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Film genres

  1. 1. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF HORROR FILMS PROPS In horror films, particularly gore based horror films like Hostel and Saw, props like knives, guns, chainsaws and other scary and harmful weapons are regularly featured. Even just the thought of what kind of pain could be inflicted by these props is enough to strike fear in most people, therefore the more harmful props used, the better, in terms of creating an effective horror film. Another thing featured in almost all horror films is blood, which is very effective in horror films. LOCATIONS The types of locations used in horror films are often very dark and eery. For example, haunted houses are usually always shot in dark lighting, with a lot of shadows etc. The outdoors is often used, particularly abandoned areas and woods. Whether these areas are left abandoned looking, suitable for ghost activity, or whether they are set up with hospital type torture equipment, abandoned and dark places are usually featured in horror films CHARACTER TYPES Horror films often feature a villian (eg. The torturer, the ghost, the killer etc) who are usually kept quite mysterious, we don’t often see the character and when we do it is very briefly and often dark. This makes the character seem more scary and threatening because we don’t often know what they are doing. There is often also a main character, who usually survives. Other characters are usually other victims who soon die. EDITING PACE The editing pace of horror films is almost always very fast, jumping from one shot to another very quickly, more so as the tension builds up. This makes the audience jump, making the film more thrilling. MUSIC The music used is usually very eery and scary, often very quiet and just playing along in the background until the build up. I think the music, along with the sound effects, are the most important part of horror films as they really set the mood. SOUND EFFECTS The sound effects are often very loud and sudden. In a lot of horror films a high pitched sqeaking horrible noise is used in tense situation, which sounds very sinister and scary.
  2. 2. HOW I COULD USE THE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF HORROR FILMS IN MY OWN WORK I think the horror genre could work very well for my own work, as the conventions I have discussed previously are all fairly simple, yet very effective. Horror films don’t necessarily require a big budget to create, as proved with films like paranormal activity, and it is often the case that these cheaper made films are the most scary if they seen home movie like. All that is really required is actors, dark locations, sinister music and sound effects, props and fake blood. Access to these things is fairly easy and simple, and I think it could be very effective as a finished product.
  3. 3. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF COMEDY FILMS PROPS Comedy films are less predictable in terms of props, location etc, as they all tend to be quite different. However, on a whole, alcohol is often a very useful and regularly used prop in comedy. It can make characters even funnier, doing things that they wouldn’t normally do, and not only can it be funny when the character is drunk, but also the after effects can be funny (eg, The Hangover) LOCATIONS The locations used in comedy films could be pretty much anywhere. One location often featured in comedy films is Las Vegas, which links back to alcohol being used as a prop in comedy. Generally though, fairly simple and average locations are used in comedy films, such as towns, cities, schools, offices etc. For a comedy film to work it isn’t absolutely vital that a big budget location is used. CHARACTER TYPES In comedy films there is usually one character who is the stupid funny one (Alan in the Hangover) and these characters usually add most the humour to the film. There is then often the main character with a group of other fairly important characters too. EDITING PACE The editing pace is usually just average throughout comedy films, unless there is points of action or tension, when it will usually speed up. MUSIC There is usually a soundtrack of music to comedy films, playing at different points through the film. The music is usually quite upbeat and fun, reflecting the mood of a comedy film. SOUND EFFECTS In some comedy films there is usually sound effects added in some situations, such as when somebody falls over, or gets hit etc.
  4. 4. HOW I COULD USE THE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF COMEDY FILMS IN MY OWN WORK I think for my own work comedy would be quite difficult to portray through a trailer. It would be a challenge to find actors who immediately come across as being funny, and it would also be hard to fit enough funny sayings and clips into a short trailer. Also when creating a poster, there is the possibility that the film may not come across as a comedy, and instead come across as a drama, as there isn’t as much specific comedy conventions like there is for a genre such as horror.
  5. 5. FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF ACTION FILMS PROPS Action films typically feature weapons like guns, bombs, cars, helicopters etc. This would make it very difficult to re create an action film trailer on a small budget as they typically involve explosions and car chases LOCATIONS I’d say action films are usually located in cities as that is usually where most of the action takes place. These type of films also regularly move from country to country. CHARACTER TYPES There is usually the tough real main character, who usually has a group of other around them, for example like in the expendables. There is often always a villain or the main characters enemy too, who will usually be killed at the end of the of the movie. Women often regularly feature as people who need to be saved or as a love interest, however it is a growing trend that women can also be the main characters in action films (Wanted, Sucker Punch) EDITING PACE The editing pace is usually pretty average in speed most of the time in action films, then speeding up drastically when it comes to tense fight scenes. Slow motion is often used too, making it very effective and tense. MUSIC The soundtrack to action films is usually very loud, generally kind of rock music, usually angry music. The music is usually fast paced and upbeat, reflecting the action that is taking place in the film. I think out of most genres, music is most important in action films as it really makes the audience feel like they are part of the action SOUND EFFECTS Obviously in action films there is the sound effects of guns and explosions involved, which are very important to the film as they shock the audience.
  6. 6. HOW I COULD USE THE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF ACTION FILMS IN MY OWN WORK Action would be the most difficult genre of film to re create in my coursework, as they generally require a very very big budget in order to make them effective. They involve guns, cars, explosions and usually different countries, which is obviously something we couldn’t do. Without all of these things it is possible that the trailer wouldn’t come across as being an action film trailer, and this would not be good.