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  1. 1. reblogging for any platformContact:Kristopher
  2. 2. missionReblogr will create a smarterapproach to content creationdesigned specifically forprolific bloggers andweb publishers.
  3. 3. summaryReblogr lets bloggers publish more efficiently byconnecting their content discovery readersdirectly to their publishing platforms.Reblogr eliminates tedious processes, allowingpublishers to concentrate on discovering andwriting new content.Prototype tested with20+ influential bloggers.
  4. 4. team Rommel Santor. Director Software Development, IT Director, IT Consultant, Kristopher Maske. Founder of blog network.
  5. 5. problemThe Blogging Grind. Web publishers spend theirday discovering, formatting, linking, sourcing, andwriting new content on repeat.Mainstream RSS readers and content aggregatorsare designed for information consumption, notcontent creation.
  6. 6. solution
  7. 7. solution (cont.)
  8. 8. technologyHave developed alpha SaaS prototype.Will develop dead simple install for customizing,importing, formatting, and personalizing.Will further enhance anddevelop new functionalitiesto create efficiencies andmeet user needs.
  9. 9. marketingCustomers will find Reblogr through strategicinvites, word of mouth, branding on automatedposts, and tech blog write-ups.Blogger Statistics (per Technorati):– Over 1MM Active Blogs– Pro bloggers blog more than 10 hours per week– Bloggers spend 22 hours per week using applications– Wordpress is used by 50% of non-hobbyist bloggers– 87% of bloggers use photos most in their posts
  10. 10. salesReblogr Basic will be free.Reblogr Pro will be a chargedproduct ($5-$10/mo.) withincreased customizable optionsfor single blogs.Reblogr Enterprise will be acharged product fornetwork/multi-author blogs.
  11. 11. competitionMultiple RSS readers/contentaggregators currently availablebut are losing popularity dueto Twitter and Facebook.Bloggers use RSS for content discovery but nomajor readers/content aggregators are designedspecifically for them.Competitors could attempt to develop similarproduct but motivation may not be there.
  12. 12. conclusionAt this early seed stage we aim to raise $50K in order todevelop a functioning and marketable beta, strategicallyinvite influential bloggers, create buzz, garner feedback,and further develop the product.We believe this amount will sustain us through at least 6months of costs, allow us to build solid infrastructure,establish a customer base, and complete the majorenhancements for the launch of Reblogr Pro.We plan to launch Reblogr Beta in June 2011.