Portal And Ad Network Partnerships


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Summary narrative for a sample of the participating networks, portals, exchanges and websites in the Recrue Media Retargeting Platform.

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Portal And Ad Network Partnerships

  1. 1. Descriptive Summary of Recrue and Open X Network Partnerships
  2. 2. AntVenture Ltd (107244) http://www.antventure.com/ AntVenture is a leading online advertising network that can increase your brand awareness and drive sales. Working with high quality websites, AntVenture delivers over 13 billion impressions per month and reaches over 259 million unique users worldwide. AntVenture Network is able to deliver value for both advertisers and website publishers. Channels are category types for publisher content such as Entertainment, Gaming, Shopping etc. The purpose of channels is to allow agencies and advertisers the ability to target their campaigns based on demographic or subject matter and thereby concentrate on relevant impressions. AntVenture classifies its publisher sites and sections as follows: • Automotive • BitTorrent • Blog / Chat / User-editable • Business / Finance • Career • Children • Dating • Diet / Fitness • Education • Entertainment • Free Download • Gaming • Hobbies / Leisure / Special interests • Home/Gardening • Men • Restaurants / Dining / Food • MP3 Download • Search • MP3 Search • Shopping • Music • Social Networking • Names/Numbers/Mapping • Sports • News • Technology • P2P • Teen • Photo/Video sharing • Travel • Real Estate • Weather • Reference/Dictionary • Web site pop • Literature • Women and Health
  3. 3. Yahoo!(23351) http://m.www.yahoo.com/ Founded in 1994 by Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo! began as a hobby and has evolved into a leading global brand that has changed the way people communicate with each other, conduct transactions and access, share, and create information. Today, Yahoo! Inc. has become the world's largest global online network of integrated services with more than 500 million users worldwide. As a world-wide portal, Yahoo is not a website, but a consolidator of content managed under an umbrella of hundreds of individual sites specializing on specific areas of interest. An Example of some of their network of sites include: • www.answers.yahoo.com • www.apps.yahoo.com • www.asia.news.yahoo.com • www.autos.yahoo.com • www.avatars.yahoo.com • www.baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com • www.biz.yahoo.com • www.ca.weather.yahoo.com • www.ca.yahoo.com • www.developer.yahoo.com • www.dir.yahoo.com • www.education.yahoo.com • www.education.yahoo.net • www.finance.yahoo.com • www.finance.yahoo.com.au • www.fireeagle.yahoo.net • www.football.fantasysports.yahoo.com • www.games.yahoo.com • www.groups.yahoo.com • www.help.yahoo.com • www.smallbusiness.yahoo.com • www.in.finance.yahoo.com • www.sports.yahoo.com • www.in.movies.yahoo.com • www.tech.yahoo.com • www.kids.yahoo.com • www.travel.yahoo.com • www.local.yahoo.com • www.uk.answers.yahoo.com • www.mail.yahoo.com • www.uk.finance.yahoo.com • www.maps.yahoo.com • www.uk.weather.yahoo.com • www.mashable.com • www.uk.yahoo.com • www.mobile.yahoo.com • www.video.yahoo.com • www.mobilegames.yahoo.com • www.videogames.yahoo.com • www.movies.yahoo.com • www.weather.yahoo.com • www.my.yahoo.com • www.web.analytics.yahoo.com • www.new.in.weather.yahoo.com • www.widgets.yahoo.com • www.new.music.yahoo.com • www.yahoo.americangreetings.com • www.news.yahoo.com • www.yahoo.com • www.news.yahoo.com.au • www.yanswersblog.com • www.oscars.movies.yahoo.com • www.ygeoblog.com • www.people.yahoo.com • www.ygroupsblog.com • www.publisher.yahoo.com • www.ymessengerblog.com/blog • www.rivals.com/ • www.ypnblog.com • www.screen.yahoo.com • www.ysmblog.com • www.search.yahoo.com • www.yuiblog.com • www.searchmarketing.yahoo.com • www.ymailupdates.com • www.sg.news.yahoo.com • www.yp.yahoo.com • www.shopping.yahoo.com • www.ypnblog.com/blog • www.siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com • www.ysearchblog.com
