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Simon Thorp

  1. 1. A Perspective on behalf ofLandowners / Land managers Marsden Moor
  2. 2. Simon Thorp• Rural Chartered Surveyor• Chartered Environmentalist• Director of The Heather Trust – since May 2002• Principal of Simon Thorp & Associates• Director of Scotland’s Moorland Forum – since November 2007 – Chairman of the Peatland Working Group• Deputy Chairman England & Wales Wildfire Forum• Based in Dumfries – Working throughout the UK and beyond
  3. 3. The Heather Trust• The Heather Trust is: – A charity – Dedicated to moorland management throughout the UK – A membership organisation• What do we do? – seek to integrate all management – provide an independent view – work for & with: private landowners, farmers, agencies & NGOs – contribute to committees & consultations
  4. 4. The Heather Trust Approach• Start from a land management position – Moorland needs management – Much follows from management• Often working with farming issues – Ultimate managers of moorland go ‘baa’ or ‘moo’• We are not scientists – Provide a scientific bridge between researchers and farmers & managers
  5. 5. Ecosystems, Peat and Carbon
  6. 6. Landowners perception• Landowners objectives – Why own land? – Existing sources of income?• Has the message about got through about: – The value of peat & carbon? – Ecosystem services? • Message about water easier• What’s in it for me? – Cannot assume altruistic support? – Carrot more effective than stick – PES / carbon trading
  7. 7. Landowner liaison• Need to explain what is involved – Use correct language – Not dumbing down• Demonstrate value – Ensure there is substance not froth• Demonstration events & projects – Actions speak louder than words – Explanation from peers – more impact than scientific argument• Part of the solution – Work with landowners & managers from the outset – not as an afterthought
  8. 8. Shameless Plug• Sphagnum Moss Guide – Know your mosses – Identify the peat forming mosses – Available through HT website • £3.75 incl P&P
  9. 9. Newtonrigg, Holywood DUMFRIES 01387