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Power Saturday 2019 Paris - Spice up your SharePoint list with PowerApps forms

Slide deck of the session I presented at Power Saturday in Paris.

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Power Saturday 2019 Paris - Spice up your SharePoint list with PowerApps forms

  1. 1. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 Power Saturday Spice Up your SharePoint list with PowerApps Forms Rebekka Aalbers
  2. 2. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 14 et 15 juin 2019, Paris Power Saturday
  3. 3. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 3 communautés pour partager, échanger et apprendre Power BI, Data, IA, Power Platform, Office 365, SharePoint, etc.
  4. 4. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 Merci à nos sponsors http:// Silver Bronze Gold
  5. 5. Rebekka Aalbers Technology Consultant
  6. 6. Power User Familiar with Modern Lists A little or no experience with PowerApps Not afraid to work with formulas
  7. 7. Agenda SharePoint list forms options • PowerApps forms for SharePoint • PowerApps building blocks • Working with formulas What is PowerApps? • How to create a PowerApps form • How to modify a PowerApps form • Administration DEMO • Limitations • Tips • Questions Wrap up
  8. 8. SharePoint List forms options
  9. 9. Classic list Form options • Default forms • InfoPath forms • SharePoint designer forms • Third party options • Custom developed forms
  10. 10. Modern list Form options • Default forms • InfoPath forms • SharePoint designer forms • Third party options • Custom developed forms • Custom forms met PowerApps
  11. 11. Reasons to change the form Showing or hiding fields based on conditions Making fields optional or required based on conditions You do not like the default lay out You want to show data from other sources in the forms. …
  12. 12.  Truly WYSIWYG – full control over user experience, use it as you build it  Create app logic with familiar Excel-like expressions  Mash up data from multiple sources right at the app level Easy Authoring
  13. 13. Cloud and on-premises connectivity  Built-in connectivity to 200+ cloud services, files, databases, web APIs, etc.  Seamless hybrid connectivity to on- premises systems via the On- Premises Data Gateway  Build custom connectors for everyone to leverage
  14. 14. Customize, extend, and build all the apps you need Seamless Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure integration along with connectors to more than 200 data sources Immersive, end-to-end solutions
  15. 15. Your list form = a PowerApps canvas app running in the context of the SharePoint-list
  16. 16. Why use a PowerApps form instead of a stand alone PowerApp?
  17. 17. Is your starting point a SharePoint list? Do you like the list functionality? Why rebuild?!
  18. 18. What this means Show or hide fields or make read only based on logic Multi screen forms with step-wise guidence to enter data Multimedia capabilities in your form Conditional formatting Get data from multiple sources And more…
  19. 19. Building blocks Controls UI Building blocks Text input Label Media Forms Buttons … Properties Update working of control Text formatting Color Size & Position Value Actions … Formulas Building your logic Excel like Filter() Search() SubmitForm() Navigate() …
  20. 20. PowerApps Syntax Function(property, property, …); Function (property, property,…)
  21. 21. Example Region/ Language code Formula en-US Set( Number , 0.5 ) ; Navigate( Screen2, Fade ) fr-FR nl-NL Set( Number ; 0,5 ) ;; Navigate( Screen2 ; Fade )
  22. 22. Limits & Bounderies
  23. 23. •No acces (YET!) to PowerApps form for guest users •Delegation limitations •No easy export of PowerApps forms •Does not work from within the SharePoint mobile app. •…
  24. 24. Tips
  25. 25. Use naming format for controls, variables and collections Example 3 lettercode representing control or datatype + description + screen Control codes: • Gallery > gal • Textbox > txt • Label > lbl • Image > img • … Data in memory codes: • Local/Context variable > loc • Global variable > glb • Collection > col
  26. 26. Copy controls + configuration between forms in design mode
  27. 27. Store (versioning) info about your form in a hidden screen
  28. 28. Do not forget! Language/ Region code Decimal delimiter Properties in function delimiter Functions in formula delimiter en-US . , ; de-DE nl-NL , ; ;;
  29. 29. Resources Microsoft documentation about list forms with PowerApps US/powerapps/maker/canvas- apps/customize-list-form PowerApps formula and control reference US/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/formula-reference US/powerapps/maker/canvas-apps/reference-properties PowerApps community erApps-Community/ct-p/PowerApps1 PowerApps & Flow space in the SharePoint Community on the Microsoft Tech Community site owerApps-Flow/bd-p/PowerAppFlow Documentation of all available connectors for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Logic Apps. us/connectors/ Blog describing how to export and import a PowerApps form to a different list. en/office-365-en/powerapps-en/importing- powerapps-package-as-a-sharepoint-list- form/
  30. 30. BE CREATIVE!
  31. 31. Contact me Email Twitter @RebekkaAalbers Blog
  32. 32. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 Evaluations
  33. 33. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 SketchNoteofthesessionby@LuiseFreese
  34. 34. @ClubPowerBI @aosComm @GUSS_FRANCEPower Saturday 2019 Merci!