  4. 4. FIM RTB(79867) Fox Interactive, News Corporation www.newscorp.com News Corporation (often abbreviated to News Corp.) is the world's second-largest media conglomerate (behind The Walt Disney Company) as of 2008 and the world's third largest in entertainment as of 2009. The company's Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Founder is Rupert Murdoch. Fox’s interactive U.S. reach covers nearly three quarters of internet users. • Fox Business Network • Fox Classics • Fox Movie Channel • 20th Century Fox • Fox News Channel • Fox Reality • Fox Sports Net • Sport South, • Sun Sports • Fox College Sports, • Fox Soccer Channel, • FX Networks • Speed Channel • FUEL TV • Big Ten Network • MySpace • Fox • Photo bucket • Fox Life • Belief net • Fox Life HD • Hulu • Fox Crime • IGN • FX • Game Spy • Fox Horror • Rotten Tomatoes • Fox Movies • Team Xbox, • Fox Sports • Askmen.com • Speed Channel • Daily Fill • National Geographic Channel • Scout.com • Cult • WhatIfSports.com • Next: HD • Daily Booth • Real Estate TV • My Network TV • Baby TV • Rotten Tomatoes • Fox Interactive Media • Spring Widgets • Foxsports.com • Fox News Television LocalNetwork (208 stations)
  5. 5. Adtegrity(3) http://www.adtegrity.com/ Adtegrity.com is an independent online advertising network that serves over 10 billion advertisements per month across thousands of high traffic web sites. Their reach is complimented by their ability to focus on target markets through several content channels such as; Gaming, Entertainment, Sports, Women’s Interest, Health, Business and more. To review Adtegrity offerings, please log on to: http://www.adtegrity.com/ Burst Media(129941) www.burstmedia.com Burst Media was founded in October 1995 by a group of experienced advertising and technology executives. Established in the early days of the eCommerce and Internet media phenomenon, the company began by representing a group of approximately 50 independent web sites. Today Burst works with more than 5,700 web sites across two company-owned networks, and dozens more through our partner networks. To review all 5,700 available websites, please log on to: http://www.burstmedia.com/brand_advertisers/our_ channels.asp?cat=&c1=
  6. 6. Xtend(24576) http://www.xtendsearch.com/ Founded in 2006, XTEND (www.xtendmedia.com) was developed with the goal of turning the everyday ad network on its head. Built around the unique partnerships that Xtend holds with its Advertisers and Publishers, a dynamic model of successful online media solutions was born, and Xtend is one of the fastest growing ad networks today. Delivering over 7 billion ad impressions to over 70 million unique users each month, XTEND delivers the monetization that Publishers want, and the reliable ROI that Advertisers value. XTENDSearch is a Search Engine Marketing agency based in Tel Aviv, Israel, offering its suite of paid search and SEO solutions to web businesses worldwide. Established in 2006 as the in-house search unit within XTEND, XTENDSearch develops effective SEM strategies for high volume web business clients. To review Xtend website offerings, please log on to: http://www.xtendsearch.com/ Kitara Media Inc(8383) http://www.kitaramedia.com/ Kitara Media is a leader in online targeted marketing, serving millions of impressions and generating thousands of leads for our advertisers. Kitara Medias targeted marketing model combines our powerful optimization and targeting technology with relevant media inventory and best of breed advertisers to achieve positive results. Relevancy is the key to how we achieve this success. When a person clicks a message from us they are often looking specifically for the exact message we deliver. This optimization and targeting ability achieves a much better conversion rate and lead quality. In addition, Kitara Media owns and operates dozens of popular and targeted web site properties which enable us to contextually achieve relevant results for our advertisers. To review Kitara website offerings, please log on to: http://www.kitaramedia.com/
