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Wedding And Event Brochures


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Wedding And Event Brochures

  1. 1. customized event marketing engage. inspire. inform.
  2. 2. Your EvEnt markEting packagE includEs:engage. inspire. inform. EvEnt BrochurE $11,000 valuE receive 500 to 1,400 custom-designed marketing brochures that provide clients with a powerful visual resource covering every planning detail. • increase catering sales. • eliminate redundant inquiries about the event- planning process. • ensure consistency and reliability with a controlled This photo and cover © and qualified team of event professionals. © ROBERT NORMAN PHOTOGRAPHY EBrochurE $1,500 valuE launch an interactive eBrochure and take your © Erica Ferrone Photography stunning brochure online at no cost. © Alternate Angles • expand your reach across mediums to capture more business online. • all links are live and will launch reader into Web site or e-mail. • Quarterly reports detail exactly how manycusTom event Marketing is a suiTe of prinT people read your brochure. $495 valuE and online media plaTforms Branded exclusivelY for Wedding and gain online visibility on, reaching morespecial evenT venues – enTirelY free of cosT. than two million brides each year. • showcase flash photos, a property description,EvEnt BrochurEs valuaBlE BEnEfits event highlights, Web link, and more.event Brochures showcase spectacular events at your • venues reach brides nationwide on and • receive qualified leads, sent daily, from brides whoproperty combined with key marketing information transition discerning prospects into valuable clients with a download your event brochure directly from your both engage and inspire the most discerning targeted print and online event Brochures.clientele. advertisements from venue-approved event • advertising event professionals reach targeted prospects at total valuE is $12,995...professionals are incorporated into the second half of the earliest stage of the event-planning process, before any Your cost is $0.the brochure, providing a cohesive planning resource. vendor decisions have been made.These advertisements offset the entire cost of production, • engaged couples receive a cohesive planning resource thatensuring that you receive a breathtaking brochure, in delivers key information about the venue and local vendors,both print and electronic format, entirely free of cost. to assist in planning a seamless and successful click on any cover to view the positions your property in front of twomillion engaged couples this year. Brides view photosof your event space, download your event Brochure, “Hawthorn Publications has been instrumental in making our event marketing vision a reality. Their consultative approach andlink to your Web site, and contact your catering team. guidance made our task easy. From creative to messaging, they took the time to understand our venue and our unique needs to create a stylish and intuitive view of our offering.”You’ll receive a lead every time a bride downloadsyour brochure. —Kim gild, event Sales manager, atlanta Botanical gardenseast coast: 650 Islington Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801 | p 603.610.0533 | f 603.610.0532 | project agreement Click here to view a project agreement.west coast: P.O. Box 470055 | San Francisco, CA 94147 | p 415.931.6159 | f 415.931.8129
  3. 3. powerful event Sizehow it works BrochurE dimEnsions marketing optionS StartS here hawthorn’s role venue’s role size selection sEll advErtisEmEnts vEndor list Select from a suite of sizes to ensure a Hawthorn will respectfully contact your preferred a contact at the venue will supply a complete list of customized presentation. vendors who currently contribute to special events preferred vendors currently referred by the catering/ and invite them to advertise in the brochure. revenue sales department. We recommend that you supply a list standard dimEnsions generated from these advertisements contributes of at least 30 approved vendors who Hawthorn may (sizes below are free of cost) to the full production of the brochure. only venue- invite to advertise. standard 8.5” x 11” approved vendors will be contacted, including florists, digest 5.5” x 8.5” photographers, entertainers, etc. These advertisements photos & tEXt Horizontal 11” x 8.5” help to solidify relationships with the venue while You will have the option to supply photos and text to generating mutual business opportunities. be used within the brochure. alternatively, you may hire square 8.5” x 8.5” Digest a member of the Hawthorn editorial staff to write all dEsign thE BrochurE brochure copy for a flat fee of $495. Hawthorn can Standard Hawthorn will custom-design your brochures with your also supply additional stock photos to complement all Standard aesthetic preferences in mind, while also adhering venue-owned images, and will contact participating to all branding guidelines. a conference call will be photographers for additional shots. Digest Square Horizontal scheduled before design begins in order to discuss design direction. We will provide three proofs before Edits & commEnts print with two opportunities for revisions. upon presentation of the first and second proof, the venue will submit edits within five days. approval of the print third proof is requested within three days. This ensures Hawthorn partners with top-quality offset printers. We that we meet the project’s time line and create the best will oversee the printing of all brochures and ship the possible finished product. final product directly to the venue. distriBution onlinE venue agrees to distribute the brochure to all qualified Horizontal Hawthorn will convert your approved brochure prospects requesting information about hosting an event into an electronic flipbook for a wider distribution at your venue. that’s eco-friendly. Hawthorn will design and post a Web page for your “Over the years, I have come to appreciate Hawthorn venue on once the brochures come off Publications. An ad in a Hawthorn book has never failed press. is visited by more than 1.9 million to produce consistent results for my company, for as long brides per year. You and your staff will receive daily as that book is in circulation. Thank you for doing such leads from any brides interested in your venue. good work. I appreciate the help you have provided my business.” —faith West, owner, faith West photography Square east coast: 650 Islington Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801 | p 603.610.0533 | f 603.610.0532 | project agreement Click here to view a project agreement. west coast: P.O. Box 470055 | San Francisco, CA 94147 | p 415.931.6159 | f 415.931.8129
