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Reblogr deck with notes

  1. 1. reblogging for any platformContact:Kristopher 1
  2. 2. missionReblogr will create a smarterapproach to content creationdesigned specifically forprolific bloggers andweb publishers. 2
  3. 3. summary Reblogr lets bloggers publish more efficiently by connecting their content discovery readers directly to their publishing platforms. Reblogr eliminates tedious processes, allowing publishers to concentrate on discovering and writing new content. Prototype tested with 20+ influential bloggers.20 influential bloggers participated in our alpha prototype preview. All recognizedthe value of the product to publishers and want to try Reblogr on their blog fordaily usage once the beta version is complete. 3
  4. 4. team Rommel Santor. Director Software Development, IT Director, IT Consultant, Kristopher Maske. Founder of blog network. 4
  5. 5. problemThe Blogging Grind. Web publishers spend theirday discovering, formatting, linking, sourcing, andwriting new content on repeat.Mainstream RSS readers and content aggregatorsare designed for information consumption, notcontent creation. 5
  6. 6. solutionSingle post conversion demo. Convert found content to your own in one click.Test the prototype at using our demo blog. Login to Reblogr( with username: alpha and password: preview. Login to theReblogr Demo Blog ( with username: alphaand password: preview. Must be logged into both for preview to function properly. 6
  7. 7. solution (cont.)Link dump automation demo screenshots. Auto convert saved posts to linkdumps.Test the prototype at using our demo blog. Login to Reblogr( with username: alpha and password: preview. Login to theReblogr Demo Blog ( with username: alphaand password: preview. Must be logged into both for preview to function properly. 7
  8. 8. technologyHave developed alpha SaaS prototype.Will develop dead simple install for customizing,importing, formatting, and personalizing.Will further enhance anddevelop new functionalitiesto create efficiencies andmeet user needs. 8
  9. 9. marketing Customers will find Reblogr through strategic invites, word of mouth, branding on automated posts, and tech blog write-ups. Blogger Statistics (per Technorati): – Over 1MM Active Blogs – Pro bloggers blog more than 10 hours per week – Bloggers spend 22 hours per week using applications – Wordpress is used by 50% of non-hobbyist bloggers – 87% of bloggers use photos most in their postsReblogr is naturally viral as bloggers are early adopters we can engage withbeta invites and product involvement. Smaller blogs will follow.Blogger statistics gathered from Technorati’s 2010 “State of theBlogosphere” ( ) 9
  10. 10. sales Reblogr Basic will be free. Reblogr Pro will be a charged product ($5-$10/mo.) with increased customizable options for single blogs. Reblogr Enterprise will be a charged product for network/multi-author blogs.Based on the Disqus comment platform freemium model( 10
  11. 11. competition Multiple RSS readers/content aggregators currently available but are losing popularity due to Twitter and Facebook. Bloggers use RSS for content discovery but no major readers/content aggregators are designed specifically for them. Competitors could attempt to develop similar product but motivation may not be there.“Twitter and Facebook Really Are Killing RSS”( of our alpha test group considered themselves active RSS reader users (allprimarily used Google Reader).We view Google Reader, Wordpress, Tumblr, and Zemanta as our largestexisting competitors/threats, although we feel none would develop a directcompeting product.Google would unlikely change their mainstream reader or launch a new to meetonly blogger needs.Wordpress could develop a reblogging tool for new versions of their platform butit would not be available on all platforms and Wordpress encourages third partyplugin development ( offers reblogging but it is only for use on Tumblr.Zemanta ( is a browser add-on concentrating oncontent “enrichment” and not on content discovery, although it is possible thatthey adopt a new strategy. 11
  12. 12. conclusionAt this early seed stage we aim to raise $50K in order todevelop a functioning and marketable beta, strategicallyinvite influential bloggers, create buzz, garner feedback,and further develop the product.We believe this amount will sustain us through at least 6months of costs, allow us to build solid infrastructure,establish a customer base, and complete the majorenhancements for the launch of Reblogr Pro.We plan to launch Reblogr Beta in June 2011. 12