  7. 7. Technorati, Inc.(97263) http://www.technoratimedia.com/ Launched in June 2008, Technorati Media’s ad network has quickly grown into the largest social media ad network (blogs, social networks and distributed content), boasting an audience of over 108 million unique visitors a month on over 400 professionally run sites with over a billion monthly page views. In May 2009, comScore ranked Technorati Media as the 6th largest social media property and the 3rd largest blog property. Technorati places brands the center of the global online conversation, delivering reach to influential bloggers and consumers with innovative and engaging programs. Technorati has the leading blog search engine, which generates the most comprehensive information on the Blogosphere. This data, combined with robust indexing technology, forms the basis of an ad targeting platform that connects brands with the most relevant content and audiences, enables the creation of custom and micro channels, and delivers valuable insights on the trends that emerged in and around each campaign. Categories • Auto • Gadgets • Shopping • Business • Games Comparison • Celebrity • Green • Small Business • DIY • IT • Sports • Entertainment • Lifestyle • Technology • Family • Music • Television • Film • Photo • Travel • Finance • Politics • Video Sample of Blogs in Technorati…under “Family”. • Menuism • 4teachers • The Muslim Woman • Girls Gone Child • Basil & Spice • The Daily Casserole • Once Wed • I Love My Baby • Cool Mom • Mixx • Style Guru • Nibbledish To review all of Technorati participating blogs, please log on to: http://www.technoratimedia.com/technorati_media_focus/auto/
  8. 8. hi5 Networks, Inc.(108573) http://www.hi5networks.com/ http://www.hi5.com/ Social entertainment for the youth market worldwide. hi5 is a global destination where young people meet and play. As the world's largest social entertainment destination, our focus is on delivering a fun, interactive, and immersive social experience online to our users around the world. » Over 50 million monthly visitors » Top 20 web site globally » Top 10 youth web site » 3rd largest social media site » Available in over 50 languages Redux Media Inc.(6178) http://www.reduxmedia.com/home.php Redux Media is one of the fastest growing online media companies. With offices in Toronto and Montreal we deliver 4 billion impressions per month and reach over 60 million uniques users. Redux Media partners with high quality brand sites such as Monster, Tickle.com, and many others to bring advertisers the right content for their campaigns. We also offer various levels of service to publisher sites, ranging from revenue share partnerships to exclusive premium site representation. Advertisers can target campaigns across our content publisher network on a site specific basis, across specific targeted channels, or run of network placement. ur Reach Network is comprised of very specific niche categories over several hundred websites. Please get in touch with us to get more information about running category targeted buys as well as the direct sites within each category. • Automotive • Men • Travel • Careers and • News and • Health and Education Reference Lifestyle • Entertainment / • Social Networking • Women Music • Shopping • Business and • Sports Finance • Technology
  9. 9. DSNR Media Group(29507) http://www.dsnrmg.com/ DSNR started as an Internet marketing company in 2001 and has run some of the biggest advertising campaigns in the world for its products. Over time, the company has developed unique optimization tools and media buying competitive advantages. These tools allow the measurement of performance in real time and constant improvement of the marketing process. Having acquired expansive international marketing experience through the years, DSNR sought opportunity in offering its optimization tools and economies of scale in media buying to advertisers. On June 2007 it formed its subsidiary – DSNR Media Group. Coming from an advertiser’s point of view, DSNR Media Group is a result-based company that provides its clients with solutions through the whole value chain – from impression to conversion. Working with dozens of publishers and advertisers from all over the globe, we maintain a strong international orientation. With over nine billion impressions per month and the fastest growing rates in the industry, we aim at becoming one of the market leaders in the international online arena. Sample Website Publishers To review all of DSNR offerings, please log on to: http://www.dsnrmg.com 5,000 premium sites and 45 sub-networks worldwide 14 billion Impressions monthly 130 million Unique Users monthly
