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10th anniversary – marketing activity


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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10th anniversary – marketing activity

  1. 1. 10 Anniversary – Marketing th Activity Rebecca Claydon
  2. 2. The Big 10!
  3. 3. Social Media• Getting our message out on a platform where supporters already are• Utilise the current social media channels• Make content engaging
  4. 4. Blog• A platform to showcase the past 10 years, in detail• Share the blog through other social media platforms
  5. 5. Facebook• Add Facebook link to website homepage• Ask fans to recommend page to 10 people• Create bespoke cover images• Encourage uploads of Stockton images for photo competition
  6. 6. Twitter• Use #awayout10 on all twitter activity• Thank you tweets for donations and supporters• Ask advocates to tweet surrounding the 10th Anniversary activity
  7. 7. You Tube• Behind the scenes videos of celebration preparation• Interviews with clients• 10 influential people from Stockton advocating A Way Out• Link to these videos through other social networks
  8. 8. Pinterest• Continue to use it for fundraising ideas• Link to pictures of items donated by businesses
  9. 9. PR & Communication• Prepare PR schedule that highlights key dates from the past 10 years• Public exhibition – with key moments of last 10 years, displayed in 10 different venue around Stockton• Media preview and VIP event for first exhibition opening
  10. 10. Competition & Print• Set up photo competition and launch through local press• Encourage partners and supporters to advocate the competition and submit their own photos• Top 10 images will be chosen as postcard cover images
  11. 11. Thank YouAny Questions?