Book3 Unit6 Handout


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Book3 Unit6 Handout

  1. 1. Book 3, Unit 6 問 路 祕 笈 How do I get to the 地 方 :movie theater ? you library we bank they fast food restaurant does he bookstore … … she 直 走 : Go straight for ________ block(s). 左 轉 : Turn left. 右 轉 : Turn right. 在 左 手 邊 : It on the left. ’s 在 右 手 邊 : It on the right. ’s 在 … 的 對 面 :It across from the ________. ’s 在 … 的 隔 壁 : It next to the __________. ’s 在 … 和 … 的 中 間 : It between ________ and _________. ’s 在 … 和 … 的 轉 角 : It on the corner of __________ and __________. ’s 《練習一下》 一 . 填充題 1.The park is the corner of Beach Road and Park Street. 2.Go down this street. The library is the left. 3.The bakery is across my school. 4.Go straight one block, and you can see the police station on the right. 二、依提示作答 1.There’s a bank around here.(將畫線部分改為「在左邊」)
  2. 2. ___________________________________________________________________________ 2.Where is the fast food restaurant?(以「在銀行和郵局中間」回答) ___________________________________________________________________________ 3.Go staight an turn right on Apple Street. The library is on the left.(造原問句) ___________________________________________________________________________ 4.James:我要如何到警察局? Amy:直走兩個街區。它在銀行的對面。 ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ 反 身 代 名 詞 (我 自 己 、 你 自 己 、 她 自 己 … ..) ※ 當主詞與受詞所指的是同一對象或為了加強語氣來強調主詞或受詞時,則需用反身代名詞 一、形成原則: 第 一 、第 二 人 稱 主 詞 所 有 格 +self 第三人稱主 詞 受 格 +self I myself he himself you yourself she herself 複數主 詞 所 有 格 +selves it itself 複數主 詞 受 格 +selves we ourselves they themselves you yourselves
  3. 3. 二、反身代名詞的用法 1. 主 詞 和 受 詞 是 同 一 人 時 , 受 詞 改 用 反 身 代 名 詞  I talk to myself.  He loves himself.  The dog saw itself in the water. 2.強 調 主 詞 或 受 詞 • He saw A-Mei. 強 調 主 詞 he He himself saw A-Mei. 強 調 受 詞 A-Mei. He saw A-Mei herself. 3. 反 身 代 名 詞 不 能 單 獨 當 主 詞 Myself did it. ( ) I myself did it. ( ) Himself wrote the letter. ( ) He himself wrote the letter. ( ) 4. 強 調 自 己 做 了 什 麼 事 : by + 反 身 代 名 詞 (放 句 尾 ) = on one’s own • I go to school. I go to school by myself.
  4. 4. • He ate dinner. He ate dinner by himself. • They will go on a picnic. They will go on a picnic by themselves. Unit 6 綜合練習 ◎ 填空 1. They go to school ______ _______. 2. She __________saw the man walk into the house. 3. He ___________ cleaned his room. 4. We cooked dinner ______ _______. 5.The man killed ___________. 6. The students should do their homework ______ ____________. 7. I can go to the U.S.A _______ __________. 8. You should look at ___________. 9. We enjoyed ____________ at the party yesterday night. 10. How can he get to the railway station ______ ___________? ◎ 依提示作答
  5. 5. 1. Andy and I walked to school.(加入反身代名詞) _______________________________________________________________________________ 2. My parents took a trip to Japan.(加入反身代名詞) _______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Did Helen go biking with Jane?(以「她自己去的」詳答) _______________________________________________________________________________ 4. They had a lot of fun last weekend.(用 enjoy oneself very much 改寫) _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. How do I get to the hotel?(以「直走三個街區」回答) _______________________________________________________________________________ 6. Go down the street and turn right on the corner. The temple is on the left.(造原問句) _______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Go straight this road.(加入三個街區) _______________________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. ◎ 題組 填入適當的字詞(不可重複使用) to of  by how off  on from where between for 1. Sam: do I get to the flower market? John: Go straight for one block and turn right. It’s on your right. 2. The students rode a bike to Taipei themselves. 3.  Go straight four blocks. The bank is on the right. 4.  The museum is the corner of First Street and Second Street. 5.  A: Excuse me. is the restroom? B: It’s next to the train station. ◎ 閱讀測驗   Look at the map and answer the questions.〔92. 基測Ⅱ〕 ( )1.  Where is Tony’s Pizza?
  7. 7. (A) It is on Holiday Street.  (B) It is next to the coffee shop.  (C) It is between the music store and the shoe store.  (D) It is on the corner of Park Street and Smith Street. ( )2. Jolin just got off the train and wanted to see St. Mary’s Church. How can she get there? (A) Go down Park Street and turn left to Main Street.  (B) Go down Market Street for two blocks and turn left. It is on the left.  (C) Go down Spring Street and turn left to Park Street. Walk along Park Street for two blocks.  (D) Go down Main Street and turn right to Market Street. Walk along Market Street for two blocks.