  10. 10. Ventrimedia(91962) http://www.ventrimedia.com/ Using the most sophisticated behavioral targeting technologies, Ventrimedia locates just the right audience for your advertisements. With over 13,500 quality sites to choose from, your ads will be driven to unheard of heights of distribution. In addition, our team of experts takes the guesswork out of ad placement by employing state-of-the-art metrics to uncover optimal ad distribution to achieve maximum results. By utilizing high-resolution behavioral and retargeting technologies, Ventrimedia is able to uncover the interests of viewers to your website in order to place ads relevant to the end-user. Ventrimedia offers advertisers a wide range of pertinent channels to launch their campaigns. Each channel includes a prime selection of content-based websites related to that channel. Campaigns managed within relevant channels will guarantee your ads will connect with the ideal audience for optimal results. Regardless your product or service niche, we have the perfect channel to reach your target audience. Our channels include: • Business/ Finance • Automotive • Dating/ Community • Women/ Fitness • Entertainment • News/ Information • Technology/ Computing • Telecommunication • Travel • Shopping • Sport • Gaming
  11. 11. Harren Media Network (63764) http://harrenmedianetwork.com/ Harren Media Network currently monetizes over 12 billion impressions per month from around the world. Whether your campaign goals are direct response campaigns or high impact display ads in top quality web properties, Harren Media will provide you the best online experience with very flexible pricing options. Harren Media Network is the leading independent ad network in Latin America focusing in Spanish and Portuguese speaking markets as well as the US Hispanic Market. Currently working with over 1000 publishers, our advertisers are able to run geo-targeted, specific channel campaigns. Also contact us in order to receive more information about our premium publishers for site specific campaigns. We monetize over 12 billon ad impressions per month worldwide. Over one thousand premium top tier publishers are today part of Harren Media Network providing the following Channels: • Adware • Education • Search • Automotive • Entertainment • Shopping • Bit Torrent • Free Download Site • Sports • Blog/Chat/User- • Gaming • Technology editable • Music • Travel • Business/Finance • News • Weather • Career • P2P • Women And Health • Dating • Reach
  12. 12. Social Media Group (75607) http://socialmediagroup.com/ SMG is one of the largest independent social media agencies in the world. We have the passion to dive deeply into the endlessly evolving topic of social media. By sharing our findings with others, we work to enrich and expand the social media landscape. SMG reaches out to most social web sites world wide to engage audiences for virtually any demographic target. Amie Street Flixster MEETin Qzone ANobii Flickr Meetup.com Ravelry aSmallWorld Fotolog Meettheboss Renren Athlinks Friends Reunited Mixi ResearchGATE Avatars United Friendster mobikade Reverbnation Badoo Frühstückstreff MocoSpace Ryze Bebo Fubar MOG scispace.net Bigadda Gaia Online Mouthshut Shelfari BigTent GamerDNA Multiply Skyrock Biip Gather.com Muxlim SocialGO BlackPlanet Gays.com MyAnimeList SocialVibe Blogster Geni.com MyChurch Sonico.com Broadcaster.com Gogoyoko MyHeritage Soundpedia Buzznet Goodreads MyLife Stickam CafeMom Gossipreport.com MyLOL studiVZ Cake Financial Grono.net My Opera Supernova.com Care2 Habbo MySpace Tagged.com Classmates.com hi5 myYearbook TalentTrove Cloob Hospitality Club Nasza-klasa.pl Talkbiznow CollegeBlender Hyves Netlog Taltopia College Tonight ibibo Nettby TravBuddy.com CouchSurfing imeem Nexopia Travellerspoint DailyBooth IRC-Galleria NGO Post tribe.net DailyStrength italki.com Ning Trombi.com Decayenne InterNations Odnoklassniki Tuenti.com DeviantART itsmy OkCupid Tumblr Disaboom iWiW OneClimate Twitter dol2day Jaiku OneWorldTV V Kontakte DontStayIn Jammer Direct Open Diary Vampirefreaks Draugiem.lv kaioo Orkut Viadeo Elftown Kaixin001 OUTeverywhere Vox Epernicus Kiwibox PartnerUp Wakoopa Eons.com Last.fm Passportstamp Wasabi Experience Project LibraryThing Pingsta WAYN Exploroo lifeknot Plaxo WebBiographies Facebook LinkedIn Playahead WeOurFamily Faceparty Listography Playboy U Windows Live Spaces Faces.com LiveJournal Plurk WiserEarth Fetlife Livemocha Present.ly Xanga Filmaffinity Lovetropolis.com Qapacity XING FledgeWing LunarStorm quarterlife Xt3
