenCompany • Glassdoor is a career community where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management • Akraya is an OpenCompany on Glassdoor, which means that we embrace transparency in the workplace • We encourage every employee to leave a constructive review so that we can make positive changes based on feedback For more info, please visit:
  12. 12. Need Help? Human Resources: 408.907.3204 | Mo Zandkarimi | 408.608.7960 Sr. Manager Business Development Ian Castillo | 408.907.3215 Customer Care Specialist Lanette Sarte| 408.907.3214 Payroll Specialist Gina Honiker| 408.907.3204 Sr. Human Resource Generalist
  13. 13. Congratulations Enjoy Your Exciting New Project Good Luck!