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Advertisement research

  1. 1. Coca Cola Research
  2. 2. The Purpose of research and why it is important in advertising • • • • To find out about the brand/product To see what is popular in advertisement To find out successful marketing techniques To learn about the History of the brand/product.
  3. 3. Primary Research • Primary Research is a collection of data that you have gathered yourself. • Primary research is very useful as you have complete control over what specific things you want to find out and how it is collected. • There are a few disadvantages of primary research, one of these disadvantages is that it is very time consuming to collect the data that is needed. • Questionnaires and surveys are both examples of primary market research.
  4. 4. For my research I will be doing an online questionnaire on Coca Cola asking questions about the brand and the products and I will also be doing a focus group showing the group two coca cola adverts and asking them questions about the adverts and the brand to see what people think about their style of advertising and what effect the advert has on an audience.
  5. 5. • My Questionnaire is Quantitative because I have used closed questions to gather a lot of information quickly. By creating a questionnaire it is easier to get an idea of what a bigger audience like about the brand making it easier to identify the qualities I need to use in my advert. The answers can be displayed in charts, and there will be a chart for each question so that I can see what the majority of people chose as their answer. • My Focus Group is Qualitative as they are open questions that require a detailed response. Although I’m only gathering views on the brand from a smaller audience it is very effective because I am getting a detailed response about the brand and the advert giving me more knowledge on what the audience of the advert likes. I will record the responses so that I can go back to them later.
  6. 6. Secondary Research • Secondary research is second hand data that already exists from someone else’s research. • Secondary research is useful to gather a lot of information quickly . • Disadvantages of secondary research includes quality of research and the reliability of that research.
  7. 7. • I will use secondary research to find out important information about the brand and use it to search up other Coca Cola adverts to get an idea of their style of advertising and who their target audience is. • I will also use market research that has already been created and is available online or is available in other resources such as books.
  8. 8. • My secondary research is qualitative because I am collecting detailed information from previous market research and adverts, however this may not be completely reliable because the quality of the data may not be accurate.