  13. 13. MediosOne (10594) http://www.mediosone.com/mediosone/index.html MediosOne is a Global Internet Advertising Network. The company focuses on delivering graphical and contextual banners to users from around the world. MediosOne targets users locally by using advanced geo-targeting technology to reach users in their native language. MediosOne is a Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.Ybrant is the parent company of some of the fastest growing digital marketing companies, including AdDynamix. With over 35 content channels, the MediosOne network includes advertisers from many Fortune 500 companies, as well as dozens of the Alexa top one thousand ranked sites. Over time, our publisher network has expanded to most regions of the world giving better reach and geo-targeting facility to advertisers who rely on us. Headquartered in USA, we have offices in Columbia and India; efforts are on for further expansion plans. This gives us a native understanding of the markets to help you serve better. To review all of MediosOne offerings, please log on to: http://www.mediosone.com/mediosone/index.html BackTalk Media(50481) http://www.backtalkmedia.com/ Advertisers want connections to their customers. By leveraging our reach across multiple digital media platforms, advertisers can deliver powerful, efficient consumer centric engagements between their brands and their customers. BackTalk Media combines premium Website, Portal, Ad Network, Social Media, Widget and Video inventory with precision targeting and dynamic pricing to efficiently reach millions of online consumers per month. Our multi platform inventory is segmented into over 30 different content verticals. Advertisers can target campaigns across the entire network, or to any combination of BackTalk Media’s 12 Niche channels. • Automotive • Music • Business & Finance • News • Computers & Tech. • Shopping • Entertainment • Sports & Fitness • Family & Education • Travel • Health & Beauty • Home & Garden
  14. 14. Komli Inc. (16349) http://www.komli.com/ Komli Media powers India's leading ad network platform with solutions across lead acquisition, targeting, rich media, audience measurement and brand measurement. Partner with Komli Media today to discover the full potential of the global Web. We are a digital advertising and technology company enabling marketers to reach and acquire their audiences and publishers to maximize their revenues. Komli Media powers India's only ad network platform with solutions across lead acquisition, audience targeting, rich media, online audience measurement and brand impact measurement. Komli Media also represents premium content channels in: • Autos • Sports • Youth • Lifestyles • Technology • Business • News • Entertainment • Finance To review all of Komil offerings, please log on to: http://www.komli.com/ Oridian (26109) http://www.oridian.com/ Oridian is a leading online advertising company, dedicated to lifting both advertisers and publishers to new heights. With over 12-billion monthly impressions, a massive worldwide inventory and access to tens of millions of users on various continents, Oridian enables advertisers to implement highly effective network-wide branding and direct response campaigns; and publishers to monetize traffic from all over the world. Oridian is a privately-owned top 10 network, with access to over 180-million monthly users worldwide. Of these, 40-million are in the Americas, and over 87-million are in Europe. The company has offices in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Sweden, India, Belgium, Israel, Greece and Poland. Oridian continues to expand its reach to every corner of the world. Oridian Channels are an exciting way to target your campaign. With a select group of content relevant sites comprising each channel, campaigns managed within channel properties reach a wide audience with
