Reflection of university park tech plan


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Reflection of university park tech plan

  1. 1. REFLECTION OFUNIVERSITY PARKTECHNOLOGY PLANRebecca ThompsonLamar University EDLD 5362May 12, 2012
  2. 2. National Educational PlanNational Education Technology Plan represents five goals with recommendations for states, districts, the federal government, and other stakeholders. Each goal addresses one of the five essential components of learning powered by technology: Learning, Assessment, Teaching, Infrastructure, and Productivity.Retrieved from The National Technology Plan 2010
  3. 3. State Educational Plan Texas Education Agency, 2006.
  4. 4. Our VisionUtilize technology to improve learning opportunities for all University ParkElementary students and staff that meetISTEs NETS for students. These are the skills and knowledge students need to learn effectively and live productively in an increasingly global and digital world.
  5. 5. University Park Elementary Primary Objective:Evaluate and recommend technology for purchase bythe UP Elementary Gift Committee and ensure stepsare taken for successful implementation of suchtechnology once purchased.
  6. 6. University Park Elementary Secondary Objective: Search for on-going opportunities to enhance current technology capabilities and explore new ones. Follow the guidelines of Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology , HPISD Technology Plan, and TEKS reflecting NETS-S for Technology. Ensure technology plans and purchases support and are driven by curricular objectives and resource management. Review and revise the UP Technology Plan annually to reflect the current reality and assess the impact of technology on student learning and staff productivity. Maintain strong channels of communication between students, parents, staff, and community to provide optimal learning for all.
  7. 7. University Park ElementaryGuiding Principles: Develop students and teaching professionals who effectively use technology as a productivity tool, communications tool, research and problem-solving tool within acceptable and ethical use guidelines as established by HPISD. Embed technology seamlessly throughout the curriculum within the guidelines of Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology and the HPISD Technology Plan reflecting TEKS for Technology. Strive to creatively and efficiently manage resources including students, staff, community, finances, technology, time, facilities and other physical resources.
  8. 8. School Vision Activities• 2007 – 2008 • Rolled-out Classroom of the Future to TAG, Resources, ESL and Science • Rolled-out data projector, document camera, cart and laptop to Art • Rolled-out COWs to 2nd & 3rd grades • Piloted iPod usage in Kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms • Mounted data projectors in the K-3 classrooms• 2008 – 2009 • Established Printer and Data Projector Replacement Allocation • Rolled out CoF to Jump Start and Media Center • Replaced Desktops in K,1,2,3, and Media Center • Replaced Auditorium Projector • Purchased 24 additional iPods • Rolled out Active Expressions
  9. 9. School Vision Activities• 2009 – 2010 • Purchased 36 Active Arena sets • Replenished Allocations funds(Printer Cartridge Supply, Data Projector Bulb Replacements, Annual Teacher/Staff Training, Printer) • 36 COW Laptops for 4th Grade • 19 Laptops (4th -6; K – 5; 1st- 5: 3rd – 1; Music; ESL) • 4 Desktop Replacements (Literacy Library; ESL (2); Office Security) • 5 Digital Cameras (1 per grade level) • 2 Webcams• 2010 – 2011 • Purchased 4 new (24 laptop) COWs; 2 for 4th grade & 2 for 3rd grade • Replaced 13 laptops & 1 desktop (see schedule for details) • Replenished Allocations funds(Printer Cartridge Supply, Data Projector Bulb Replacements, Annual Teacher/Staff Training, Printer)
  10. 10. Technology Investments Desktops Laptops Computers on Wheels Interactive Whiteboards Printers
  11. 11. Technology Investments 2011-12• Replace 4 Cows - 96 netbooks: ($77,736)• Replace 3 laptops: ($4,501)• Replace 31 desktops: ($39,525)• Replace 18 IWB: ($27,900)• Other ($36,290) TOTAL = $185,952- minus= $9,900** NEW TOTAL = $176,052 **$9,900 is carried over from 2010-2011 IWB allocation that was gifted, but never given to the school
  12. 12. Technology Investments 2012-13Replace 4 Cows - 96 netbooks: ($77,736)Replace 7 laptops: ($8,925)Replace 24 desktops: $30,600 Replace 19 IWB: ($29,450) Other ($43,790)TOTAL = $190,501
  13. 13. Technology InvestmentsRecommendations• Replace 4 Cows - 96 netbooks: ($77,736)• Replace 21 laptops: ($26,775• Replace 15 desktops: ($19,125)• Replace 6 IWB: ($9,300)• Other ($43,790)TOTAL = $176,726
  14. 14. Recommendations Touch screen Promethean Boards Touch screen ActivTables Update ActivExpressions LanSchool software Increase funding for staff development Wireless access points
  15. 15. References Long Range Plan for Technology, 2006-2020. Retrieved on May 10, 2012 from id=5082&menu_id=2147483665 TEA Logo retrieved from Texas Department of Education Logo. Texas Education Agency The National Technology Plan 2010 Retrieved from U University Technology Plan Retrieved on May 9, 2012 from %20Technology%20Meeting%20Dec%2011%202011.pdf