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Patrol from Zendelity, Functional Overview Dec 4th 2017


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Patrol from Zendelity enables the creation and management of security plans, covering day to day responsibilities and emergency action planning.
* Create patrol routes to monitor all points of interest: High or low traffic areas, crime or hazard prevention, task verification or functional performance, etc.
* Create emergency actions plans to ensure team members know exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.
* Monitor adherence to plan in real-time to ensure execution.
* Alert management in real-time to incidents or issues that need to be addressed.
* Monitor compliance and support investigations with detailed historical reports.

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Patrol from Zendelity, Functional Overview Dec 4th 2017

  1. 1. Hospitality, simplified. Command Center Patrol In Action
  2. 2. Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail 1. Identify all potential points of safety or security issues • Plan customized patrol routes, based on time of day, situation or type of emergency or safety risk 2. Monitor execution, highlight anomalies • Proactively identify potential issues • Reduce response time 3. Report Incidents, suspicious activity, potential safety or maintenance concerns in real-time • Ensure they are actioned • Improve response time 4. Measure and Manage • Identify areas for improvement • Report on compliance
  3. 3. Guest & Staff Communications Safety & Security Operational Efficiency Ensure that the right information is in the right persons hands. Avoid Miscommunication Do more with less, perform in a consistent and efficient manner. Reduce Inefficiency Monitor execution against plan, improve response time. Minimize the Risk Meet the Challenge Head On, Exceed Expectations Command Center Messenger Operations HubPatrol
  4. 4. Command Center Messenger Patrol Operations Hub Need to know about it? • Wake-up call • Available spa treatment • Missed wake-up call • Staff reminder • Fire alarm, Door/window ajar, Fridge open • Equipment malfunction • IT system issues • Etc. The Potential to Delivers Value Across the Entire Operation Need to monitor it? • Security routes • After hours • Pools • Shut down procedures • Emergency response plans • Equipment quality checks • Special events • Etc. Need it done? • Guest service request • Housekeeping • Valet • Room service • Maintenance • Catering • Audio visual • Event Set-up / tear-down • Etc.
  5. 5. Command Center, Patrol
  6. 6. Command Center, Patrol Checkpoint “Service Doors” Checkpoint “Pathways” Checkpoint “ Tennis Court” Checkpoint “Floors” Checkpoint “Pools” Checkpoint “Conference Rooms”
  7. 7. 1.Define your Checkpoints 3.Create a action plan based on business rules 4. Execute the plan 5. Monitor and report on execution. 2.Define who needs to be notified, how and when Command Center, Patrol How it Works……. 5 Easy Steps
  8. 8. Guard Assigned and Accepts/Starts Route Alert Guard Notified of Next Checkpoint Event Guard arrives at checkpoint & scans QR Code, RFID chip to identify status Use Case: After Hours Patrol Event Guard identifies an incident • Route Paused • Event Reported (description, photo) • Guard Resumes Route Historical Reporting For reference as required. Alert Real-time status reported via text, voice, email Command Center, Patrol
  9. 9. Side Benefit! Make the checkpoints work for you! Patrol Checkpoints, Do Double Duty 1. Track & monitor safety and security checkpoints 2. Used to share information with guests • Upsell/cross sell services • Hours of operation • Specials
  10. 10. Messenger Patrol Operations Hub • Guest and Staff Messaging • Broadcast Messaging • Campaign Messaging • Operational Alerts • Automate the assignment and communication of tasks • Create and Assign Tasks/ Routes • iOS Mobile Patrol App. • Real-time Incident Management • Voice Prompts in 7 Languages • PMS Integration • API for Application Integration • Historical Reporting • Monitoring Dashboard • Alerts (email, SMS, Voice, DECT) Management Platform Improve communications, safety, security and operational efficiency. Deliver a superior guest experience. Quality Assurance Program Professional Services Command Center
  11. 11. QR Code/RFID Checkpoint Creation Creation of checkpoints made simple. 1. Create 2. Print 3. Deploy  Eliminate the requirement for expensive hardware per checkpoint  Create checkpoint previously not possible Command Center, Patrol
  12. 12. Command Center, Patrol Web Based Route Creation  Creation of routes made simple. • Define based on business rules • Drag and drop checkpoints • Edit as required
  13. 13. Command Center, Patrol Mobile Application Route Execution  Easily initiate patrol routes on a per user level 1. Login 2. Select Route. 3. Follow checkpoint guidance. 4. Check-in by simply scanning QR code at applicable checkpoint. 5. Report incidents, or declare emergency as required. 6. Complete route.
  14. 14. Command Center, Patrol Real-time Incident Reports Document incidents while running a route from the Mobile Application. 1. Report. 2. Add incident details. 3. Add a photo if necessary. 4. Submit. 5. Return to route. Report details along with any photos will be available from the Patrol Web Management interface.
  15. 15. Command Center, Patrol Web Based Real-time Monitoring • Monitor routes currently in progress from the web dashboard. • Receive alerts via eMail, SMS, Phone • Based on route status • Emergency • Overdue • Paused • Resumed • Cancelled • Complete
  16. 16. Command Center, Patrol Web Based Historical Reporting  Detailed route reports: • Start/End • Duration • Checkpoints • User • Route status • Individual checkpoints  Filter reports • Date • Route • User • Anomalies
  17. 17. Patrol Alternate Solutions Web Based Management iOS Mobile Application Dedicated hardware at Checkpoints Portable QR/RFID Checkpoints Real-time Monitoring Incident Management Save incident images Historical reports Backend notification framework Command Center, Patrol
  18. 18. Improve return on investment virtualization and integration with existing infrastructure. Flexible deployment options Complete mobile, scalable solution from a single vendor Command Center
  19. 19. A Trusted Supplier • Royal Caribbean International • Norwegian Cruise Line • Dream Cruises • Princess Cruises • TUI Cruises • P & O Cruises • Crystal Cruises • Seabourn Cruises Committed to: Deliver Technology that Matters: Differentiate from the competition & outperform. Deliver Technology that is Easy: Integrate simply, bridges the gap with legacy systems and be cost effective. Deliver Technology with our customers: Innovative solutions that solve key business challenges. Command Center