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Different types of lines


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Published in: Education
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Different types of lines

  1. 1. Different types of lines By: Rebecca Van Nelson
  2. 2. Curvilinear and geometrical lines I see a number of lines including vertical & horizontal but predominantly curvilinear and geometrical. This drawing is very abstract but also has a lot of depth. It’s beautiful.
  3. 3. Horizontal Lines in poetry
  4. 4. Railway line Railway lines are usually straight with a few curves.
  5. 5. Vertical - Movement These lines lead your eyes into an almost round movement. It almost looks as though the vertical lines are going around in a circle.
  6. 6. Vertical Lines One immediately notices the vertical lines in the poles but the flow of the horizontal lines (in the sunset and the water) are also visible.
  7. 7. Silhouette outline
  8. 8. Organic and straight lines In this drawing there are many straight lines and the curved lines makes certain areas stand out.
  9. 9. Vertical lines & organic lines This is my absolute favourite, it shows you how you can make a picture pop and become real just by adding lines to a drawing.
  10. 11. Curvilinear lines
  11. 12. Lines in trees
  12. 14. Geometrical & Curvilinear Lines
  13. 15. Rectilinear, Vertical & Horizontal lines This is amazing, so symmetrical. The frames of the walls are all vertical and horizontal, perfectly straight.
  14. 16. Straight and zig zag lines.
  15. 17. Curvilinear Lines
  16. 21. Straight lines – vertical and horizontal
  17. 22. Horizontal Lines Birds sitting on (horizontal) electric lines
  18. 23. Curvilinear These lines go round spiraling and carrying your eyes with the flow of the staircase.
  19. 24. Spiral Lines on a sea shell
  20. 25. Jagged Lines
  21. 26. Perspective lines
  22. 27. Arabesque
  23. 28. Conclusion <ul><li>Working on this assignment made me realize that lines are everywhere we go, everywhere we look. </li></ul><ul><li>It’s amazing when you can distinguish the different kinds of lines, it definitely makes you appreciate it more. </li></ul>