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How to Marie Kondo your seo



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Working in this industry can feel like a whirlwind at times. Whether you are working through a Google update or struggling to improve revenue regardless of positive rankings, implementing the KonMarie method to your SEO can help you strip back aspects of your strategy that aren't working and find fresh avenues to focus on for even better results.

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How to Marie Kondo your seo

  1. 1. How to Marie Kondo your SEO Rebekah Dunne | Victorian Plumbing @RebekahDunne
  2. 2. Who is Marie Kondo?
  3. 3. What is the KonMarie method?
  4. 4. Why is the KonMarie method important to SEO?
  5. 5. What has worked in the past?
  6. 6. Categories + Search Terms
  7. 7. Tools available
  8. 8. Put your top-navigation search terms into Google Trends
  9. 9. Ask the PPC team to help
  10. 10. Put Every. Single. Search Term into Answer the Public
  11. 11. Say WHAT?????
  12. 12. Query related search term Potential guides & advice pieces Problem related search term Interest related search terms How do you do this? Here is how you do thisMy ____ is ____ Ideas on ___ How do you do that? Here is how you do that My ____ is ____ _____ ideas What is this? If you want this, then do that ____ not working How does a ____ work What is that? Best way to _____ ____ repair ___ explained
  13. 13. URL Primary Search Term (inc. search volume) Secondary search terms (inc. search volume) Tertiary search terms (inc. search volume) www.homepage www.service-one www.service-one-sub-cat-one www.service-one-sub-cat-two www.service-one-sub-cat-two www.service-two www.service-two-sub-cat-one www.service-two-sub-cat-two www.service-two-sub-cat-three www.service-three www.service-three-sub-cat-one www.service-three-sub-cat-two Create a keyword skeleton
  14. 14. Backlinks
  15. 15. Tools available
  16. 16. Access your backlink profile via Majestic or Ahrefs.
  17. 17. Look at each link as if it were for the first time
  18. 18. Categorise your backlinks
  19. 19. Put together a phased removal plan
  20. 20. Backlink breakdown
  21. 21. Put together a visual representation of your backlink profile
  22. 22. Competitors
  23. 23. Tools available
  24. 24. Using your brand new search terms, throw them into Google and look at the top search results.
  25. 25. Put four of your competitors into Moz’s Open Site Explorer.
  26. 26. Example
  27. 27. Put the same four competitors into SEMrush and navigate to the ‘organic research positions’
  28. 28. Example
  29. 29. Now you have a stripped back backlink profile
  30. 30. Now you have a better understanding of search terms with user intent
  31. 31. Now you have a solid understanding of your market
  32. 32. Now you have Marie Kondo’d your SEO