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SkoolBag Back to School Info

A short presentation on getting the most out of SkoolBag in 2019.

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SkoolBag Back to School Info

  1. 1. 2019 Back to School Information Guide
  2. 2. Julian Ridden Head of Product Jannicke Climax School Success Manager Presented by
  3. 3. Contents 3 essential steps to getting your SkoolBag App in shape for the new term 2. How to increase parent engagement in 2019 Training Materials: The easiest way to get new staff up to speed Making the most of SkoolBag’s new features in Term 1
  4. 4. 3 essential steps to getting your SkoolBag App in shape ❏ Review your app settings prior to the new school term ❏ Update Content Groups for new Year Groups ❏ Ensure parents can find SkoolBag easily App Housekeeping
  5. 5. 3 steps to a more engaged school ❏ Empower staff members to use the new SkoolBag post-from-app feature ❏ Clarify your communication policy ❏ Prepare & schedule Back to School Posts Increasing engagement
  6. 6. Training Whether you’re a new staff member or just need a reminder on some of our features, we’re always here to help! ● Watch a our new video overview or Download an intro PDF ● Check out our Knowledge Base support articles, training materials & videos (link) ● Follow our YouTube channel, ● Book in a training session with one of our specialists (link) ● Submit a support request (link) ● Or, call us - we’re available to chat 9-5 Mon-Fri on 1300 661 031
  7. 7. If you haven’t already, you really need to check out these two new exciting features… Post to the app from anywhere (read more) School eNewsletter (read more)
  8. 8. 1,500,000,000+ Whoa! That’s a big number. Total number of notifications sent by customers since 2012..
  9. 9. Bring your school together in 2019!