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Andrei Tarkovsky


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A presentation about the work of the Russian filmmaker.

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Andrei Tarkovsky

  1. 1. Andrei Tarkovsky Filmmaker
  2. 2. Andrei Tarkovsky + Russian filmmaker, directed seven feature films from 1962-1986. + Employed experimental narrative techniques and theories - “sculpting in time” + Films characterized by extremely long takes, slow camera pans, and very few cuts (if any). + Common motifs include running water, mirrors, reflections, and levitation
  3. 3. Solaris (1972)
  4. 4. Stalker (1979)
  5. 5. Nostalghia (1983)
  6. 6. “Sculpting in time” + Tarkovsky believed that rapid-cut editing and other devices detracted from the style of the film. + Implications for immersive storytelling & filmmaking, including VR
  7. 7. "The dominant, all-powerful factor of the film image is rhythm, expressing the course of time within the frame.”
  8. 8. Solaris (1972)