Broadband Infrastructure Project


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By Rebekah McColl

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Broadband Infrastructure Project

  1. 1. Broadband Infrastructure Project By Rebekah McColl
  2. 2. My Internet Ecosystem  I access the internet on my Smartphone on a daily bases using various Wifi connections available or by connecting to 3G.  I am on a 24 month contract with Vodafone which allows me have a certain amount of Data (500MB) free, per month, when I pay a set price of a monthly bill.
  3. 3. My Internet Ecosystem  I mostly use the Internet on my phone to access social network sites, check emails, bank details and public transport timetables.  I can connect to Wifi networks in public places where available, such as , at home, at I.A.D.T or on public transport etc.
  4. 4. My Vodafone Monthly Contract  Vodafone allows 500 Megabytes (MB) of free Data in the Vodafone Red Essentials monthly package.  I only use my MB where Wifi is not available, this requires connecting to 3G.  The amount of MB used is measured on what you are using your 3G for, not necessarily how much time you are spending on the internet.  (Roamline, 2012)
  5. 5. Megabytes  According to the website (2012), 250MB is estimated to allow you:  Browse the web (on simple sites) 2.500  Browse the web (on sites containing a lot of images) 750  Read plain emails 250.000  Read designed emails 500  Watching Youtube 0.5 h.  Call someone using Skype without camera 7.5 h.  Call someone using Skype with camera 1 h.  Using to your favourite music station 4 h.  Downloading/updating applications on your tablet 40 times
  6. 6. 3G  Where Wifi is not available I can connect to 3G.  3G stands for 3rd Generation, and is a mobile broadband.  '3G is a type of cellular network and connects to the internet where ever there is mobile phone service. This means its range is a lot wider than a wireless network'.  (The University of Sydney, 2013).
  7. 7. 3G The picture (above) shows how strong the 3G connection is in my area, Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin. (, 2013)
  8. 8. Broadband in Dun Laoghaire  Companies and technological options providing broadband access to the internet, available in Dun Laoghaire:  Imagine WiMax - Fixed Wireless  UPC - Fixed Wired (Fibre Optic)  Vodafone - Mobile (Satellite) broadband  Magnet - Cable broadband
  9. 9. What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?  Wireless broadband is also called Wifi.  It is a broadband connection to the internet that doesn't use cables.  'It is the connection between your computer and the router that is wireless, not the actual broadband connection itself.' (uSwitch, 2013).
  10. 10. What is Fixed Wireless Broadband?
  11. 11. Imagine WiMax  WiMax means Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access.  It is a fixed wireless broadband.  ‘It is a 4G wireless technology that operates over radio waves and transmits a signal from a high site to the WiMax device’.  It is Irelands largest wireless network and the number one alternative to Eircom.  (Imagine Communications Group, 2010).
  12. 12. Imagine WiMax Broadband Package  (Imagine Communications Group, 2010).
  13. 13. Imagine WiMax Coverage Map  (Imagine Communications Group, 2010).
  14. 14. Imagine WiMax Speed Test in Dun Laoghaire  (Imagine Communications Group, 2010).
  15. 15. What is Fixed Wired (Fibre Optic) Broadband?  'High-speed data transmission to homes and businesses using technologies such as T1, cable, DSL and FiOS. The term excludes the cellular data market, which is a mobile market'. (Davis, 2013).  'Fibre-optic broadband is transferred along special cables underground'. (uSwitch, n.d) .
  16. 16. UPC  UPC stands for Universal Philips Cable.  It is a pan-European telecommunications company owned by the European division of Liberty Global, Inc., the world’s leading international cable operator.  (UPC, n.d)
  17. 17. UPC  UPC is a fixed wired broadband, that brings television, broadband internet and telephone services to nearly 13.4 million people throughout 10 European countries.  UPC is mainly used for multimedia television.  (UPC, n.d)
  18. 18. The UPC Fibre Power Package 120  (uSwitch, 2013)
