Success story of eBay


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eBay is one of the most essential marketplace across the world. eBay was founded in September 1995.

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Success story of eBay

  1. 1. Fast Facts About eBay By Ebusiness Guru
  2. 2. Fast Facts about eBay eBay is one of the most essential marketplace across the world. eBay was founded in September 1995. It has approximately 124 million active users worldwide Net revenues trade $2,361 worth in Q3 2013 It privates business jet for $4.9 million eBay allows user to global trading services, The users can trade $2,361 worth of goods on the website in every second.
  3. 3. eBay Fast Facts in United Kingdom  eBay United Kingdom (, eBay is one of the most reliable ecommerce marketplaces.  eBay UK has over 14 active users. These users come across various cities in United Kingdom.  eBay UK has over 1.2 million Facebook fans.  Over 90% of all eBay United Kingdom shoppers pay by Paisa Pay, it enables secure online payment gateway enabling credit card, debit cards, net banking, EMI, mobile payments & cash cards.  At any given time, there are over 2 million live listings on eBay United Kingdome ( ) across 2,000 categories of products in Electronics, Lifestyle, Collectibles & Media verticals.  Approximately 30,000 sellers sell on eBay United Kingdom annually.  eBay India can be accessed on the mobile web on & via a suite of Mobile Apps for the iPhone, the iPad, the Android, Windows & Nokia.
  4. 4. eBay Inc. Revenue 5 Millions Revenue 4500 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Q2 11 Q3 11 Q4 11 Q1 12 Q2 12 Q3 12 Q4 12 Q1 13 Q2 13 Q3 13
  5. 5. eBay Listing and Categories Mobile accessory sells Cosmetic product sells Kitchen product Handset sells Portable storage device Bike accessory sells watch sells Magazine sells Jwellery Sells Appliance sells
  6. 6. Growth of eBay Searches on Google 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  7. 7. Retail Spending Growth by Channel Retail Spending Growth By Channel mCommerce 31% eCommerce Total Retail 15% 1%
  8. 8. Role eBay Integration in Multi channel If you have an eBay account If you have multiple eBay Stores or would like to increase sales on eBay? If you Want to sell on world’s leading online store? Find it difficult to manage inventory while you are selling simultaneously on Amazon, eBay and The Popularity of Multi Channel Integration is that it lets you control all your online marketplaces by one single interface. So now you don’t have to be anxious about uploading your products individually on every marketplace, but rather having a centralized repository and deciding which product to push to which channel.
  9. 9. Increase Holiday Sales Through Multichannel Integration Stock Order Listing Revenue Your ecommerce Store Backend Program Your Custom ecommerce Store
  10. 10. Global ecommerce Sales are Growing at more than 19% a Year £1,200 £963 £1,000 £821 £800 £600 £572 £681 £400 £200 £- 2010 2011 2012 2013 eCommerce Sales through MultiChannel
  11. 11. Global ecommerce Sales are Growing at more than 19% a Year 2012 2013 2011 Sales channel advisors are working with thousands of online merchants and hundreds of ecommerce marketplaces to sell billions of pound of GRV. Recently we have sown tremendous growth of eCommerce. With highend platforms and new technologies, eCommerce has surpassed numbers that of Brick-and-mortar stores. It is estimated that in 2014, an average customer will spend at least $1300 to $1500 every year.
  12. 12. THANK YOU! For any further question, please feel free to reach us at: eBusiness Guru First Floor 4 Harthill Street Manchester M8 8AG United Kingdom Tel: 0121 270 8464 | 0208 090 4547