  15. 15. similar demographics and interests. Each channel offers advertisers the unique opportunity to place their brands on several leading content related sites. Our publishers represent some of the top sites in the following categories: CPM Advisors www.cpmadvisors.com At CPM Advisors we help our advertisers achieve their advertising and marketing goals. Our proprietary advertising management system, CPMatic allows us to set up and run your campaigns quickly and efficiently across our extensive network of partners, including advertising exchanges like Yahoo!/Right Media and Doubleclick AdX, leading ad networks and publishers, and thousands of direct publishers. We optimize where your ads show up, which of them, when and in what number. Our aim is to ensure you achieve your online advertising goals, whether those are cost-per-acquisition, cost-per-click or reach goals. Our CPMatic system helps advertisers buy media efficiently – we simplify and streamline the process of running campaigns online and provide easy access for advertisers to thousands of websites and ad networks, general interest and niche alike. With our current relationships we have an aggregate US reach of over 187 million people, or 94 percent of the US online population (comScore September 2009), with very broad coverage internationally as well. Start using our optimized buying service without delay: To review all of CPM Advisors offerings, please log on to: www.cpmadvisors.com
  16. 16. AdOn (228941) http://corporate.adonnetwork.com AdOn Network, established in 1999 and headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., is a leader in providing innovative contextual and behavioral advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers, delivering quality traffic from US and International sources. AdOn Network offers site-specific ROI tracking along with Behavioral, Contextual and Geo Targeting and Advertiser Retargeting to equip advertisers with powerful performance-based tools to maximize their revenues. AdOn Network features robust campaign, account management and reporting tools to provide Advertisers with unmatched flexibility and control to maximize their ROI. AdOn Network's Publisher solutions enable Publishers to monetize their traffic from multiple forms of display and search advertising. AdOn Direct, a turnkey private-label ASP solution, enables Publishers to create, manage and distribute their own advertiser accounts. AdOn Network handles the entire keyword management process from beginning to end, allowing our clients to concentrate their efforts on marketing and advertiser acquisition. Marimedia(46636) http://www.marimedia.net/ Marimedia is an international network, dedicated to optimizing revenue both for advertisers and publishers, by finding the best possible fit between a specific ad and a given impression. Made up of a highly-skilled team, Marimedia focuses on leveraging the underlying truths of the digital market and in this way, reaches high efficiency in the selling and buying of traffic. As a consequence, Advertisers reach target audiences all over the world optimizing their buys according to their targets and Publishers get maximum revenue on 100% of their available inventory.
  17. 17. Adperium(167493) http://www.adperium.com/ Adperium is a new and rapidly growing advertisement network... we target the 'young male adults' market, and reach over 45 million unique visitors each month. We only work with Alexa top- 500 publishers and high-quality advertisement networks. Our focus is on seamless integration with publishers and advanced targeting. We can target by interest (category), search keyword, search history, etc. We also created Direct Ads™, an innovative tool which makes it possible to start an advertising campaign in just a few clicks. Our traffic / audience: • North America (20%), Western Europe (20%) and upcoming markets (India, Latin America, China) • Mostly male audience (70%), age 18-34 • Tech-savvy, interested in gadgets and entertainment channels For more information, please see the advertisers or publishers section. If you are on RMX, please initiate a linking request to our network. TLV Media Online LTD(102635) http://tlvmedia.com Being one of the market's leading performance marketing experts, TLV Media offers it's advertisers a low risk, high gain advertising solutions. Once our clients declare their bottom line objectives, be it leads or sales, we help them reach their goals and eventually beat them. Advertisers benefits • International network: more than 2 billion impressions per month and growing rapidly. • ROI based advertising: CPM, CPC, CPL ,CPA, dCPM, CPE models . • Both manual and algorithmic real time campaign optimization. • Dedicated account managers. • Covering all geographies and verticals. • Unique proven targeting methodologies. • Multiple click-fraud and impressions-fraud detection mechanisms. • Automatic adaptation of creatives. • Reaching on-demand 90% of internet users. • Support Real-Time bidding and Behavioral Targeting.
