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In our Marketing Planning class, our team worked on a Dove case published by Harvard Business Review about “The Campaign For Real Beauty”. We were asked to focus on how Dove can proceed after this campaign, while still matching its success. Our campaign proposed a 2-3 year plan, which focused more on “embracing your beauty” and helping women feel beautiful around the world, while still going along the theme of using real everyday women. A large portion of our project focused on the financial aspects and the viability of the market, in order to ensure the success of the campaign. Upon revision, our team has chosen to provide to you only the creative side, as the numbers that were used were only estimates for the North American market, and are therefore not a viable representation for an international campaign.

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Dove final

  1. 1. The New Campaign The new campaign will strive on “The Campaign For Real Beauty”, by continuing to usereal everyday women, but to phase out of the self-esteem topic. Our campaign is made up of 3phases; the first two phases will shed light on the more positive aspects of real, attainable beauty,while the third phase will be directed towards women‟s well-being around the world.Phase 1 – You’re Beautiful “The Campaign for Real Beauty” placed strong emphasis on building women‟sconfidence and self-esteem. In order to continue with this trend, Dove should launch apromotional campaign with mirrors placed at eye level, in highly dense metropolitan areas. Themirrors will have the slogan “You‟re Beautiful” at the top, with the Dove logo etched in thecorner, in order to draw attention to the brand without being very prominent (Appendix 1). Thegoal is to get people to notice the mirrors with the encouraging statement, thus making them feelbetter about themselves, while paralleling this feeling to the Dove brand. As the Dove logo is notthe main focus, this will also come off as a more subtle advertisement, and will therefore bemore effective in getting the message across. This will be present for 3-4 months, which will layfoundation for the second phase that is described below.Phase 2 – Embrace Your Beauty The second phase will start right after phase 1. This phase is characterized by every-daywomen stating what they love about themselves. The main difference with this phase, comparedto the Real Beauty Campaign is that there is no emphasis on negativity. For instance, in the
  2. 2. previous campaign, the women were confirming what they did not like about themselves or whatthey believed others found unattractive. This time around, we are focusing on what women reallyenjoy, whether it‟s their eyes, their lips, their legs, etc. The slogan for this phase is „EmbraceYour Beauty‟ which is closely related to phase 1. This will last for 8-10 months and will bedemonstrated through paper advertisements (Appendix 2 for advertisements), billboards, and TVcommercials. A sample television advertisement has been created, where consumers state whatthey love about themselves (Appendix 3 for video). Alongside the video, a viral campaign can becreated online, where Dove can ask consumers to send in a video, stating what they love aboutthemselves. If proven successful, Dove can use these videos to create more advertisements, bothonline and on television. Both phase 1 and 2 help women see past today‟s unrealistic expectations of beauty, asopposed to focusing on their flaws.Phase 3 – The Dove World Tour The very last phase of this campaign is the Dove World Tour. The goal is to remove thesole focus on self-esteem, which may become redundant after a few years, to helping woman inneed. The idea behind this phase is to partner with an international volunteering agency, and tohelp develop projects catered to women and their communities around the world, as well aslocally. Some examples of these missions could include training teachers in India, organizingfundraising events for women shelters in Canada, renovating houses and water supply facilitiesin Cambodia, etc.Depending on the completion of the projects, a future marketing campaigncould promote concrete actions done by volunteers who participated in The Dove World Tour.
  3. 3. For example, if due to Dove‟s volunteers, 100 houses were built, the brand can use this to theiradvantage as a marketing technique. The Dove World Tour also strives to get people involved in making a difference; notonly will it benefit Dove by giving the brand a positive image, but it will also have a positiveimpact for those in need. The reason why Dove will be partnering with a volunteering agency isto outsource the planning and dealing with the volunteers from all over the world. Dove willengage in paying a portion of the volunteers‟ 3 to 6 months‟ time abroad, while the rest will beself-fundraised. This promotion phase is scheduled to last 12 months, with advertisements on paper,billboards, TV commercials, and viral YouTube videos. This will be used to invite everyone totake part in The Dove World Tour, after which the volunteers will take part in their journey. Aviral You Tube video has been created, which can be used to encourage volunteers and to helpget Dove‟s mission across (Appendix 4 for video).Appendices
  4. 4. Appendix 1: Mirrors
  5. 5. Appendix 2: Magazine AdvertisementsAppendix 3: Video Advertisement
  6. 6. Link for the video: Phase 2 – Embrace Your BeautyAppendix 4: The Dove World TourLink for the video: Phase 3 – The Dove World Tour