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Rebel Researchers at Oxford University!


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The Rebel Research present some of their findings at Oxford University

Published in: News & Politics
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Rebel Researchers at Oxford University!

  1. 1. Hands up if; - You think young people feel they’re being heard about to issues that are important to them? - If you think young people want to be involved in politics?
  2. 2. By Zeynep Merve Yanar
  3. 3. We are a group of young people from Inner London. We are here to represent the other ten members of the group. We are carrying out a peer group research project on how young people (aged 11-19) understand politics and express their political agency. We will present our findings, which were obtained from the focus groups we carried out, on how young people define and understand politics, and where they express their views towards politics.
  4. 4. By Zeynep Merve Yanar
  5. 5. Research Questions and Aims Methods Findings Reflection Contacts Questions and Answers
  6. 6. By Zeynep Merve
  7. 7. Our research aim is to understand how young people comprehend ‘politics’ and express this political agency by asking the questions:  How do you define politics?  What aspects of politics, if any, interest you? We have analysed our findings on the research considering different points of views from teenagers that have different ethnicity, backgrounds, ages and genders. These findings show how they intend their political voices to be heard.
  8. 8. By Mehria Fazli
  9. 9. Focus Groups In the focus group our main focus were in East London. In the focus groups we had young people aged (13-19). We managed to do 5 focus groups. From theses focus groups we recorded and got everyone's consent with their parents consent as well. Surveys We will do the surveys next. This is part of our research plan and its another method we are using.
  10. 10. By: Mehria
  11. 11. 1. Speaking & being heard are very different things Participants felt that speaking and being heard were different thing Participants felt they had the chance to speak however they were not being heard Young people want to get involved in politics, if they’re heard
  12. 12. Known unknown young people stated that they did not know much about Politics During the focus group they showed knowledge on politics. For Example: Some who participated in the focus group said: “Don’t really know much about politics, its boring, not particularly interesting’ then went on to say ‘I’m a black young person and I’m like, I live in Hackney, and I like the Labour party, but I do think that certain types of groups and compositions that benefit from certain parties more. I feel like upper class people benefit more from the Conservatives, lower class people benefit more from Labour, hence the name Labour, so yeah’
  13. 13. 'For some young people, there was a more passionate interest in the politics of 'homelands'. They are interested in politics of their homeland Half of participants were interested in the politics of their homeland, while others were interested in the politics of here science/6-a-382007
  14. 14. By: Mehria
  15. 15. Personal details: Via Blog details: Our blog can also be visited for more information on the research project. The blog also consists of contact details for further questions or queries:
  16. 16. You may ask any questions if you wish
  17. 17. The research group was initially organised. The research questions were selected by the members of the research group. It was made sure that the meetings ran smoothly and everything was covered. Focus groups were organised and moderated by the group members. reflections-glows-and-blurs--webdesign-6294