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Hawthorn Services

  1. 1. F e at u r e s & B e n e F i t s EngagE InspIre Inform 1
  2. 2. IntroductIon event Marketing Custom-designed, free-of-cost event collateral comprising print brochures, electronic eBrochures, and Hawthorn Publications’s premier wedding website, eleGALA.com, provide a multimedia marketing solution for venues striving to increase catering sales, strengthen customer service, and promote their preferred vendors. 2
  3. 3. EvEntBrochurEs CliCk to view eBroChuresFeaturesCustomized event brochures are branded exclusively for wedding and special-event venues. Thefront half of the brochure showcases spectacular events at the property, while the back portionincorporates advertisements from venue-approved event professionals. These advertisementsoffset the entire cost of brochure production, ensuring that the venue receives a cohesiveprint and electronic media package free of cost. Download our event brochure media kit ate.hawthornpublications.com/a/eb/venue/EventBrochureMediaKit.pdf. 3
  4. 4. EvEntBrochurEsPrint• Receive 500–1,400 printed brochures• Minimum of 12 pages• Full color• Minimum of 100# textBeneFitsFor venues: Transition discerning prospects into valuable clients with a targeted print and onlinemarketing presentationFor advertisers: Reach qualified prospects at the earliest stage of the event-planning process with anexclusive event brochure advertisementFor engaged couples: Receive a cohesive planning resource that delivers key information about the venueand vendors to assist in planning a seamless and successful event 4
  5. 5. ad LayoutoptIonsAd layout preference must be determined prior to advertisement sales beginning. Below are your optionsfor the types of advertisements Hawthorn Publications is proud to offer. standard ads (sEE sAMPLE) thumbnail listing (sEE sAMPLE) Traditional ad format. Advertiser One image or logo, company name, may submit ads print ready or phone number, website. may use Hawthorn Publications’s design services. template ads (sEE sAMPLE) direct listing (sEE sAMPLE) strict template design. Photo No image, company name, phone and word count dependent on number, website. ad size. Company name, phone number, website. enhanced listing (sEE sAMPLE) advertorial (sEE sAMPLE) One image or logo, 40 words of Editorial-style advertisement. Photo copy, company name, phone and word count dependent on number, website. ad size. Company name, phone number, website. NOTE: Only certain venues have the advertorial option available. Please ask your sales director if you qualify. 5
  6. 6. eBrochurEsFeaturesInteractive online brochures that allow your readers to view the brochure in a virtual environment.Your eBrochure will have flipping pages and can be hyperlinked.BeneFits• eBrochure quarterly updates on number of unique visitors your eBrochure receives• Include eBrochure in e-mail signature and/or website• Gives your property the opportunity to seamlessly e-mail to clients without concern for large pdf files or absorbing storage• Easy to promote your property through your Facebook or Twitter account 6
  7. 7. elegaLa.com CliCk to viewFeatureseleGALA.com is a comprehensive, ad-free, online wedding resource featuring a nationwide directory ofthe top wedding venues and their recommended vendors, along with planning articles, expert advice,checklists, and photo galleries to lead brides through every step of the planning process.BeneFits• Positions your property in front of two million engaged couples this year• Real-time leads from any bride who downloads your eBrochure from this site 7
  8. 8. puBLIcatIonprocEssThe entire process takes approximately six months:Week 1Introductory call with individual propertyWeeks 2–6Ad salesWeek 7Design call with propertyWeeks 8–22Design and proofing (includes three proofs)Weeks 23–25PrintingWeek 26Printed brochures are delivered 8
  9. 9. © Allegro Photography PRINT © Bella Pictures © RODNEYBAILEY.COMeleGALA.comELECTRONIC
  10. 10. Questions?east coast: 650 Islington Street | Portsmouth, NH 03801 | p 603.610.0533 | f 603.610.0532 | hawthornpublications.comwest coast: P.O. Box 470055 | San Francisco, CA 94147 | p 415.931.6159 | f 415.931.8129