The future of marketing and advertising


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The future of marketing and advertising

  1. 1. The Future OfMarketing andAdvertisingBy Hiba Hassan and Rebekah Dower
  2. 2. • We see advertisements everyday• We get bombarded with them• From T.V. to billboard to phone calls• Change is nearer than we think though• The future of marketing has its benefits and difficulties• Also, Viral Marketing what will the future hold for it?The Future of Marketing
  3. 3. Simplicity of Marketing in the Future play the most important role• The Internet will• 2.1 billion people actively used the internet last year• It is able to reach the missives easierFor Example:• Web 2.0 is a great way to reach people -Web 2.0 is defined as sharing. A people toother people conversation model. -People can communicate back and forthabout the produce -Advertisements can be unique to eachperson• There are also e-mail, search engines, etc…
  4. 4. Cheaper Marketing• The cost of advertising on the internet is cheaper than T.V. or Telemarketing• Setting up a website is cheap and needs a small group of designers• With the uses of social medias -Word of mouth is FREE -setting up a Facebook page or Twitter is FREE -Making a video on YouTube is FREE
  5. 5. • We are bombarded by commercials and telemarketers• We have no choice• On the internet people have choice if they want to see the ad• People use social networking to see if products companies are promoting are true• People trust real user’s opinions more• Here is a link from Patrick Dixon. He tells how social media marketing is more trusted and less invasive Benefit: Non-invasive
  6. 6. • The advertisement should appeal to specific interest• You can make sure that your ad appears to the customers who are interested in you• Your search on search engines bring up ads that fit your search• With social networks ads change with what you post It’s Personal
  7. 7. • With phones, lap tops, and tablets the internet can go everywhere• People can view ads and websites on the goThe Mobile Market
  8. 8. • Rich Media Ad is defined as an ad that allows the viewer to interact• It could be a game that the consumer can play and learn about the product• The experience is more positive• Here is a link to a video giving an example of an interactive advertisement for a new car Media Ad
  9. 9. • First the big corporations will have to change their mindset• With worldwide use of the internet and millions on social media the T.V. commercials and billboard will not be enough• New designer teams with new thinking will be neededDifficulties of the Future
  10. 10. • When you want to air your T.V. commercial you must buy air space• With the internet you are no longer buying space, you are buying audiences• Appealing to the audience is your challenge• Here is a video for a TV channel in Belgium that has millions of views on YouTube. It is more popular than if it were only aired on T.V. 6AzLYfAzw You Still have to Buy
  11. 11. • Lastly counterfeiting will be a problem• It is hard to know what is real and what is not• An example today of counterfeiting over the internet is the Pinterest Spammer• The Spammer was able to make $1000 a day from the Pinterest site• People would press a button that said that they were buying off site, but the referral fee would go to the Spammer Counterfeiting
  12. 12. • Counterfeiting online last year cost $134 Billion• Social media sites now are trying their best to filter what ads they advertise• Facebook is a good example of thisThe Fight
  13. 13. VIRAL MARKETINGWhat it will be in the Future? Andhow it will impact people
  14. 14. Objectives• To understand the process of viral marketing• Advantages of viral marketing• Observe the usefulness of viral marketing• What role does it play and how it impacts our future
  15. 15. What is Viral Marketing?• Refers to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increase in brand awareness or product sales through self-replicating viral processes.• It can be delivered by word of mouth• Enhances network effects of the internet
  16. 16. • Facilitates and encourages people to pass along a marketing message voluntarily.• It spreads in the form of video clips, eBooks, brand able software, images or text messages
  17. 17. • Pass-along- A short note sent to other internet users and it is usually attached to the footer of the electronic message- for instance• Buzz Marketing- Involves celebrities endorsing or discussing products and experiences with a hint of controversy.Types of Viral Marketing
  18. 18. • Incentive Viral- It calls the users to take action in order to be rewarded• Undercover Marketing- It is disguised as an unusual page or piece of news without obvious link citationsTypes
  19. 19. • Enhanced Customer List-It’s not the quantity of your customers but the quality that decides your business. Every loyal customers added helps enhancing the viral marketing list.• Remarkable Growth in Comparatively Lesser Time- It is contagious, as it spreads everywhere and also affects your sales and profit.Advantages
  20. 20. • More Credibility- Essentially works on personal recommendations, well known to new people because of friends and network suggestion. As a result, you get greater noise, and remarkable buzz about your products among the masses.
  21. 21. • Better Visibility- After it being recommended, shared, commented upon and discussed among the audiences, creates a better buzz which leads to greater visibility.• Cuts your promotional costs- Cuts down your promotional costs due to enough visibility and buzz around the internet.
  22. 22. - Cuts down advertising expenses as advertising Is done by the recommendations of existing audiences.
  23. 23. A carefully structured viral marketing strategy that incorporates the various elements of viral marketing can create multiple small ripples across cyberspace that spread your message far and wide. Viral marketing efforts will gain strength if they have a good balance of the following elements:• Free products and services are a powerful means of acquiring attraction. If you are prepared for some delayed but substantial gratification, then consider offering freebies to generate interest and information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and opportunities for building contacts.• Understand that human urges are the prime drivers of the viral marketing phenomenon. You need to tap into these so that your efforts can generate the desirable impact. Impacts of Viral Marketing
  24. 24. • Transmit your message so that it appeals to the motivations, desires, and even greed of your audience.• Viral marketing works so fast and so well because there are a lot of other people working willingly to promote another person’s message. So, use these networks. Forums, emails, blogs, videos, and the like can carry your message. If your message has appeal, then there’s a real army of helpful motivators to spread the word on your behalf.
  25. 25. • Social Media and viral marketing are virtually connected. The success of social media — in allowing people to gather in groups of mutual interest and to share what’s meaningful in their lives — is really the foundation of viral communication.• In terms of viral marketing, we’ve seen that people will happily pass along your marketing as long as: 1) the content is entertaining and 2) the message is genuine.• The first challenge is to create the outstanding content without that nothing else would work.• Find the right “neighbourhood” where your message will find the desired crowd.• Using these analytics, engagement needs to be quantified to determine the success of our communication and media strategy and to tweak it as necessary.What’s the Future of ViralMarketing?
  26. 26. • By putting these elements together, we will get a winning viral marketing .• With social media, anyone can run at least a mildly successful viral marketing campaign.• Bloggers are even getting into the act, using social media outlets to market themselves across all platforms, with no product to sell besides sage advice and videos of their families. Viral Marketing started out as a cheap and viable way to spread the word about a product or idea, and it continues to do the same. The method has been altered to accept new tools and processes and we’ve adapted along with it to use those tools and respond to them.
  27. 27. • Viral message is not only about getting some one to interact with a message, it needs to be viral- it needs have a pass along effect.• It’s viral components is encouraging individuals to pass on a marketing message to others.• Cuts down the promotional advertising costs due to enough visibility and buzz around the internet.Summary
  28. 28. • Like viruses, it takes advantage of rapid multiplication to explode the message to thousands or even millions.
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