HR Capturing Talents 2013 and Beyond


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We won’t experience 100 years progress in the 21st century, it will be more like 20,000 years of progress at the today’s rate. Ray Kurwell Scientist. Coming years, AI will revolutionize homes, work places and lifestyles. Virtual worlds will become so realistic that they will be competing with the physical world. The futuristic career will be part of our lifestyle to stay on par.

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  • But women participation is the Talent Gap
  • Diverse, creative, yet it combines the entire species, from youth, old, to sex. Embracing each difference. Yet one word to describe, you see the hold bar of Made in Korea!
  • ." The world is changing much more rapidly than most people realize, says business educator Eddie Obeng ~ and creative output cannot keep up. In this spirited talk, he highlights three important changes we should understand for better productivity, and calls for a stronger culture of "smart failure.
  • Lead by example trust. Change culture – Value Integrity. Support Innovation. Innovative Influence public policy - Quality
  • Lead by example trust. Change culture – Value Integrity. Support Innovation. Innovative Influence public policy - Quality
  • HR Capturing Talents 2013 and Beyond

    1. 1. RecruitStrateg yGreat people are not born. They are Hired.
    2. 2. The New HR Age 2013 and Beyond SingaporeBrought to you by: RecruitStrategy
    3. 3. Christie Khoo Bee HoonUp Close Personal Dialogue with Prime Minister Lee Hsien LoongEmployment Opportunities for Singaporeans.
    4. 4. Maximizing Employability The Changing roles of HR in the New AgeComplying with various labour laws is a critical, but a defensive business approach. Rare is the sports team who wins byonly playing on defence. How does a good HR measure Talent?
    5. 5. to you by: RecruitStrategy
    6. 6. We’re in the middle of somethinglike an industrial revolution, butit’s really a work time revolutionPhyllis Moen, Sociologist RecruitStrategy
    7. 7. Are talents Human Resources are the driving force of an organisation.maximize in Baby Boomers : Years 1946 -your 1964company’s Gen X (Xers) : Years 1965 - 1982growth Gen Y (Millennial) : Yearsstrategy? 1983 – 2000 Gen Z (iGeneration) : Years 2001 ~ 2010
    8. 8. Are talents Human Resources are the driving force of an organisation.involved in Baby Boomers : Years 1946 - 1964your Gen X (Xers) : Years 1965 - 1982company’s Gen Y (Millennial) : Years 1983 – 2000growth Gen Z (iGeneration) : Years 2001 ~ 2010strategy?Which group of talents are involved inyour company’s growth strategy?What % of your talent force are involvedin your company’s growth strategy?
    9. 9. RecruitStrategyDemographics In the 1950s, the “typical” householdlooked like this 81% of all household had both a mother, afather. Men comprised over 80% of the country’s workforce.While women made up of less than 30%.
    10. 10. Things change in a matter of time…Demographics Changes : “Typical” is a now thing of thepast. The Singapore family and workforce is rapidlychanging….. RecruitStrategy
    11. 11. Today…Women comprise 50% of all Our “Gen Y” hasworkers on U.S markets. entered theWomen comprise 60% of all workforce………workers on Singaporemarkets.More than half of familiesnow have 2 working parents RecruitStrategy
    12. 12. RecruitStrategy Woman Thank You to the Baby Boomers and Women !!Continued growthis sign…. butstatistics can bedeceiving……. But Women Participation is expected to level down as Baby Boomer are preparing to leave the workforce…..
    13. 13. RecruitStrategyResult in Talent Gap To Fill the Gap To fill the talent One out of every 3 gap and keep employees expected our economy to retire by 2018 growing. Employers must More 60% career are adapt to modern workforce. projected to be eligible by 2013
    14. 14. RecruitStrategyAlmost all (98%) the women surveyed were interested to join theworkforce only 74% manage to do so. More than 35% citedFamily, work life balance as the top issue to address.
    15. 15. RecruitStrategyOver the past 40 years, men have more than doubled the timeengaged in domestic tasks and child-rearing. 60% men reportedincreased stress related to work/life and family balance.
    16. 16. RecruitStrategy By 2016, the percentage of workforce above 55 will increase significantly, from 17% to 23%. Baby boomers will need fullretirement. Many are already seeking flexible and part time job
    17. 17. RecruitStrategyIn contrast to Baby Boomer, Gen Y born after 1982 are more mobile and tech savvy. Unfortunately, we had not enough to offset the retirement of Baby Boomers
    18. 18. Old New Workforce > Material > Emotion > DirectionModern Employees are seeking Modern Employers. one who understand the importance of personal and professional flexibility
    19. 19. The Empowered Workforce > Confront cultural reality > Build values employees will live out > Recalibrate controlsReplace rulebooks with shared beliefs.For CEOs, it’s no longer a question of should theorganization become more open and collaborative? But rather, it’show do I run an open organization?
    20. 20. Introducing….. The Emergence Workforce of the Future Innovatio n Technolo gy Increased Employe Productivit e Savings y Sustainabl e Healthier Environm Family ent
    21. 21. Is the world changing too quickly for us to stay productive? Eddie Obeng says the solution is "smart failure." Change + Tolerance = Better ProductivityCommunicationTrust InsideTeamwork GrowthValuesInnovationDecisive
    22. 22. So what can HR do to effect change? Engage the Talent Community Lead by example 50% Change the culture 50% Support Innovation 60% Influence public policy 70%
    23. 23. Build Your Talent Community. Make A Guess?
    24. 24. RecruitStrategyMind Stimulating Time
    25. 25. RecruitStrategyThank You For Your TimeChristie KhooTalent StrategistChristie@recruitstrategy.comHP : 91591399Thank You.