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Tech Review: Supply Chain Modeling - Case Ponsse


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Reboot IoT Factory project conducts a supply chain modeling case study in co-operation between Ponsse Oyj, Åbo Akademi and University of Oulu. Results of supply chain modeling and simulations will be implemented to the Ponsse supply chain.

Published in: Engineering
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Tech Review: Supply Chain Modeling - Case Ponsse

  1. 1. Reboot IoT Factory Supply Chain Modeling – Case Ponsse Oyj Mikko Koho – Ponsse Oyj Henry Schwartz – Åbo Akademi Kaisu Välikangas – University of Oulu
  2. 2. Supply chain research plan 1. Mapping the current system 2. Pinpointing possible development areas Master’s Thesis: simulating different scenarios 3. Proposals for development areas 4. Implementing actions for improvement 5. Measuring the change
  3. 3. Supply chain (network) Material flow Movement of materials (inside and outside the companies) Information flow Movement of information and data Money flow Movement of money
  4. 4. Supply chain
  5. 5. Supply chain
  6. 6. Supply chain (scope) Focus / scope
  7. 7. Approach Rapid sketching (Gantt)  Swim lane -diagram Define the things to be improved
  8. 8. Possible actions for improvement  Simulation model helps to justify the best actions to be implemented  Actions (that would possibly lead to even problematic outcomes) can be tested in a safe environment with the aid of simulation  proposal for actions Improvement option 1 Outcome 1 Outcome 2
  9. 9. Measurement system 1. A measurement system is created 2. Possible actions are implemented at Ponsse and/or at supplier 3. The outcomes are measured and compared to previous system • Performance • Money • Other aspects to be measured