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Seabury and theological education


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Seabury Western Theological Seminary is working to become bwhat’s next in a seminary. Our theological education includes single classes, diplomas and doctoral degrees. We offer events, programs and classes for intellectually serious church leaders, seminarians, and pilgrims and seekers. As we become an innovative 21st century seminary, our education remains academically rigorous and rooted in the Episcopal tradition. Visit to learn more.

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Seabury and theological education

  1. 1. Seabury Western Theological Seminary
  2. 2. 12% 25% Spiritual Religious 8% Spiritual and Religious 55% Neither
  3. 3. “If theological schools experience enough stress from changes…accommodation will become impossible. The result will be transformational change, and the problem with transformational change is that it’s not possible to plan it, predict it, or control it.” --Daniel Aleshire, The Association of Theological Schools
  4. 4. Enrollment 1993-2008
  5. 5. Expenditures per FTE
  6. 6. Deficit of Adjusted Revenues vs. Expenses
  7. 7. Top FY2011 Strategies strategy # % Major fundraising effort 74 62% Significant expenditure reductions 65 55% Adding new programs 43 36% Eliminating secondary priority programs 34 29% Renting excess space 28 24% Significant curtailing of library expenditures 27 23% Offering voluntary retirement incentives to 23 19% tenured faculty Involuntary termination of non-tenured faculty 20 17% Administrative service partnerships 19 16% Sale of property 15 13% Educational service sharing partnerships 15 13% Close partnership, federation, or merger 10 8%
  8. 8. Our Vision To be an educational community, grounded in the Baptismal Covenant, that proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the church and the world.
  9. 9. Our Mission To embody generous Christianity, grounded in the Baptismal Covenant and the Episcopal tradition, as we educate lay and ordained women and men for ministry, build faith communities, and enrich people in their faith.
  10. 10. Building Communities of Faith Program Area • DMin in Congregational Development • DMin in Preaching • Diploma and Certificate in Congregational Development
  11. 11. Equipping People for Ministry Program Area • Diploma and Certificate in Anglican Studies • Supporting Diocesan Schools of Formation • Non-degree courses
  12. 12. • Enriching People in their Faith Program Area • Continuing education courses and seminars • Special events and workshops
  13. 13. Partnerships and Collaboration •  Bexley Hall Seminary •  Church Divinity School of the Pacific •  Association of Chicago Theological Seminaries •  Dioceses, Deaneries, Parishes •  Foundations, Alums, Individuals
  14. 14. The Word is Spreading “What a bold move Seabury has made. It is now uniquely poised to become the seminary best able to form the women and men who will create and lead the vibrant, thriving communities of faith so crucial in the rapidly changing landscape of the early 21st century.” --Diana Butler Bass
  15. 15. The Word is Spreading “It is not enough simply to say that we believe in God the Holy Trinity. As Christians, we are compelled by the Holy Spirit of God to put our faith into action…The mission and ministry of Seabury Next is just this: to assist all those who have been baptized into the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ to make real in our lives what we profess by our faith. We invite you to join us.” --Bishop Jeff Lee
  16. 16. Many thanks to the Rev. John Denson, Seabury MDiv ’92, DMin ‘09 for his significant contributions.
  17. 17.