  4. 4. optional teStimonialSEnhancEmEnts tEstimonials enhancementS optional brochure enhancements are available for clients who wish to take their marketing presentation intrEpid sEa, air & spacE musEum goal was to create a marketing piece representative of the “Hawthorn Publications has been an absolute pleasure to company’s style and creativity—and the brochure does just that to the next level. work with over the past four years. The quality of their product and more. In working with our design team, we met flexible is second to none, and they have always been a completely and understanding staff willing to listen and fulfill every professional group of people to deal with. I am 100% satisfied request. Overall, the experience ran smoothly, and left us with with the brochure that the Intrepid has had produced and have a product we’re proud to show off.” enhanced dimensions color printing enhancements received many compliments over the years on our brochures. —taryn center, event Specialist & creative enthusiast I would, and have, recommended them to many different o ovErsizEd BrochurE _____________ $1,500 upgrade from standard 4-color process printing contacts in the industry, as I feel they are truly a fantastic dimensions 9.5” x 12” vertical or horizontal (cmYK): millEnnium BiltmorE company to work with.” hotEl los angElEs o 5-color printing __________________$550 pocket folders and gatefolds —Sarah Schiller, aVp of Sales & Special events “Since 2005, the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles has turned to Hawthorn Publications to produce our event add an additional spot color or metallic pms on cover only designed to coordinate with your event Brochure, shaw cEntEr for thE arts brochures. They have consistently exceeded our expectations a pocket folder further enhances and organizes o -color printing _________________ $1,500 5 and produced a stunning product that perfectly reflects our “Hawthorn Publications has been a dream come true for our your presentation. add an additional spot color or metallic pms through- company. As a nonprofit arts facility with a small marketing property.” out brochure o gatEfold covEr ___________________ $2,995 budget, we had been unable to afford nice, magazine- —Valerie t. Lehman, catering manager 8.5” x 11” brochure with one gatefold (front or back) style marketing materials for our rental venues. After being die cuts, vellum & embossing contacted by Alicia Higgins, we realized that we could get rEvErEnd JusticE JamEs c. giBnEY o pockEt foldEr everything we wanted at no cost to us! Hawthorn did all of the within BrochurE _________________ $2,995 o covEr diE cut “Having advertised in more than 25 event brochures produced (3” x 5” cover area) _________________ $500 leg work and we reaped the fantastic results! Working with dimensions 9.5” x 12” vertical or horizontal Alicia was amazing, and consulting with our graphic designer, by Hawthorn Publications, I can attest to the numerous ways elegant cutout of shape or logo on your cover in which their marketing platform has helped my business. o stand-alonE pockEt foldEr _____ $2,995 creates a premium feel. Nicole Pollack, was easy, fun, and extremely beneficial. She Hawthorn’s brochures are of excellent quality, and I am proud dimensions 9” x 12”, fits standard 8.5” x 11” really listened to our ideas for colors, design, font, etc., and o vEllum ovErlaY _____________________ $975 to be advertising in them. In addition, vendors can deliver brochure, 1,000 quantity with design included created a publication that we are so proud of and excited printable translucent paper adds drama key marketing information in the brochure in order to attract about distributing! I would recommend Hawthorn to any of my prospective clients. This gives us an identity that is lost when recycled paper and elegance. business associates (and, in fact, I have)!” the facility only has our names and numbers to give out on a o 30% rEcYclEd, o EmBossing (4” x 6” cover area) _____ $975 —ellie jones, event coordinator recommendation list.” fsc cErtifiEd papEr ________________ $995 enhance your brochure with raised printing for —reverend justice james c. gibney, officiant This paper is similar in look and feel to standard logo, embellishments, or texture. omni orlando at champions gatE matte or gloss paper. “I am pleased to share that my experiences with Hawthorn thE pros Publications have been beneficial to my sales, stress-free and o 00% rEcYclEd, 1 additional pages rewarding. Their sales team offers their expertise and good “Being in the wedding business for 30-plus years, we have fsc cErtifiEd papEr ________________ $995 seen Hawthorn design some of the most beautiful brochures o 4 additional pagEs ______________ $1,275 closing skills during the selling process. The layout and design in the industry. Their staff is friendly, prompt, and always a This paper is highly porous and will have a more is effort free and easy to follow. The final product gives me a rustic recycled appearance on press. o additional pagEs ______________ $1,575 8 pleasure to work with.” four-star quality marketing piece!” —Brian tessler, cmo digital stationery additional copies (cost per) —jennifer Smith, catering manager o word documEnt tEmplatE ________ $500 o standard BrochurE ______________ $1.25 designed to coordinate with your event Brochure for use o ovErsizEd BrochurEs______________ $1.95 a spicE of lifE catErErs with menus, stationery, and property communications. “On behalf of A Spice of Life, I want to thank the entire team at Hawthorn for executing such a beautiful brochure. Our east coast: 650 Islington Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801 | p 603.610.0533 | f 603.610.0532 | project agreement Click here to view a project agreement. west coast: P.O. Box 470055 | San Francisco, CA 94147 | p 415.931.6159 | f 415.931.8129
  5. 5. in summary The value of this offering exceeds $12,000. We are honored to provide this opportunity to your venue entirely free of cost. The complete production process lasts approximately six months.engage. inspire. inform. You may enhance your brochure with a selection of à la carte options, including a vellum overlay, pocket folder, and more. Your sales associate can present options and pricing upon request. Hawthorn will redesign, reprint 500 to 1,400 copies, and re-create the brochure every year, ensuring fresh and current marketing materials for your venue. project agreement Click here to view a project agreement. east coast: 650 Islington Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801 | p 603.610.0533 | f 603.610.0532 | west coast: P.O. Box 470055 | San Francisco, CA 94147 | p 415.931.6159 | f 415.931.8129