  19. 19. UPC Speed Test in Dun Laoghaire  (UPC, n.d)
  20. 20. The UPC Fibre Power Package  The Vice President of Sales & Marketing of UPC Ireland, Mark Coan (2013) said, 'By moving our entry speed to 120Mb we are delivering on this promise, with entry speeds faster than others’ fastest speeds'.  Above is a chart recording the speed increases of UPC from 2008-2013, taken from the UPC Ireland Twitter page.
  21. 21. What is Cable Broadband?  Most internet providers use basic telephone lines to connect to the internet.  Cable broadband allows customers use other cable lines specially laid out for a faster internet speed.  (uSwitch, 2013)
  22. 22. Magnet Networks  Magnet is a Cable broadband.  Magnet Networks is owned by Columbia Ventures Corporation (CVC).  It uses and runs its own network, so that customers have their own line and don't have to share with others.  This service is delivered through extensive fibre optic and copper access network.  (Magnet Networks Ltd, n.d)
  23. 23. Magnet Networks  (Magnet Networks Ltd., n.d)
  24. 24. Magnet Speed Test in Dun Laoghaire  (Magnet Networks Ltd., n.d)
  25. 25. Mobile (Satellite) Broadband  'Mobile broadband, either over a 3G or 4G network, is a way of accessing high speed internet via mobile devices on-the-go'. (uSwitch, 2013).  It is provided through a mobile phone signal.  It is available for smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers.
  26. 26. Mobile Broadband  Vodafone K5008 is a form of mobile broadband - a 4GB stick modem  This package includes:  42MB in speed  20GB in Downloads  A 12 month contract  For €29.99 per month  (uSwitch, 2013)
  27. 27. Vodafone Mobile Speed Test in Dun Laoghaire  (Vodafone Ltd., 2013)
  28. 28. Evaluating the Best Broadband Company for a Business  Here I compared UPC, Imagine WiMax, Magnet Networks and Vodafone Mobile broadband with one another to find the most fitting broadband service if I were to set up a business at home.  Factors considered :  Cost  Contract length  Speed  Download amount  Installation fee
  29. 29. Evaluation Chart Name Broadband Type Imagine UPC WiMax Fixed Wireless Fixed Wired broadband 10MB/512KB 50MB/5MB Speed download/upload Downloads Unlimited Extras Unlimited local and national calls Monthly Cost Contract Installation fee €19 12 months €100 30GB 150 minutes of free calls to any Irish mobiles, local, national and selected international fixed line destinations. €37 12 months €45 Vodafone Mobile Broadband 42MB Magnet Networks Cable broadband 24MB/1MB 20GB Unlimited Free Aertv – 16 basic channels €29.99 12 months Free €45 No contract €50
  30. 30. Chosen Broadband  I think that UPC is the most fitting broadband network package for a home business.  It has a moderate installation fee.  The monthly fee is only €37.  The speed of the internet access is very high.  There are 30GB of downloading available which is plenty.  You also receive 150 minutes of free calls.  As well as 16 free channels
  31. 31. To Conclude  For a small home business to successfully run there must be :  An affordable monthly fee  A strong internet connection  An adequate amount of downloading space  Free call minutes for business calls included  UPC meets all of these requirements
  32. 32. References 1. Coan, M. (2013). UPC Demonstrates Leadership through Internet Speed Lump; Fastest Home Broadband Provider in Ireland Launches Horizon 120MB service as a New Entry Tool. Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 2. Davis, Z. (2013). Definition of Fixed Broadband. Encyclopedia. Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 3. Imagine Communications Group. (2013). Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 4. Magnet Networks Ltd. (n.d). Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 5. McIntosh, A. (2012, June 28). Fixed Wireless Broadband. [Video file]. Video posted to ( 6. Roamline. (2012). Tips on data usage: how much is a MB? Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 7. The University of Sydney. (2013). What is the Difference Between Wifi and 3G? Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 8. UPC. (n.d). Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 9. uSwitch Ireland. (n.d). Retrieved October 29, 2013, from ( 10. Vodafone Ltd. (2013). Retrieved October 29, 2013, from (