  18. 18. Meta Network(62858) http://www.metanetwork.com Meta Network is one of the fastest growing ad-networks in the industry with offices in Israel, Argentina and Mexico. While working on an international level providing revolutionary services and cutting edge technology to advertisers and Agencies, we are able to target the desired audience on over 40 channels, both to maximize ROI on performance campaigns and to increase awareness for all branding campaigns anywhere in the world. With a Network of well over 2500 different advertisers and over 5 billion impressions served on a monthly basis, Meta Network helps publishers monetize all the traffic instantly, with a wide range of targeting tools, access to online reporting and the constant assistance of a dedicated account manager, our publishers reach the best possible results optimizing revenue generation. TRAFFIC YOUR PRODUCT, MONETIZE YOUR TRAFFIC. Meta Network Our mission is to achieve and maintain our advertisers and publishers goals. To accomplish this, we will consistently demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, operational transparency and value delivery. Our vision includes the development of new and innovative interactive processes that deliver on these goals. Gorilla Nation (236632) http://www.gorillanation.com Gorilla Nation® is the world's largest online ad sales rep firm. We exclusively represent over 300 leading web publishers and offer integrated media and promotional programs to Fortune 500 brand advertisers. Working closely with our web publishing partners, GN's expertise within select vertical markets provides advertising clients the ability to build high impact, integrated, rich media programs across one or more properties to deliver superior audience reach. The company is committed to delivering exceptional customer service, optimization and execution of creative promotional programs. Founded in 2001, GN is headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in New York, Chicago, Toronto, London and Sydney.
  19. 19. Globe 7(79672) http://www.globe7.com Dream leads to Thought, Thought transforms into idea and idea shapes into vision. The vision that gets its wings starts its mission and takes high flight. We nurtured the thought fondly and today we are able to present it to you proudly. We struggled hard to be different from the rest and to offer you the most outstanding features with unmatched precision. Globe7 stands on fortitude in tune with our motto- “Converting Digital Information into Human Intelligence”. Globe7 is a value innovation and globally patented product developed by Northgate Technologies Ltd and Marketed by Axill Europe Limited. Axill Europe Limited owns the state-of-the-art telecom switching facility with the world's largest SIP soft switch facility located in London to power Globe7. Globe7 is a tiny application integrated with Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News and many more opt- in widgets for your complete entertainment, information and communication. Federated Media - TwitPic (229886) http://www.federatedmedia.net At FM, our mission is to connect superior conversational media sites, brand marketers and influential audiences in an ongoing conversation that feeds everyone involved. Toward that end, FM helps brand marketers leverage the conversational media space with quality, safety and scale. FM is committed to the highest quality independent voices, communities and conversations. We represent more than 150 of the most respected social media properties on the Web including cultural influencers like Boing Boing, parenting authors like Dooce, social media luminaries like Mashable, leading business voices like The Business Insider and social platforms like Tweetmeme. FM employs a high-touch marketing approach with direct author involvement that ensures your brand is not only relevant to the context, but truly enhances the conversation. We ensure that your campaign will never appear next to content that’s objectionable or that conflicts with the mission of your brand. At FM, you’re not just an advertiser, you’re a marketing partner. FM delivers more than 50 million of the most valuable, savvy, and influential unique users on the Web. FM’s hand-picked content partners foster large communities that are passionate and knowledgeable. When your message appears in this context, it gets noticed.
  20. 20. We hope this summary provides you a satisfactory overview of a few of the hundreds of advertising networks we deliver through the Recrue Media / Open X advertising exchange. If you have any questions please give us a call and we will be happy to address them for you. Contact Information: For more information regarding retargeting and on line marketing, please contact: Steven Bogue Mark Landon Recrue Media, L.L.C. Recrue Media, L.L.C. 401-484-2400 310-517-1818 sbogue@recruemedia.com mlandon@recruemedia.com Melissa Prince Recrue Media, L.L.C. 972-867-4177 mprince@recruemedia.com www.recruemedia.com